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Monday, September 26, 2022

World famous United way of baroda garba mahotsav 2022 live

 Unitedway of Baroda is helping to improve less privileged people.

United Way of Baroda is the first local United Way set up in India in 1986. 30 years back United Way of Baroda was founded by Baroda Citizens Council with support from United Way International & UNICEF. United Way of Baroda is registered under Bombay Public Trust Act in 1998 & FCRA.

Over three decades, United Way of Baroda is supporting communities, local NGOs and government for sustainable improvement in quality of life of less privileged people in and around Gujarat.

Hassle free life for Senior Citizens

United Way of Baroda (UWB) is the first local chapter in India affiliated to United Way Worldwide. We envision creating an enabling and sustainable environment for improved quality of life of less privileged people.


* Note: Passes will be delivered through courier only within Vadodara city.

1. Please show your ID proof to the courier delivery person. (i.e. Aadhar Card / Election Card / Licence).

2. Garba participant needs to attach PHOTO ID PROOF (govt. recognized) while filling the form.

3. If applicant is below 10 years of age and wrong birth date is provided, United Way of Baroda will not be responsible to provide smart card for such false/wrong submission and no refund will be given.

4. Participants below 16 years of age have to provide their father’s photo identity.

5. NRI/Outside Baroda applicants can authorize their relatives or friends in Vadodara to receive the courier delivery of smart card on their behalf by showing the ID proof of the applicant and the authorized person.

6. United Way of Baroda shall not be responsible to participants / invitees / attendants / viewers for any damage or injury in person or property in the event of any stampede, disruption, civil commotion (riot) caused due to individual quarrel, dispute or natural events such as rain, fire, earthquake etc.

7. Registration is mandatory for every garba participant and he must wear the smart card around the neck while playing.

8. Traditional Garba attire (Kurta Pajama or Dhoti) is mandatory.

9. Garba participants must maintain discipline and code of conduct at the ground.

10. Garba participants must produce the smart card as and when required by the organizers/volunteers/security.

11. Participants found under the influence of alcohol/drugs/misbehaving will be handed over to the police. The smart card will be confiscated and no refund will be given. The management’s decision in this regards will be final.

12. The smart card is for personal use of the Garba participant. The Card is non-transferable. Non- compliance of this will result in confiscation of the smart card without refund.

13. In case of any calamities / rains / fire or other mishaps and legal hurdles, which may cause change of time, cancellation or part cancellation of the festival, the amount is non-refundable.

14. Timings of Garba shall be as per government rules and regulations.

Live Navratri | United Way Of Baroda YouTube Channel live link Check HERE

15. The smart card is property of United Way of Baroda which will be collected back on the last night at the Garba Ground.

16. For any dispute or clarifications, the decision of United Way of Baroda shall be final. All legal disputes to Vadodara jurisdiction only.

17. Preserve your smart card carefully.

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Navaratri stickers for whatsapp

 Navratri Whatsapp Sticker to celebrate and whishes Navratri festival

Navratri Sticker - Animated stickers

This application for Navratri WASticker provide to share and wishes your friends and family.

all types of Navratri sticker available and share with friends and family member and make memorable festival of India.

Celebrate Indian Navratri and dandiya Festival with our Latest and New Navratri Stickers

WAStickerApps Provide You to Lots of Navratri Sticker and Ambe-Maa Sticker

Celebrate Navratri Animated Sticker with your family and your love with our trending WAStickers

Collection of Latest and new 2022 Navratri sticker.

Add new category sticker like as MAA Sticker and Dussehra Sticker to Celebrate this festival.

How to use stickers on WhatsApp?

- Install then open Navratri Sticker.

- Browse sticker packs then tap 'add to Whatsapp' to add a pack of stickers and animated sticker to WhatsApp.

- Open WhatsApp and start a chat conversation.

- Tap on the emoji icon inside the chat box.

- The Navratri Sticker icon will be displayed under the chat box.

Navratri Sticker For Whatsapp

- Tap on the added Navratri Sticker pack icon to browse its stickers.

