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Wednesday, September 30, 2020



               Gujarati Education Research and Training Council, Gandhinagar organizes training in various educational institutions, especially for primary school teachers. Every year, various types of training are organized by GCERT Gandhinagar. Specialists are trained in each district specifically for the type of training to be given to the teachers of Gujarat State by the friends. The place is prepared by training through online or offline medium. Primary teachers on duty in different talukas of the state are trained by them.

              Efforts are being made by GCRT to get more and more teachers involved in the loyalty training as there is no situation where this training can be conducted in offline mode as Har Educational Institutions are closed all over Gujarat so that teachers can join the loyalty training through online initiation portal. 

             A circular has been issued instructing each district primary education officer to start the login process Va District Project Coordinator has been instructed that maximum number of primary teachers should join the loyalty training using online secondary education board Gujarati. Before March 2020, the part where the loyalty training was taken by the teachers was in offline mode in which the facility was for training. 

            The teachers took part in it and also had fun which is not possible in online mode. In this face to face mood about 40,000 primary teachers from all over Gujarat participated in this training. Now this training is to use the online medium initiation portal for the rest of the teachers. Primary teachers who have undergone teacher training last year have to join Diksha Portal Nishtha Training BP All primary schools KGBV Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Sainik Sharma All primary teachers have to undergo compulsory training This work is going to start again in October 2020 The remaining primary teachers are required to login A total of 12 modules course of loyalty training was held in which necessary coordination was done and its implementation was arranged. 

                  The District Project Coordinator has been instructed to plan for it. It is very mandatory for those who have undergone loyalty training last year to join 12 courses. Fill in the first time declaration form along with some personal information while filling this declaration form using your name, mobile number, e-mail id etc. and submit this declaration form which is applicable for the first time and not every time. Teachers who are to join the training by 4 10 2020 have been directed to fill up a compulsory declaration form along with the Teacher Code and U Dias Code of their primary school. All 1 to 18 modules should be studied on which date. All the details of how long the initiation will be online on the portal on the date have been given along with the circular.





                 The special thing added here is that this training has to be obtained only by attending the school as it It has been decided that a compulsory primary teacher will have to watch an hour long live broadcast program through Byseg Studio on the date of Vasana module so that the teacher will also have to join the loyalty training given through Byseg. For this Vande Gujarat Channel 1 and Jio mobile app can also be used. After completing the training, various reports are to be submitted to the CRC. Can complete the problem by contacting. After studying each model in detail, the certificate of completion of training can be downloaded from the profile. 


PARIPATR mate ahi click karo


               If there is any problem in downloading this certificate, it will be automatically uploaded in the profile for seven to fifteen days. The CRC Coordinator will also have to submit a detailed report to submit the file of all the primary teachers of his cluster to the BRC Coordinator along with the homework assignment.



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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

school na vidhyartheeo mate photograthy spardha aayojan babat

school na vidhyartheeo mate photograthy spardha aayojan babat


The Council of Education Research and Training organizes various types of training and active education for teachers as well as children to equip them. Various competitions are organized every year to keep the students active in the schools. At present GCER T. Gandhinagar has issued a circular that a photography competition should be organized for the students of the schools. For this, the principals of all the District Education Training Councils have also been instructed. 

               In the coming days, the Government of India The 150th anniversary will be celebrated. At the end of the two-year period, an online photography competition will be organized for school children from all over the country. How to participate in the Amazon competition and how to succeed and complete it through the Ministry of Education Delhi All the students will have to understand and participate in the rules and regulations of this competition. 


            It will be the responsibility of all the primary school teachers to ensure that all the instructions and rules are followed and also to study this circular and guide the children to the proper instructions. . And one of the best in India is to use a camera if you have a cellphone or a camera. You can only use the jpg format for the corpse mission. Students of 8th standard as well as students of 9th to 12th class can participate. Only one entry per child has to be submitted here. Student has to submit his entry in the school. The last date for submission of entries by the students is 5th October 2020. The principal of the school has selected each of the photographs by Bhai BP School and has uploaded the link with the best 10 to 12 photos selected by him. 

               The address of the school is 11:30 Tirtha. It is Urban. The email ID of the Principal of the Union Territory is to be given along with the mobile number of the Head of the school. Certificates will also be awarded by T. The best selection at the national level will also be made. From 15th to 30th November 2020, various photos will be selected by the authorized MCERT and the final masterpiece will be declared as well as they will be given a certificate by NCERT. The first three students in each category as well as seven students will be selected as other consolation prizes to the winners. Various interesting books, pen drive and cash prize money are also well kept. 

               First prize 10000 Second prize Rs. 7,000 Dhriti 5007 consolation prize of Rs. Has been givenOn the occasion of the 150th birth anniversary of Gandhiji, a number of programs were conducted at the school level in the first semester in which a drawing competition based on the theme of Swachh Bharat was organized. Out of eight young children, category wise students were selected for their best work and a drawing competition was also held at CRC level in which students also excelled at CRC level. In this way step by step various competitions were organized as part of the celebration of Gandhiji's 150th birth anniversary under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan till Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Various programs were also organized for the people of the congregations to join. NGOs also joined. Various competitions were held on the occasion of Gandhiji's birth anniversary. Prizes were also given to the winning students in Sapar village for their encouragement.

