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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Education news for students and teachers

 In schools when students move from school to another school or need to get a school leaving certificate, a school leaving certificate in which the name of the student, the name of the father, the name of the mother, the date of birth of the child, the gender of the child, the last school enrolled  The date of leaving, in addition to the reason for leaving school, all these developments are included

 Teachers contribute a great deal if the right environment is created for learning in the classroom. Best learning becomes impossible when there is a safe and orderly environment for the students.  They need to be confident. They are encouraged to participate enthusiastically in the classroom and to learn about new things and to open up to the surrounding environment. Teachers need to take some steps to create such an environment.

 Awareness should be created about the guidelines on disaster management as well as necessary physical facilities etc. issued by various organizations keeping in view the safety of children in the school.

 Schools need to conduct regular exercises on disaster management as well as self-defense

 Building a safe and secure classroom requires the creation of school classroom rules

 Students ’self-esteem and confidence should be nurtured not only in the classroom but also during the parent meeting in the presence of their parent

 Build trust in the student's relationship and socialize with their parents so that the child can speak without hesitation about their personal problems.

 In-depth information should be obtained about various provisions and laws for the safety and protection of the child and children should be protected.

 Every student is able to give their best and everyone has their own unique strength and ability so the teacher has to believe that believing this belief the teacher should keep encouraging all the students to perform best in academic personal and social life.

બાળક ના નામની પાછળ માતાનુ નામ લખવા જીઆર

શાળા મર્જ બાબત ન્યુઝ અહીથી વાંચો

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