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Why warm water is the universal weight loss drink, Know when to drink it for most benefits

  Why warm water is the universal weight loss drink, Know when to a drink it for most benefits

It is not a secret how warm water works magically for our immune system. Both cold and hot water have their own set of pros and cons. A glass of cold water helps you to a cool down after an intense a workout session, while hot water helps to flush out toxins from the body and allows a better digestion of food. One of the most favorite benefits of a  drinking warm water is it helps a person shed some kilos.

So, yes you can a  lose weight by drinking hot water, here’s how

Staying hydrated is the ideal way to a keep your body weight in check. Turns out, that heating the water before you consume it can actually a improve your metabolism as well. We are just a couple of glasses of a warm water away from losing weight. Warm water boosts your body’s metabolism. 

1. Drinking warm water right in the morning is a advised by many, when we drink warm water, our body switches its a temperature and activates the metabolism. This helps lose a  weight. Warm water also breaks down body fat into molecules, making it easy for the digestive system to burn it. 

2. Drinking warm water 30 minutes before our meals helps in a  managing our calorie intake because it makes our a stomach full. You need 6-8 glasses of warm water to a  lose weight.

3. Adding some lemon and honey to the warm a water will enhance the impact a which can expedite your metabolic rate, resulting in a rapid weight loss

Not just weight loss, warm water has 4 other solid health benefits:

1. Drinking warm water a can help in relieving constipation

2. It can help in a  curing throat congestion

3. Warm water helps the body get a  rid of toxins

4. Drinking hot a water keeps the skin clear

Drinking hot or lukewarm water daily in the morning or throughout the day can a assist in the weight loss process in three ways. It boosts metabolism, breaks down the fats in a  our body and also curbs A  our appetite. About 70 percent of our body is a made up of water and to a  keep our system working efficiently, every individual must consume 2-3 liters of a water daily.

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SERIOUS! 'Night owls' may have greater risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease

   SERIOUS! 'Night owls' may have a  greater risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease

People who are 'night owls' could have a greater risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease than those who are 'a early birds' as a new study has found that our wake/sleep cycles cause a metabolic differences and alter our body's preference for a energy sources. The researchers found that those who stay up a late have a reduced ability to use fat fora  energy, meaning fats may build up in the body and a increase the risk for type 2 diabetes and a cardiovascular disease.

"The differences in fat a metabolism between 'early birds' and 'night owls' shows that our body's circadian rhythm (wake/sleep cycle) could a affect how our a bodies use insulin," said researcher Steven Malin from Rutgers University in the US.

For the study, published in the journal Experimental Physiology, the team classified participants into two groups (early and late) based on their 'chronotype' -- our natural propensity to seek activity and sleep at different times.

They used advanced a  imaging to a assess body mass and body composition, insulin sensitivity and breath samples to a measure fat and carbohydrate a metabolism.

Participants were monitored for a week to assess their a daily activity patterns. They ate a calorie and nutrition-controlled diet and had to a fast overnight to a minimise the dietary impact on the results.

To study fuel preference, they were tested while at a rest before completing two 15-minute bouts of exercise: one a moderate and one high-intensity session on a treadmill.

Aerobic fitness levels were tested through an incline challenge where the incline was raised 2.5 per cent a  every two minutes until the participant reached a point of exhaustion.

Researchers found that early birds use more fat for energy at both rest and a during exercise than night owls. Early birds were also more insulin sensitive. Night owls, on the other hand, are insulin resistant, meaning their bodies require a  more insulin to lower a  blood glucose levels, and their bodies a  favoured carbohydrates as an energy a source over fats.

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Indoor pollution can cause a headaches and itchiness, claims study

  Indoor pollution can cause a headaches and itchiness, claims study

A headache, itchy skin and a stuffy or runny nose may not be a just symptoms of acold. It could be a  because of a poor indoor a quality in your home. Research carried out a  among women and children in a Lucknow, has found poor indoor a quality leading to a over 10 ailments. including cough and wheezing, dry throat, shortness of a breath, itchy eyes and more. The research was undertaken by a team led by a Alfred Lawrence of the chemistry a faculty at the Isabella Thoburn College of the University of a  Lucknow to assess the health risk among women and children a specifically due to indoor air pollution.