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Monday, September 28, 2020

saral data app thi marks scan karavaa babat latest GR

 use of saral data app 


                       GCERT Gandhinagar has been conducting unit test for two years for the purpose of evaluating students. Unit test is conducted in every primary school. Students are created academically as well as their education develops. Interest in study increases. For the last two years, a unit test is being organized in the primary schools in standard three to eight to ensure that education does not come to Arjun and he gets ready for various examinations from an early age. This unit test should be 25 marks. In the unit test, logic based questions are organized in the middle and simple section. Student's monthly course. This unit is a test course. Every student has to take compulsory part in the unit test. However, the GCRT Education Department has decided to take a unit test for children. At present, children are studying at home through color as well as through working class and The readiness is increasing with the curriculum

                    As the unit test of the students is based on the syllabus, it is easier for the students. Last year, question papers were given for this unit test and it was planned to write the answers but then each student was given a unit test booklet in which one unit test was given to three students. In case of low marks, the study results which are to be done for remedial work were given separately for remedial work. In order to check the unit test, five different questions are asked in the unit test book this year. The question paper is to be sent to the school's email id in advance.

                    The Department of Education, Gandhinagar has planned to send the question paper to the e-mail ID of the school. Students have been instructed to follow various guidelines for unit test such as unit test. Rounding up the student's mistakes while checking. Writing various instructions. Keeping the student's study based instructions as well as remedial. The unit test will be conducted throughout the year to write the task based instruction so it is very important to follow various guidelines. Teachers are also advised to take special care while checking the unit test of the students.

                    The guardian of the house is also aware of the progress of his child and the guardian also signs the unit test and enrolls the school. The unit is to carry out the scanning process of the test. Simple data application software has developed a study method to scan the marks of children's unit test. This application must be downloaded in the mobiles of the class teachers of every standard 3 to 8 students. They have been ordered to improve the learning level of students in schools. 

               As well as unit test is conducted in the students for the purpose of finding out whether the study results have been achieved according to each question. A simple data application is to be used to ensure that the process of scanning at school level under unit test is carried out during regular hours. Monitoring is also required through CRC Co-ordinator. Data of students under periodic assessment test The support is taken from the tracking system from the dias. 


                 At the district level it is important to take care that the teacher of the district will be responsible for resolving any problem. The MIS coordinator will have to do intensive checking in this regard. If there is any problem while shaving the data skins of the students, a technical phone number is also provided in which the problem of the student who does not undergo the unit test scan process by calling will be resolved by the Command and Control Center. If the student's unit test scan shows difficulty, his entry will be made from Gandhinagar Command and Control Center and online attendance for students. It has been added to the online attendance system so that the students whose marks are scanned will be shown the green option in their classroom. The green option will appear. The scanning process of the students has been done and the entry of the student's clan that appears Will have to understand

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Friday, September 25, 2020




               The state of India has been in dire straits since March 2020 when the Coronavirus epidemic hit India. er the educational curriculum of the children. Innovative experiments are also being done on how the children can study well at home. Home learning medium has been first facilitated by the government for the students to watch live video content of the subject in which Kari Mama is coming.

                 The subject matter which is being guided by the expert of that subject as well as the education department The GCRT Gandhinagar Tara has aired a textbook for each student in a month and the Department of Education has planned to write the answer in it. The English textbook arrives in every primary school and the textbook reaches every primary teacher at the student's home. It has been instructed that the student will not have to come to the school during the current Koro epidemic. It will be the responsibility of the school principal to go to the student's house and give proper guidance while handing over the booklet. 

                  The student's guardian will then have to reach the school to check the textbook. The student who does not have the textbook will have to go home and check the textbook. The students will have to contact 10 to 15 students daily for telephonic guidance. R code has also been given to the student yoga Practical knowledge should also be provided by the teachers at the time of distribution of the book. This QR code includes video content pertaining to the item on the page. The student can watch the video content at home or answer the questions given in the text book easily.



                   In short, the English textbook includes a syllabus based unit for each subject so that the knowledge of each subject is equally available. Each subject teacher will have to give proper guidance to the students over the phone. The activity is planned as the student does this activity while playing and at home that the textbook completes this. 

                   Attach coloring pairs in small scale Create different pictures. Classify the activity while answering puzzle based questions in the upper primary section. So that the reasoning power of the student also develops and if the student has enough time at home now then his academic development These activities are at home so that they are not included in the textbook. After the textbook has been assessed and evaluated by the teachers, each teacher is given proper guidance on how to do the assessment. The QR code is given to each student in their classroom to determine if all the textbook resolutions have been met and the criteria has to be displayed in the online google form. Entry is mandatory so that studying the teacher's guide is also very important

ઘરે શીખીએ ધોરણ 1 

ઘરે શીખીએ ધોરણ 2

ઘરે શીખીએ ધોરણ 3

ઘરે શીખીએ ધોરણ 4

ઘરે શીખીએ ધોરણ 5

ઘરે શીખીએ ધોરણ 6

ઘરે શીખીએ ધોરણ 7

ઘરે શીખીએ ધોરણ 8

It is required that when any officer at school level asks for a textbook evaluation record at home, it is required to show it. Students are at home so that the textbook can be easily assembled and can also call the class teacher if there is any problem.



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home learning training for all teachers

 home learning training for all teachers

  Due to the outbreak of Corona epidemic in Gujarat, it was implemented from March 4. It was the turn of businesses, factories, various small and big shops as well as educational institutes to close classes etc. Lockdown. With it all the educational institutions were closed. Education work was stopped. Schools were closed. Students and students were not allowed to come to school. The Department of Education was ready to teach the children how to indirectly educate the children. The Department of Education immediately instructed them to use Microsoft to educate the children indirectly. Training for the children was also required online. 

           This is how the IDs of government employees who were attached to the education department were also generated The IDs given gave the responsibility of installing MST buses to the teachers who started the process of installing the entire scheme in the mobiles of the children who have mobile and internet facility. MS teams were the medium through which more than one The special type of training that the children could connect through video calling was given only through the msteams of the teachers. Using this training, the primary teachers from all over the state came in contact with the children. The study was also started indirectly so that the parents would not have to worry about their children's studies without wasting their children's time.

