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Friday, August 21, 2020

NMMS paased students online updation on nsp portal teliconfarence

nsp portal-online submmision for class 8 nmms pass students

GCRT Gandhinagar conducts many co-curricular as well as educational activities for the development of children. The sole purpose behind this is that childhood at the end of the village can come forward and develop its educational potential. There is a drawing exam in standard five, there is a primary teacher scholarship exam in standard six and the NMMS exam is competitive for students studying in standard eight. The only purpose of giving these exams is to see if the child is financially weak. And if brilliant then the student can continue his / her studies using the scholarship he / she gets by passing this exam and he / she can get promotion, motivation and the student can come forward.


 What is this NMMS exam?

                      Government school students of standard 8 can apply in NMMS examination. Students can apply online only if they are studying in standard eight during the current academic year. Standard for students to apply in NMMS examination Must be above 70% in 7th. Official circular is issued by the Government Education Department to enable more rural students to appear for this examination and these students are encouraged to participate as much as possible so that now even in Gunotsav its criteria is decided.

It has been made compulsory for all primary schools to have at least 5 to 10 students take part in this NMMS examination so that now teachers in all schools have also started preparing for this examination and provide necessary guidance to their children regarding this examination. Also allocates a period so that the student in both the sections appearing in the NMMS examination is compulsory as it is difficult for the students from a little village to pass this examination as without proper guidance Can't pass the exam because it has too many sections Social Science Mental Ability Problem Solve In all these sections the child needs specific guidance and more practice as well as some of his books that the children have to read and practice.

If a student passes the MS exam, he / she will get a scholarship amounting to a total amount of Rs. 6,000 / - up to Std. 12 by updating it on SP portal. This scholarship can be used by the student to further his / her studies even in college level. Becoming self-reliant and making her future brighter can play a major part in the Mana NMMS exam.

What is the benefit to the students from giving this NMMS exam?

Increases the student's ability to think mentally
Vidya can learn more by taking guidance from her teachers on difficult issues that she does not know
The student can write freely from his own thinking
This exam has a question section of Mental Ability in which questions based on reasoning have to be answered so that by preparing for this exam strength can be developed in the child immediately.

The exam also has a problem-solving section so that the student's ability to think is enhanced as he prepares and his reasoning to answer is also increased.

Parents also prepare their children for this exam so that if more and more children succeed, it is also a good thing for the government

Before preparing for and succeeding in this exam, he has to take competitive exams to make it easier for him.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

NSP portal par nmms parixa pass student registration babat

NSP portal par nmms parixa pass student registration babat

                        Various competitive examinations are organized throughout the year by the Education Department of the Government of Gujarat as well as by GCERT Gandhinagar for the mental development of the students and for them to give competitive examinations. These competitive examinations are conducted once a year. And its syllabus is given from the date of its online application to the date of completion of online application. Tobacco Scheduled Year is given at the beginning of the academic year. 

                     Students applying for National Means cum Merit Scholarship have to apply online. Students studying in Std. 8 can take this exam based on their progress in Std. 7. For this they have to provide income proof. This process can be done by giving online exam on the basis. This student can take NMS exam from Std. 7 to Std. 8 and also take Std-8 primary scholarship exam. If both these examinations are passed, the students also get scholarships as per their decision

                      After passing the NMMS exam, students get scholarships up to Std-12. To pass this NMMS exam, students have to prepare according to a specific syllabus. The online process for the exam starts in September-October, after which the students prepare for the exam. The exam covers the syllabus related to all the subjects of various Std. 6 to 8 as well as some problem sol science questions to test the mental readiness of the students. Besides, the NMMS exam includes science questions. 
                        Rank based merit is created then students are informed as the process of this scholarship is done by the center and its specific guidelines The account of the passing student has to be updated on the NSP portal and also has to apply online for the same. 

                      Only then the scholarship is credited to the account of the student who is in the final merit. Therefore, the MS exam is a blessing because the children of the class go out in the middle so that their studies are incomplete. In this case, the student who passes the NMS exam gets a scholarship of about Rs. Can take and develop itself by going ahead in any field
                         In this NS board which has been prepared, even if the scholarship of the previous year is outstanding, the registration for non-student has to be done on the nsp portal with the details of bank account. Only then the scholarship of the previous year is also credited directly to his account.Can also prepare in as well as in the exam Social Science Mathematics Mental Ability Problem Solve All kinds of questions The exam method has a baby part in one section answers the syllabus based questions and the other section has General Knowledge section pass in both sections Can only come in color if it is compulsory for the students then the result is announced after two months NMMS is a definite way to awaken the mental powers of the students to be bright to the village students but through this exam they Can study more and move on

download gr from here
                       The government also coordinates with the education department to ensure that a certain number of students fill in the form and participate in the examination. Information is also sought on the exact number of students who participated in the NMMS examination. Primary schools are believed to be able to give this exam only to the students of government primary schools and not to the students of private schools. But it has been reported that there are such exams so that more and more students are now taking interest and making progress
                        Educational matters are updated regularly on our blog so keep visiting our blog regularly. 

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