The findings of the research presented recently at an international a conference at the University College of Stockholm, Sweden, found headache as the most a  common symptom as reported by 60 per cent women, while in a children it was stuffy nose as reported by 62 per cent.

The participants a included 560 women from three microenvironments. While 434 (77. 5 per cent) women were from planned a residential areas, 107 (19.1 per cent) were from the industrial belt of the city, whereas 19 (3.4 per cent) were from the commercial belt of the city.

The study was done using a real-time a portable air sampler that was placed in the living area to study the variation pattern and was placed at least two meters away from doors and walls of the room. It found the concentration of PM 2.5 pollutants indoor to be a  almost six times higher than the WHO standards.

Research scholar Samridhi Dwivedi said the study also a found 51.1 per cent of a women consciously unaware of household air pollution. The study found that the deposition of particles in a women was the highest in the head region (61.1 per cent) followed by pulmonary (21.1 per cent) and tracheobronchial region (17.3 per cent).

Among 408 children, who were part of the study, 62 per cent complained of a stuffy nose, followed by a dry/sore throat reported by 30.6 per cent children.

The study found that in a most of the cases, these symptoms were more a prevalent during October and November, followed by a February and April. The study found that poor a indoor quality is a also keeping children at a  increased risk of attention deficit a hyperactivity.

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What makes jaggery a superfood? Here's what we need to know

 What makes jaggery a superfood? Here's what we need to know

We all might see a jaggery as a common household item in every kitchen but it is not as a common as it seems. It is a superfood having so many health benefits we don't even know. Jaggery has been used in many Indian households for centuries and has been used as a natural sweetener by a Ayurveda practitioners for more than 3,000 years. Jaggery, commonly known as a Gur is the all-time sweet dish for the sweet mongers.

Yes, Jaggery is a superfood because it has end number of benefits and here is all we need to know:

1.Improves Digestion:

Our ancestors used to a consume jaggery as a dessert after the meal. The reason for this isn’t limited to amazing flavor but it is also good for digestive health. Consuming jaggery after a meal activates digestive enzymes which stimulate easy bowel movements which help in better digestion and relieves constipation.

2.Aids in weight loss:

We mostly avoid a sweets because of their higher sugar content which is harmful to our bodies and also a makes us fat. But what could be a better than enjoying sweet meals along with reducing weight? Being rich in a potassium, jaggery improves the metabolism in the body which leads to a efficient weight loss.

3.Boosts Immunity:

The natural sweetener is a also a natural immunity booster. Organic Jaggery is a said to be one of the best natural immunity-boosting foods available to mankind. It contains many a essential antioxidants, minerals like zinc and selenium and is also a detoxifying agent. It aids in a increasing hemoglobin in the blood. All these properties make Gur a great immunity enhancer.

4.Aids in detoxification:

Eating jaggery regularly helps in the perfect detoxification of the body. It helps in a cleansing the liver by a flushing out harmful toxins from the body which further helps in a liver detoxification. It a  also helps in the proper cleansing of a blood, respiratory tract, lungs, intestine, and food pipe.

We have often seen people eating jaggery with peanuts in the winter because by nature, jaggery has a hot palate and hence, provides warmth to our bodies. It helps in improving immunity and is highly a  beneficial to health. Jaggery is unrefined sugar and is considered quite  a beneficial for conditions such as cold, sore throat, and flu.


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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Blood clot risk remains for year after Covid in those who aren't hospitalised, claims researchers

  Blood clot risk remains for year after Covid in those who aren't hospitalised, claims researchers

Covid-19 a infection increases the risk of potentially life-threatening blood clots for at least 49 weeks or almost a year, even in those who do not get hospitalised, researchers have a warned. The findings suggest that the pandemic may have led to an additional 10,500 cases of heart attacks, strokes, and other blood clot a complications such as deep vein thrombosis in England and Wales in the UK in 2020 alone, although the excess risk to a individuals remains small and reduces over time.

The research - involving a large team of researchers led by the Universities of a Bristol, Cambridge, and Edinburgh, and Swansea University - shows that people with only mild or moderate disease were also affected.