             From the new session of the year 2020, various online training for teachers has been started through Diksha Portal. GCERT Gandhinagar has issued a new letter ordering to train teachers through online Diksha Portal on home learning in which all the compulsory teachers In order to educate the children indirectly, the government was indirectly educating the children on DD Girnar channel. Various expert friends of GCERT were imparting lessons by preparing educational video content through Byseg Studio. Was successful so the state education department was working hard to find a way to improve this home learning.

   click here for watch video

                     Home learning assessment was also done by the teachers. The children called through the DD Girnar channel to see if the video was taken and follow-up was taken to see what the child learned. What video did they watch today? Who made the video? Cross verification was also done on the above and it is noted in the file. Every teacher is trying to teach the child in his own way. Local teachers are adopting new ideas. Types of educational videos are also sent to the children by making a link to the videos that have been installed so that every child can benefit from it through whatsapp group.

Home learning time table 1 January to 15 january

                     The training on Diksha Portal is designed for compulsory teachers so that every primary teacher indirectly prepares the child to impart current knowledge and understanding of the subject matter. Follow-up i.e. third party verification is required. It is also important to know from the parents of the child whether the child is actually watching the video of home learning or not. It is very important to do such a study one day. 

યોગ શિક્ષણ તાલીમ માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

The syllabus of the home learning program of the child as well as the time sheet are given in advance so that the child knows exactly which unit of the subject is to be published. But the profile can only be obtained online in four to five days

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Friday, September 18, 2020

std 6 samajik vigyan ekam 10 pruthvina aavarano

std 6 samajik vigyan ekam 10 pruthvina aavarano


         The solar family is the family of our sun. The family of the sun is the planet we will be. Earth is the planet of our body family. Earth is the only planet where sergio can live its life. On this planet humans got water, air and life in the required heat. There is no other planet that has received such an invaluable gift to our planet where we also get the water and oxygen we need but the other planet does not have such living and sufficient things so the living creatures originated only on the planet Earth. We do not know what we know but it has been found that the earth existed thousands of times when it originated it was the inventor of fire horse and gradually it cooled down over time and it evolved into liquid and solid form and slowly As the atmosphere cooled around the earth, air and earth's surface and earth's crust came into existence. Along with these crusts came huge pits filled with water and came into existence as oceans. In addition to being made in their form, it has also been found that the shepherd has come to the earth which is the first covering of the living creatures which is very important for human beings.

                      Example i.e. different i.e. the earth which is also on the earth It is said that because man can make his own home there and the human organism that lives on the land is Vrinda Vala i.e. the earthen covering which is on the surface of the earth. There are also deep pits which are known as oceans and seas and the living creatures from Mudavaran can cultivate themselves. They can set up industries. Take mineral oil. Extract mineral oil from Mudavarana. The human body also receives its own food. 

click here for watch full video

                 There is another covering which is the aquifer. Another description is given on the aquifer. Aquifer is the aquifer which is the covering of water on the earth. I.e. burn Dwarfs stop and humans are in dire need of water. If human beings cannot live without water, then this water we get from the earth and human beings, plants and animals get this water from the cover of the aquifer. This is the cover from the atmosphere. We can see that the air we are in is called the atmosphere we are in. We cannot see but we can feel it. The answer is that there are particles. 

                  The atmosphere is not colored. It is not closed. It cannot be seen. The air and the need for the living beings to survive are obtained from the mantle of the atmosphere on the earth which is different from the air and because of this atmosphere we can hear each other's voices from the waves. We can hear each other and we also experience different sounds and it doesn't get dark all of a sudden and we can only experience light and darkness because of the atmosphere if you are the environment i.e. where there is atmosphere and where there is water the three envelopes are wide and The ecosystem is the organism It still exists on Earth today where living beings i.e. humans, animals and plants derive their life necessities and food only from the environment. These covers are very important and they are an invaluable gift of the earth Because all of these coverings are being disrupted, so the natural nutrition link is in jeopardy, so human beings should act in such a way that we do not harm the priceless gift we have received on earth.

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Thursday, September 17, 2020

inspire award nomination for 2020-21 for schools

inspire award nomination for 2020-21 for schools

              Gujarat Educational Research and Training Council, Gandhinagar has given all the instructions to the district to start the process for online entry in all the primary schools of the state to nominate for the Inspire Award for the year 2020 21. Appropriate guidance has also been given for this. The Inspire Award for 2020 21 will have to be registered online and nominations have started from June 1, 2020. 

               To get this Inspire Award, like every year, this time before the separate process, it used to be that schools have to go higher to get this Inspire Award In the primary section, a student interested in science was to be selected. The name of the student was to be given along with the details of the online registration account number. The student's account number was credited with the amount of Rs. But now by changing this system the whole process of Inspire Awards has now become different Inspire Awards in schools So now a project has to be made under the subject of science by following a certain method. The project is based on case study. 

           In this project based on environmental science and technology from Bhojpuri primary department, with the help of science teacher, the student can make a proper report with pictorial information. The project has to be uploaded during the online registration of the award. The team for the Inspire Awards has verified the report and then e-mails to the school principal. 

The National Authority has taken up the issue of very low number of student registrations by the date 16 2020 which is discussed only on the email id. The Government of India has taken over the top 10 states across the country which are more in the process of registration for this Inspire Award. The state of Gujarat is not included in the list of primary schools of each CRC cluster by 2020

            The circular also provides a map of the nominations, which shows that in the current situation, very few names have come up for nominations. More and more students have been contacted and interested in mathematics. It is very important that you have a model based on the variety shown in the project so that the third party verification i.e. any official is interviewed in this matter and you have it. 

It is very important to have the nominated project when the material is requested. The entire process will be online. After the online verification, the amount fixed for the fire award will be credited to the account. Inspire Awards The process is very simple. School Personal Information is to be uploaded in B by entering the details of the student and deciding his project and After giving submission she has to keep a print out copy at school level. 

