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Sunday, July 18, 2021

puzzél of Picture |APK

 puzzél of Picture |APK

many ways and techniques to create teaching - learning method pleasant and fascinating. one among them is victimization game. image puzzle is a noteworthy game. There square measure eighty Levels during this game and these level are going to be updated up to two hundred levels. The user ought to refill alphabets in to space and make meaty word for the image show on mobile device.

Recreate a crossword puzzle with jigsaw items. The letters on the items assist you complete the puzzle. simple to use interface, drag and drop puzzle items across the screen

.Four totally different sizes of puzzle piece square measure doable.

• items will begin outside the grid (classic version), or all square measure willy-nilly placed on the grid and square measure then swapped to seek out the answer (ideal for smaller screens).

• Game contains achievements integrated into Google Play's "Game Services".

Game aids:

1) As words square measure fashioned, then valid words square measure highlighted.

2) you'll be able to a lot of highly to|favor to|opt to} have one or more items placed into their correct position at the start of the sport.

3) throughout the sport, you'll be able to request a random puzzle piece to be placed into its correct position.

4) you'll be able to raise the sport if a specific puzzle piece is within the correct position.

Each game is appointed a problem level from zero (easy) to nine (very hard). the problem level is decided by the settings. every issue level maintains the high scores (measured by quickest time to complete the game). the sport displays the simplest twenty scores for every issue level.

Compare your high scores with others round the world by victimization Google Play's "Game Services".

Other options distinctive to the current app:

1) read the definition of the word from a web supply (e.g. Wiktionary), optimized for viewing on alittle screen.

2) after you play with a glossary in a very foreign language, the word definition can (where possible) be in your own language. this can be nice for language learning!

બીલીઆંબા શાળાના અન્ય જોવાલાયક વિડીયો

Dictionaries on the market square measure English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Indonesian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Serbian(Latin), Serbian(Cyrillic), Slovak, Slovene, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian and a lot of coming back later

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