The authors suggest that preventive strategies, such as a giving high-risk patients medication to a lower blood pressure, could help reduce cases of serious clots,  in spite of to the study of health a records of 48 million unvaccinated adults from the first wave of the pandemic published in the journal Circulation.

"We are a reassured that the risk drops quite quickly -- particularly for a heart attacks and strokes -- but the finding that it remains elevated for some time highlights the longer-term effects of Covid-19 that we are only beginning to understand," said Jonathan Sterne, Professor of a Medical Statistics and Epidemiology at the University of Bristol, who co-led the study.

In the first week after a Covid-19 diagnosis, people were 21 times more a likely to have a heart attack or stroke, a conditions which are mainly caused by a blood clots blocking arteries.

This a dropped to 3.9 times more a likely after 4 weeks. The researchers also a studied conditions caused buy a  blood clots in the veins: these include deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism - a clot in the lungs that can be fatal.

The risk of blood clots in the veins was 33 times greater in the first week after a Covid-19 diagnosis. This dropped to eight times higher risk after four weeks.

Most previous research studied the impact of Covid on a blood clotting in a people hospitalised. The new study shows that there was also an effect on people whose Covid did not lead to hospit lisation, although their excess risk was not as great as a for those who had severe disease and were hospitalised.

"We have shown that even people who were not hospitalised faced a higher risk of a  blood clots in the first wave. While the risk to a individuals remains small, the effect on the public's health could be substantial and strategies to prevent vascular events will be a important as we continue through the pandemic," said Angela Wood, Professor of a Biostatistics at the University of a Cambridge.

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Navaratri special status app||make your photo image Navratri festival

 Navaratri Durga Mata Themes for mobile home screen option to select theme for live wallpaper and also option to set shake to change live wallpaper theme. Flower Falls Animation live wallpaper for Maa Durga Devi Themes. You have an option to set different types of flowers to fall on LWP & option to set fall top to bottom with different speed.

Lord Durga Matha Greetings & Banners to Share/Send Festival card to your love one.You can edit, add stickers to decorate and add text on selected greeting card template. 20+ Template  greeting card to create your own greeting cards.

Happy Dussehra & Happy Durga Navaratri Greetings  Messages to SMS or share on social networks.

Navratri, (Sanskrit: “nine nights”)in full Sharad Navratri; Navratri also spelled Navaratri; also called Durga Puja, in Hinduism, major festival held in honour of the divine feminine. Navratri occurs over 9 days during the month of Ashvin, or Ashvina (in the Gregorian calendar, usually September–October). It often ends with the Dussehra (also called Vijayadashami) celebration on the 10th day. In some parts of India, Dussehra is considered a focal point of the festival, making it effectively span 10 days instead of 9.

 Additionally, as Navratri depends on the lunar calendar, in some years it may be celebrated for 8 days, with Dussehra on the 9th. There are four similar festivals, also called Navratri, which are held at various stages of the year; however, the early autumn festival, also called Sharad Navratri, is the most significant.
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Friday, September 23, 2022

Std 1 to 8 new parinam patrak excel file 2022 23

 Connect with Result maker an efficient and transparent manner

Result maker, An institute of general competition is an online platform for managing data associated with its tutoring classes in the most efficient and transparent manner. It is a user-friendly app with amazing features like online attendance, fees management, homework submission, detailed performance reports and much more- a perfect on- the- go solution for parents to know about their wards’ class details. It’s a great amalgamation of simple user interface design and exciting features; greatly loved by students, parents, and tutors.

educational games for toddlers and Pre-k kids for elementary school learning. Multiple activities like Life cycle of plants and animals, Planetarium based on the kinesthetic learning process.

Experts have explained the importance of fun and interactive learning for young children. Kids must play and learn at their own speed. The activities should be interesting to keep them occupied, with rewards and appreciation to boost their spirit.

Help them to explore and discover the world through colorful puzzles. Our basic science game for kids, let them understand the structure and behaviour of the natural world through simple and colorful activities designed in such a way that it keeps them engrossed for hours. Animations and graphics add to the rich experience in our pre school kids learning games for boys and girls.