Inspire award આયોજન બાબત લેટેસ્ટ પરિપત્ર 13/9/21

             The submission code is given that print out becomes more useful when used. Science teachers will have to take special interest in this matter. You will also need to write down the details of the latest issues included in your project and, if possible, model them. The whole process for verification is quite simple so it is very important to participate in the Inspire Awards. In order to be nominated for the award, it is very important that more publicity is given by the school principals and teachers. The child's interest in science increases. Engaged in innovative activities so that the student has enough time to do research has scope and can also be unfair The teacher also needs to make a proper effort to get guidance in this matter or to get telephone guidance


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ccc exam pass karnargranTed shalaona staff ne mool tarikh thi uchchatar pagardhoran babat 16-9-2020

 ccc exam pass karnargranTed shalaona staff ne mool tarikh thi uchchatar pagardhoran babat 16-9-2020


                                 It is very necessary and compulsory for the government employees of Gujarat to pass the computer skills test to get higher salary standard as well as higher grade after passing the departmental examination so that the employees pass the computer skills test even before getting the appointment. The government has stated that even if a computer employee has not passed the computer skills test, he will not have to pass the computer skills test separately if he has passed the computer test at the same standard. In order to get higher salary standard, the employees have to make a proposal at the end of a certain job year.

                          The process of verification and verification of these two certificates is done accurately if these b Higher Salary Standard Not Approved If Entry of Certificate is not in Service Book Government Resolution 1692020 is passed to approve their higher pay scale from the date on which. 31. The salary standard should be sanctioned only in case of passing CC or CCC Plus examination conducted by government approved examination centers during 2020 and complying with various provisions for higher pay scale from time to time. Educational and non-educational in non-government aided secondary and higher secondary schools as per the provisions of 28 7 2020 It was proposed to apply the rule to the employees in this regard which was in the view of the Government.

                  Secondary and higher secondary schools which have not been able to pass the CC or CCC examination are required to pass the examination by the last date as per the new guideline of 31 12 2020. Or have passed the CCC Plus exam and the benefits of this earlier higher pay scale have to be changed from the date of passing the exam to the higher pay standard approved from the date of eligibility. Educational and other educational employees of government aided secondary and higher secondary schools It is compulsory to pass and it is very important to abide by the conditions. This scheme is implemented in all government departments whether it is education department or any other department. Higher pay scales are not approved without what is required

                             The government has also set up a separate system so that employees of all departments can pass CC or CCC Plus exams quickly. Earlier, exams could be given only through ITIs but now in all major government universities in the state like Gujarat. University Sardar Patel University Saurashtra University Gujarat Technological University South Gujarat University In the computer section of all these departments, orders have been issued to call for nominations through online registration process of government employees and to carry out the process of passing the CCC exam. Employees can apply online in the university of their life.

                    The online application has to specify the mobile number and e-mail ID so that you can know your message by sending a message on the email ID or mobile number when the exam is organized. The study of ccc exam is very simple in which Microsoft Ver Email Microsoft PowerPoint as well as typing a paragraph in Gujarati in Shruti font. Practical knowledge of such simple things is on 25th March as well as there is a theory section on 25th March. It is very important to pass in both these sections. Both the departments have to bring the mark above 25. 

   Download paripatr

                  Government employees can pass the ccc exam with more than one attempt. If an employee passes in theory and fails in practical, he can only apply online to the university for practical exam and try to pass Universities have been in the process of applying for this online application for a period of time. The result is also available to the employees on the online platform in eight to ten days. Same as where the notification is to be placed

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std 8angrej shasan ni bharat par asar samaajikvigyan

std 8angrej shasan ni bharat par asar samaajikvigyan 

                   .Friend, we know that when the newspaper comes to our house in the morning, it is full of all kinds of news, so it is often written that the revolution of the movement will happen to us. When it is not enough, we protest against it. We agitate against it. It is called revolution. We oppose it to satisfy our needs with that revolution. In the same way, such agitations have been witnessed in India till the 18th century. 

                So our India was rich but our country became miserable and ruined because of the British company government within the British rule which made it a raw material producer and its factory in England and built its huge market but raw material So children need raw materials, that is, they need small things to make something. It is called casual, like we need wood to make a pencil, and it is called raw material. He made our country poor in the same way and he himself took the prosperity of our India to his countries

             . During the British rule, farmers and agriculture were in good condition. During the rule, when they could conquer Bengal, Bihar and Orissa, they got the power to sell there. If you had taken them, you would have earned a huge income from them. You became the peasantry and the revenue. The peasantry and on their own land, when they cultivate the land, they will be given revenue instead of revenue. Cakes were taken but the farmers became so poor. They could not pay the revenue and they could not pay the revenue even by selling the jewelery themselves and the practice of usurers of co-operatives was so heavy that they could not collect the revenue so they had to cultivate the land so agriculture was also under British rule at that time. There was a time when there was a severe famine in Bengal which caused people to starve to death and at that time a British Governor General adopted a new method which was a revenue system called Jamabandhi. 

                The revenue system called Jamabandhi means that when the English company government decides to give permanent land to the landlords when there is some land and from that the company has to pay revenue every year, then such an income has become the company which has become a large class of landlords and Farmers worked hard and produced in the sun and they were exploited and you know what land revenue is, what is land revenue, that is, when we have land, we have to pay tax on it. People were exploited to collect a revenue in the time of Hastings when there were gram panchayats in small villages in our country which ruled the villages completely. At that time the British government issued a decree to salute every British in Agra and if not salute. 

