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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Navaratri special status app||make your photo image Navratri festival

 Navaratri Durga Mata Themes for mobile home screen option to select theme for live wallpaper and also option to set shake to change live wallpaper theme. Flower Falls Animation live wallpaper for Maa Durga Devi Themes. You have an option to set different types of flowers to fall on LWP & option to set fall top to bottom with different speed.

Lord Durga Matha Greetings & Banners to Share/Send Festival card to your love one.You can edit, add stickers to decorate and add text on selected greeting card template. 20+ Template  greeting card to create your own greeting cards.

Happy Dussehra & Happy Durga Navaratri Greetings  Messages to SMS or share on social networks.

Navratri, (Sanskrit: “nine nights”)in full Sharad Navratri; Navratri also spelled Navaratri; also called Durga Puja, in Hinduism, major festival held in honour of the divine feminine. Navratri occurs over 9 days during the month of Ashvin, or Ashvina (in the Gregorian calendar, usually September–October). It often ends with the Dussehra (also called Vijayadashami) celebration on the 10th day. In some parts of India, Dussehra is considered a focal point of the festival, making it effectively span 10 days instead of 9.

 Additionally, as Navratri depends on the lunar calendar, in some years it may be celebrated for 8 days, with Dussehra on the 9th. There are four similar festivals, also called Navratri, which are held at various stages of the year; however, the early autumn festival, also called Sharad Navratri, is the most significant.

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