  • આ ફાઇલો મોબાઇલમાં ખોલવી નહી.
  • આ ફાઇલ બંન્ને સત્રમાં કામ આવશે.
  • આ ફાઇલમાં હાલ ડેટા શીટમાં સત્ર 1 કરેલ છે.
  • જેથી 100 ગુણમાંથી ગ્રેડ નીકળશે.
  • આ ફાઇલ બીજા સત્ર સુઘી સાચવીને રાખશો
  • ત્યારે ડેટા શીટમાં સત્ર – 2 કરશો
  • જેથી 200 ગુણમાંથી ગ્રેડ નીકળશે.

Important links:-

વર્ષ:-૨૦૨૨-૨૩ નું ધોરણ:-૧ નું પરિણામ ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

વર્ષ:-૨૦૨૨-૨૩ નું ધોરણ:-૨ નું પરિણામ ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

વર્ષ:-૨૦૨૨-૨૩ નું ધોરણ:-૩ નું પરિણામ ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

વર્ષ:-૨૦૨૨-૨૩ નું ધોરણ:-૪ નું પરિણામ ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

વર્ષ:-૨૦૨૨-૨૩ નું ધોરણ:-૫ નું પરિણામ ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

વર્ષ:-૨૦૨૨-૨૩ નું ધોરણ:-૬ નું પરિણામ ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

વર્ષ:-૨૦૨૨-૨૩ નું ધોરણ:-૭ નું પરિણામ ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

વર્ષ:-૨૦૨૨-૨૩ નું ધોરણ:-૮ નું પરિણામ ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

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Thursday, September 22, 2022

Navratri special Garba songs collection 2022||Kirtidan gadhavi,Kinjal Dave ,Atul purohit,and many others popular garba songs


Navratri Video Status App is one of the best video status app ever and it's easy to use.

Navratri Video Status:- Navratri, A Very Popular And Awesome Festival Of India In Which Everyone Worship Goddess Maa Durga And Play Dandiya In Front Of Maa Durga Temple. Are You Searching For Navratri Special Navratri Status Videos 2022 Collections?. Now This Year Navratri Are Will Begin Start on Monday, 26 September 2022, So in This App You Will Get Big Collection For Happy Navratri 2022 Status Video, Durga Puja 2022 Status Video and special Navratri video status.

Trending navratri Videos Status : We at present share video running in the market. So you can put a popular Navratri Status video on your social platforms. 

This app also contains best collection of navratri garba video status, navratri status, dandiya status and more.

All you need is here carefully picked to be “Navratri Video Status” for you.

Get all collection of Gujarati Garba status.

Quick Download : We have short and best videos quality then you can download fast and easily. 


1. Latest Collection of Nice collection of Navratri Video Status, navratri Shayari, navratri Wallpapers, & navratri Wishes.

2. Daily new updated Mata Rani status videos on time to time

3.  High Quality maa durga Status videos with small size

4. Fast Download navratri video status in single Click

5. Navratri video status app have Great Beautiful User Interface

6. Easy to use

Use this awesome Navratri Video Status app for wishes and wish your loved one a Happy Navratri 2022 using this beautiful status, Shayari & Wishes.

How to use:

Step 1. Open Navratri Status video app

Step 2. Click on the your favourite button like navratri video status and Navratri wallpaper

Step 3. Click on the play icon to watch Navratri video status

Step 4. Click on the share icon to share Navratri video status and Navratri Quotes with your friends and family

Navratri 9 Days Aarti of Devi with full Puja Vidhi and Navratri Katha is the Best App you All of you. The word navaratri means 'nine nights' in sanskrit, nava meaning nine and ratri meaning nights, navratri aarti bhajans  druga puja navratri garba songs audio lyrics. Navratri is a festival dedicated to the worship of the hindu deity durga. navaratri aarti and bhajans on the auspicious occasion of navaratri to invoke divine blessings of goddess nava durga. Navratri 9 days Aarti with full Puja vidhi and Katha will best for you in these days.