                 They were punished and the Indians were forcibly converted to Islam so that people were born with the idea that these people destroyed our Indian culture and religion and us into another religion. Trying to propagate has created hatred in the hearts of the people in the same way that our Indian trade and industries in our country collapsed and during the time of the government when it comes to the industries before it is the raw material of our India. Trade in foreign countries was very good and there was a great demand in the world for good fine and fine muslin in India which also sold a lot of cloth as well as salt and it was exported and imported to India in return. Gold and silver were imported but as soon as the British government came, the situation changed. Making the glass that is in our country and people started drifting towards poverty because they did not get enough money, our industries collapsed and all the small glass vessel metal textile industries of the people were destroyed. 

click here for video

                 The artisans became unemployed and the British became rich. Due to our British government, the handicraft industries that we had were destroyed and the industries were closed down. So people are against the British government every day. They are skeptical of the reforms. The British government did the reforms but they did it for their benefit but it was also beneficial for us. But the conservatives looked at it with suspicion because William Bentick when the Indian government With the development of England when he became the Governor General of India, he made some shameful reforms in Hindi against Hindi and Indians were also given a place in the administration of the Senting Company. Indians also had to use their mother tongue to seek justice. But gave leave and at the same time introduced to them the practice of sati practice sati practice in 1829 which was against it was the custom of sati practice to stop it

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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

vidhyarthee vigyam manthan 2020 registration for 6 to 11 std

what is vidhyarthee vigyan manthan ?

 GCERT Gandhinagar has published a notification to all District Education and Training Bhavan on 1192020 to involve students in science vigyan manthan 2020 21 Science Talent Search Examination by Vigyan Prasar New Delhi and A notification has been issued to give this exam to the students. The Director has also given guidance in this regard and instructed to give this science dissemination exam so that more and more students can join this exam and bring out their dormant powers and cultivate interest in science. Is given

                Vigyan Manthan 2021 Science Talent Search Examination has been organized by Vigyan Prasar New Delhi so that the students of Std. Students of primary schools as well as secondary schools as well as higher secondary schools have been instructed to give this Science Student Manthan 2020 exam. The medium of this exam will be Gujarati so that no student will have any problem to take the exam and special instruction has been given to give this exam at any place. The student does not have to go. The student will be able to take the exam at home. That is, since it is an open book exam, the student is not going to take the exam at any place at the examination center. Office of Student Science Manthan to ensure that students can register online till September 30. Students will have to register on the Yale website and will also have to pay a fee of Rs. 100 to encourage the students to perform at their best in this exam. Various certificates as well as medals and cash prizes have also been announced

 What is the benefit of participating in student vigyan manthan 2020 exam?

Since the students of Std. 9 to 11 are going to take part in this student vigyan manthan 2020 examination, the interest towards science increases in the child from an early age.

 Students are attracted to science and are engaged in new research activities

 The student starts thinking towards the science subject and also develops the habit of doing new research.

Click here

Vidhyarthee vigyan manthan registration video

Click here for download notification 

 The student is in the process of learning more and more about science and technology.

 The power of thought develops and the dormant power flourishes in it

 He develops the habit of discovering new things every day

 Such educational matters are updated daily on my blog so please visit our blog. Thank you very much for visiting our blog.

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shri ram chandra mission sahyog thee 9 to 12 standard essy writting compitition thought education department

 shri ram chandra mission sahyog thee 9 to 12 standard essy writting compitition thought education department

                     . The Gujarat Council of Educational Elementary State Project Director's Office has notified all the District Primary Education Officers that under the Shri Ramchandra Mission Scheme, the United Nations Information Center and the first ever essay competition has been organized. In the time of epidemic, students are studying at home through home learning. They have enough space and time to do various activities, so make good use of this time to develop their inner strengths and get various active knowledge children through Shri Ramchandra Mission. The essay competition has been organized by this NGO for the last 15 years. 

                  This year the trust has organized the Heartfulness Essay Writing Competition 2020. There are two sections of this essay writing competition in which students of Std. 8 to 12 participate in one section. As well as sex essays for students vs. The subject of part one is Thought Pollution of All Is which will be the subject of the essay. You have to write the essay in your own words in a fundamental way. You don't have to write with the help of any book. In order to participate in the drawing program 2020, the first thing to do is to open the web browser of young web browser with the help of mobile or computer with internet facility and on it the schools have to fill in the required information of their students and process the registration.

                 After leaving the schools will be given a unique code number. Students will have to upload their essay writing using Unicode font. After uploading the student will also get a message on his mobile number as well as email id number which will confirm. Detailed information is provided along with the circular for the results, names and various details of the students whose parents, teachers and 9:30 Management will study it thoroughly and prepare the students for it. Students will be encouraged to write essays. Successful students will be rewarded. 

                  The cash amount will be used for their work. Students will study and do various activities at home during school hours This platform is an appropriate essay writing competition so that more and more students from Std. 9 to Std. 12 can participate and create their own bright future. It is very important to write an essay within the best 500 words, submit it on the website and nominate it and encourage other students to do the same. The message is to spread the message to more and more students. As well as lack of proper guidance, brilliant students miss out on these various types of competitions. Students are thankful if timely messages and adequate guidance are given to the students by the teachers. Students are able to do a good job of writing free essay writing. The student will be able to write more and more essays as he has more and more vocabulary.

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Participating in these competitions will keep the children active. In future such essay competitions will involve more word activity. Students' inner dormant power will change. Khil se student's writing style will change. In addition, he will improve his character. He will get in the habit of writing any small detail in detail and he will become proficient in essay writing.

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Monday, September 14, 2020

covid 19 leave apply for teachers approve subject

 Can government employees get leave if they have corona?

           At present there is a growing trend in the whole of India as well as in the state of Gujarat that it is very important to be careful because even a small mistake at any time can make people feel heavy. At present all the educational institutions are closed. The office has given a clear message to the teachers that it is not appropriate to be present in the school with 90% of the staff at a time when the schools are closed due to the epidemic of corona. 

            It is also not possible for the full staff to be present in the school. The government needs to retire as there have been various reports of coronavirus infection in primary school staff as well. The government is in the moment with the news of coronavirus positive on TV. The coronavirus has spread around the world. In such a situation, the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Health, Government of India and the State Government Department It is very important to follow all these guidelines to control the spread of Corona virus. As the transmission of Novel Corona virus is on the rise,

             it is important to take precautions and take appropriate steps to prevent the spread of the disease by the government as well as the health department. All the primary school and school staff under the office are required to perform the various functions correctly. Government employees on duty in various primary schools are instructed to seek the approval of the government employee at his head office as follows.

             The following are some of the things a government employee has to take care of while studying on duty during that time to get treatment at home. If any school employee is infected with coronavirus, he / she must first inform the Taluka Primary Education Officer in writing and inform the Taluka Primary Education Officer in writing. Provide detailed information on the subject and proof of ongoing treatment at home The headmaster will also have to take some action such as if the employee has come to stay in the arji form of isolation, his recommendation will have to be reported in writing to the Taluka Primary Education Officer's office through him as well as self-declaration at the time of leave sanction.


  It is also very important that the employee or any member of his / her family should keep a certified copy of the positive report of Coro with the certificate application of the medical bill. All these administrative matters should be sent to the taluka office through the headmaster of the center. Must be delivered with live account on the basis of Medical Certificate. Any employee who is on duty in the online presence as well as in the attendance register will have to enter the hospital or stay at home for treatment if there is any problem or need further guidance. The Taluka Primary Education Officer has to be contacted in this regard. If he has to be admitted in the hospital for more than the stipulated time, he has to take more leave than the number of days sanctioned. If the head teacher of the school has to be informed again in advance so that the taluka can forward it to the primary education officer. In order to prevent the spread of the Pune virus, it is not only good that such teachers do not come to the school but other fellow teacher friends can also be positive. Friends will also have to take special care that Corona


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std 7 samajik vigyan unit 15 rajy sarakar

 std 7 samajik vigyan unit 15 rajy sarakar

  We go to our school and the school has different classes of different standards. How is the administration of classes when there is no education in the class? For those who know the arrangement of the class, we know that there are fairs of different ministers. Years of Sanitation Caste You will be the Minister of Management and Decoration because it is through the election in our class that we release them. The children who get more votes happen as ministers. In the same way, if we live in an Indian country, what can such a big country do? So it is the work of one person and this is the different states of our India. There are many cities and villages in our state. 

              If the administration of this state is also coming, then we are holding elections for that too. Through it we run the state system. Even in our state, one can govern well, work in the interest of the people and for the development of the people and the state, we release a good person. The state has an MLA. So its function is to govern the state effectively and best and to develop the people just as there is an executive meeting of the state which enforces the law and when the king has a judiciary that punishes those who break the law we divide the state government into three parts. Works Legislative Executive and Judiciary

                    Local government is also seen in our state i.e. there are gram panchayats in the village. Taluka panchayat is found in the taluka. District panchayat is found in the district. This local government is what we see through elections. We have democracy in our state. The candidate is elected by the people by the people and through them they have maintained the system of our state while the municipality and the corporation have the body of the local self-government of the city. 

            The formation and role of the state government is that our country has a large population in India. So how different governments are seen in different states, Delhi and Jammu and Kashmir are special states and our country has two types of government, the nation and the state nation, that is, the central government and the state government, the state has two types and meetings, such as Vidhan Parishad and Vidhan Parishad and Vidhan Parishad His defeat Maharaj Uttar Pradesh Karnataka Telangana Andhra Pradesh is the only Vidhan Parishad in the state. Mick leaves higher secondary teachers for the constituency and if we want to be a member of the Legislative Council we must be citizens of India for 30 years or more. The Legislative Council is never abolished. 

                     It is a permanent house and has a term of six years and one third Members retire in two years. If there is no Legislative Council in Gujarat, then there is a Legislative Assembly, then the lower house of the Legislative Assembly is the Legislative Assembly, while the upper house of the Legislative Assembly is known as the Legislative Council. The number of Legislative Assemblies cannot be maximum. Must be 3 years of age or older and should not be a candidate of a government body or a criminal or mentally retarded. Every state in India has a legislature and divisions are divided into different areas and the candidate is elected by the constituency and its seats.

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                    The 12 seats in the Legislative Assembly belong to Gujarat and people hold elections every five years in which the candidate is released and the Chief Minister of his state is made up of the Chief Minister and the Kak. The Legislative Assembly is formed and the various reforms and additions of our state have been done by the candidates for the better development of the state in the interest of the people.

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Saturday, September 12, 2020

std 7 unit 10 social science -paryavaran na ghatako ane aantar sambadho

The interrelationships between the components of the environment

      We know that we live on the planet Earth. We have a wonderful earth. It is the Sun family. The whole family is one of its planets and our planet has received an invaluable gift where the environment is found. We know what we call the environment. Everything we see around us is called the environment. The environment is a two-word thing. So the environment is all the elements around us on the earth. The environment is the environment. What is the difference between the environment, such as the soil, the aquatic environment and life? 

             The soil that we live in builds our house and we get our necessities from the example which includes the land on which we do farming. The example is and the aquifer that is on the water. The water part is six The oceans, the oceans, the rivers, the lakes, the dams, everything is there and it is also a very important cover for human beings. The atmosphere is the atmosphere. All this is the atmosphere through which we can hear each other's voices. 

               Through the waves we can hear and see television radio and from the atmosphere we also experience light and heat. The environment includes all of us where the ecosystem is the lord of development where living beings can get what they need. He said that there are two types of environment, children. What has been obtained from the natural environment is judge and inorganic i.e. we are living beings human beings are animals living beings are insects all are biological components and inorganic components i.e. land water air etc. are examples of natural environment while others Environment The desert is the manas application which was created by human beings. The last one was created by the Buddha.