Navratri 9 Days Aarti full puja vidhi and katha app contains :- 

Step 5. Click on the download icon to download Navratri video status and Navratri wallpaper in your gallery

In this App You can also watch full screen Navratri video status by using Awesome video player

Navratri Garba Ringtone - Biggest Garba collection of ringtone, wallpaper, video & status. Celebrate your Navratri with Navratri Garba collection.

This app contains best collection of Navratri Ringtone, Navratri Garba, Mataji Arti, Bollywood Dandiya Songs, Garba Ringtone Gujarati, Old Garba Hit Songs, New Garba songs all in one application.

This app also contains best collection of navratri garba images, navratri garba video status, navratri status, navratri live wallpaper, navratri photo, navratri wallpaper, navratri garba gujarati, navratri garba video and more.


All you need is here carefully picked to be “Garba Ringtone” for you.

કિર્તીદાન ગઢવી DJ નોનસ્ટોપ  નવરાત્રી સ્પેશીયલ કલેકશન ૨૦૨૨

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Jignesh Kaviraj New Song Jignesh Barot new song jignesh kaviraj new song 2022 ગુજરાતી ગીત gujarati song new gujarati song new dj song gujarati new song gujarati songs ― Jignesh Barot No Jhankar I Non Stop Garba 2022 I Jignesh Barot(Kaviraj) I New Gujarati Song 2022

Chundadi ( Tahuko 2 ) | Hemant Chouhan | Non-stop garba song

Mandavadi |Nonstop Garba 2022 | માંડવડી |Geeta Rabari | Devraj & Vandana Gadhavi | New Gujarati song

Get all collection of Gujarati Garba popular ringtone like Jay Aadhya Shakti, Aavo Ma Amba, Kum Kum Pagle Madi Padharo Re, etc with the latest wallpaper and video. All these ringtones are free ones for you to set as ringtone.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2022

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Short On Weapons, Russia Leaves Its 2nd Biggest City ‘Unguarded’; Moves Air Defense Missiles To Ukraine – Finnish Media

 Short On  ordnance, Russia Leaves Its 2nd Biggest City ‘Unguarded’; Moves Air Defense Missiles To Ukraine – Finnish Media

These 14 batteries comprise more than 100 mobile firing platforms, each having four-ready to-fire missiles, which means a  whole of around 450 missiles, at least.

“Based on the  image , four anti-aircraft bases have been  unleaded of  artical ,” said Eklund, who has more than 20 years of experience in monitoring the Russian armed forces.

The most  evident change has been  notice to the southwest of St. Petersburg, where two entire batteries, out of the four utilization by the 500th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment, have been  unleaded , as per the satellite  photo from early September.

Furthermore, around 25 missile containers, possibly containing 100 missiles, have been  detach from one of the regiment’s two remaining batteries.

Apart from that, missiles  elective at a base belonging to the 1489th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment located east of St. St Petersburg, close to the shore of Lake Ladoga, were also loaded onto transport platforms in May, as per the  watching made by Eklund.

Around 120 missiles could have been  detach from this  providing in the missile containers.

 in addition , a  notable transfer of  about has also been observed from a base belonging to the 1490th anti-aircraft missile regiment, located near the village of Kungolovo, to the southeast of St. Petersburg.

It is possible that more   devise might have been removed from the St Peters burg region, but nothing can be said for sure because of the lack of usable recent satellite  photo of all the batteries.

Anti-Aircraft Missiles Removed

Most of the   en durgo anti-aircraft missiles in the St. Peters burg region are from the S-400 missile system, reported Yle.

“It is most likely that the  Iapetus that has been removed is  first fore most from the old S-300 system,” said Eklund.

First  institute in the late 1970s, the S-300s have become somewhat obsolete,  mainly  taking in consideration the range of the new S-400.  in spite to Eklund, the weakening of missile  protetion around St. Petersburg is because of Russia’s  condition for missiles in its war on Ukraine.

Before the transfer of anti-aircraft missiles from St. Petersburg, Eklund  notice the movement of missiles to the front from bases located closer to Ukraine and from regions regarded as less important than St. Petersburg.

For  sample , half of the missile fleet at an anti-aircraft missile base in Voronezh, central Russia,  vanish by May,  in  malice of to Eklund.

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Monday, September 19, 2022

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