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             It is called man-made environment. There has been a lot of evolution on earth so in earlier times we know that primitive man lived a nomadic life but gradually as man changed his mind, new discoveries were made and gradually the discovery of farming cycle was revolution and big industries and factories. As the area of ​​water distribution increases, we see that 71% of the water distribution on the surface is surrounded by water, so there is interaction between different components of the environment and each component is interdependent but human beings are at the center. Working

      Due to the use of elements of human environment as well as its excessive need due to its mines and excessive pollution from all inventions. Human land pollution is due to land pollution for its own needs. There is clean water on the land due to water and all that has been lost. Due to not throwing solid waste on it, the soil has become dirty and due to soil pollution, the cultivable land has also become polluted and because of this we do not get pure cultivable food. We should stop the pollution of this land by reducing the use of chemical and pesticides and use biological and indigenous fertilizers and use painkillers. Plastic waste should be made usable and drip irrigation should be used. Water pollution is spreading a lot of pollution in human waterways as well. Contaminated water from sewage industries There is also water pollution due to vehicles so that the living creatures that are insects are living, the fish are being harmed and the pure water which is not drinkable then we should prevent water pollution. Pollution industries Air pollution due to smoke from mills is increasing so that the particles flying in the air form carbon particles. Buddy and pollutes the air which is also a difficult factor for human breathing which causes diseases so we should reduce air pollution and reduce the use of smoke fumes in the air.

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Friday, September 11, 2020

school sports teacher nodel officer nimanook babat gr

 Matter of providing information on appointment of nodal teacher for sports and related activities at school level

                     Various activities in schools under Gujarat State Primary Education Department Gandhinagar remain active for the successful students to get knowledge. Work is done in every primary school of Gujarat on the basis of various notifications of Gujarat Education Department. Recently, the office of State Projector Director Shri Gandhinagar under the entire Education Department of the state. 

                    The District Project Coordinators and District Primary Education Officers of all the districts were instructed to appoint a nodal teacher of sports and various related activities at the school level. Since the launch of Fit India Movement Khelo India in schools, every primary The students of the schools are participating and making a name for themselves at the state level. Along with the state government, the central government is also allocating various grants to cultivate interest in sports in primary schools. Baby play by providing sports equipment It is very important for children to be active not only in education but also in sports. Today we see that the people of Gujarat are in the forefront in activities like volleyball and cricket and have won gold medals in various fields to manage all these activities.

                It is very important to have a sports teacher in schools to promote the culture of sports as well as to identify the skills of the students in the rural areas from December 2017 through the Ministry of Sports, Government of India. The program was launched. The main aspect of this Khelo India will be to maintain the physical health of the children going to school. Various children of the state are studying in the primary schools. The health of the working children and teachers is maintained. Organizing children develops special abilities. If they have a talent for sports, they also know that it is in the right direction. Can be further enhanced and can move from a young athlete to an ideal athlete. 

                 Children develop physical strength as well as various qualities which will benefit them in the future. Large sports facilities are also being provided in the schools. To keep proper record of all these sports activities, one of the teachers of the school is a nodal teacher of a teacher who is associated with BPED sports and is well versed in various sports activities. In this regard, all government primary schools are required to appoint a nodal teacher. All the details have to be filled and Google Chrome has to be posted. It is very important to fill in the details accurately as in the upcoming Khelo India and Fit India program this no. dal Sports teacher as well as head teacher information will be required as it will also require various types of training so the login ID and password will be generated based on the information filled in the google form so all the details are filled carefully even under India program whenever registration starts. This information will be used at school level as well. .

nodel teacher temaj aachary online test precticle video

              In order to keep the interest of the children in Kherpur sports activities in the last five weeks of the week, the children came to the school and more and more took interest in sports activities. There are more and more women who have brought various gold medals so it is very important that girls also make a name for themselves in the country in these various sports. After the teacher fills in all the details correctly, all the details of Google will also be registered on the school email id.



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Thursday, September 10, 2020



                        Right to Free and Compulsory Primary Education for Children In this regard, the law passed by the Government of India under the RTE Act 2006 and the provision for children between the ages of 8 and 12 to study are applicable as well as compulsory and free education for children from the academic year 2020 21. According to the Education Act 2006 and 2012, especially the children from weaker and disadvantaged groups can study for free in non-subsidized private primary schools of the state. In this way, 5% admission has to be given in Std-1. 
                       The difficulties encountered in the process and the verbal representations received from the parents by the education department as well as the suggestions received from the various staff officers involved in this operation for the admission process of 25% parents in standard one under Arti were all taken into consideration by the Gandhinagar Primary Education Directorate. By amending the Right to Free and Compulsory Education for Children Act 2017 and the children of weaker groups in the state's private primary schools in standard one. Details have been provided by the State Government with amendments for effective implementation of the provisions for free admission of 5%.

                     This rule is applicable to all the private primary schools under RTE in the state. If any private primary school refuses to give admission to the children of disadvantaged group of the state at its discretion, there are also provisions to impose appropriate penalty on them. The following children may be included in the disadvantaged group
                        Children who are orphans, that is, children who do not have parents, children who need to be cared for, children who live in a child's room from an early age, children who migrate, children who are martyred, children who go to the military, children who are the only children of parents The children studying in that Anganwadi should be included in the deprived group only to get admission in private schools in Std-1 free of cost. After deducting the number of children, the system of fixing the place according to its 25 per cent is applicable.       

                           In the academic year 2019, except the full number of students admitted by that school, 5 per cent children have to be fixed for RTE admission. Since no less study, O can be included in non-subsidized private primary schools under RTE. Performance of District Primary Education Officer's guidance wherever there is a Govt

Some special instructions for admission
                        An official web portal has been launched for admission under RTE. Fill in the required details in the online application and get a print of it. Joining all the grounds applicable during working days, it is proposed to submit the application at the Receiving Center declared by the District Primary Education Officer. If there is no proof with the example of the applicable competent authority then the application will be considered valid and only the guidelines issued by the Director of Primary Education will be valid and final. Parents should keep in view the distance limit of the schools where their board of residence is applicable according to the place of residence of the parents. Priority of the category for admission should be given according to the order of priority of the school selected by the parents. If not completed, such a child cannot be admitted to the school Students seeking admission will not be admitted

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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

samayik kasoti time table september 2020

  ekam kasoti September 2020 month timetable


 Gujarat State Education Department's leading Gujarati Education Research and Training Council Gandhinagar is organizing various activities to increase the educational readiness of teachers and children of all primary schools in the state. So that the teacher friends can give appropriate justice to their students in the classroom. The subject matter is knowledge but different ideas on how to present it to the students are provided to the teachers by the expert friends of GCERT. In the same way that various aspects of how to present are taught to teachers by expert friends, for the last two years Rajinikanth has been conducting unit tests every fortnight in schools to regularize their studies to increase their academic readiness. 

                No unit tests to do better with good results Good planning is being done by GCERT. This periodic assessment test for students of Std. 3 to 8 was earlier delivered to Dil Rajvi Primary Schools by GCERT and a copy of the question paper was to be given to the children by the same school grant na kharch. The children also had to answer the entire assessment in Krishna Patra. Sex began to improve and the form of the question paper was taken as a unit test booklet. In the situation where educational institutions are closed in the state due to the current Corona epidemic, the state has been conducting home learning medium for children in the state since June through textbooks and virtual classes as well as unit tests. 

time table download from here

                 In which the unit test booklet was given from the state education department which was delivered to the students from door to door in July In the first question paper of the month, at the beginning the teachers went to the house of all the students and gave the question paper and the periodic assessment test was held. The periodical assessment test to be taken should include separate important issues and suggestions. The periodic assessment test will be taken from 26th to 30th September and hard copy will be delivered to the students by 2592020. All the periodical assessment test question papers of standard 6 to 8 will also be uploaded on the official website of gcert on 2020. Students will also be able to download from there. The writing work will have to be done internally. The support unit of any other textbook will have to be taken while writing the test. Why not? Answer Book  Parents of all primary school students should insist that they be given in the school by 2020. Earlier in the day all students have to do writing work as per the instruction of District Primary Education Officer. 

               Gujarati medium students in Gujarati in Hindi. According to the media, writing should be done. Good character writing work should be done. The unit test booklet is checked while giving it in the school. It is very important to write the unit test well and maintain it. This unit test is designed keeping in mind the different learning outcomes of the child. The marks have to be completed so that the process of filling in the marks table after the verification process is very simple A simple Daka app of road scanning has been developed to get the list of moves from the latest equipment given. It is the responsibility of the school teachers and the teacher friend in the classroom to see that the question marks are scanned through the Sir Data app. More education happens than friends      

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national education policy2020 in gujarati

national education policy 2020 in gujarati

                  Government of India MHRD Ministry of National Education Policy Government of India has introduced a new policy 2020 which has also been published in Gujarati version which will make everyone in the state aware of every issue of the upcoming new National Education Policy starting from state primary schools to Anganwadis. The National Education Policy has been published on the issue of changing the rules of teaching from university to university. After nearly five years of in-depth discussions, the new National Education Policy has been implemented following the advice and suggestions of millions of expert friends. People living in different states of the country with different ideologies are giving different opinions on this national education policy and are thinking on different grounds. 

                  This new national education policy is bound to benefit the country a lot in the coming days. With the new look to be unveiled, the appropriate global standards have also been set. It seemed imperative to radically change India's education system. The government now needs to move beyond 10 and two structures in the school syllabus to five and three and three and four and set a new standard in education. 

             The way of learning becomes easier and faster. It is only when it is made necessary for children to study in their mother tongue till the fifth standard that the understanding of children will develop because the child thinks only in his mother tongue. It was important when the national education policy changed this method and how to get the child is considered to be the most important thing. Emphasis is placed on learning. A child's knowledge is based on a discussion based on a child's learning. It is linked to a child's learning. Watching will increase the child's learning as well as his participation in the classroom. 

            It is also imperative that every student in the state and the country get equal opportunity in this regard. This new national education policy also takes into account the special needs of all such students. Anyone can leave at any place voluntarily and return to their own court. The matter of being able to learn according to the effectiveness of one's work is included in this national education policy

                The new national education policy is going to be very useful for expanding the study of students National Education Policy has been formulated. Children have been laid down not only education based on Gokhanpatti but play education and memorable education has been taken into consideration here. The government has said that it is committed to implement a new national education policy for children. It is very important that the University School College Education Board will start the process of dialogue with different states. Continue to discuss this national education policy. Organize various seminars. Decide strategies. Determine the outline and link the research with the Ministry of Human Resource Development. This new national education policy is going to be very useful to the present generation. 

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            It is to enable human beings to develop a just society. And a new national education policy is a basic requirement to give a new dimension to the development of the nation. In the next decade, India will have the youngest population in the world so we all have a responsibility to provide them with high quality education from now on. The world is changing rapidly. Global machine learning wiki. Technological advances. Machines have started working instead of unskilled workers. Data science, computer science, mathematics, etc. Various researches will have to be done to combat infectious diseases. Research in various fields of medical science will also have to increase the connectivity of nights with each other.         

નવી રાષ્ટ્રીય શિક્ષણ નીતિ 2020 પ્રમાણે ધોરણ 10 અને 12 માં બોર્ડ પરીક્ષા બાબત સ્પષ્ટતાં

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