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Saturday, September 12, 2020

std 7 unit 10 social science -paryavaran na ghatako ane aantar sambadho

The interrelationships between the components of the environment

      We know that we live on the planet Earth. We have a wonderful earth. It is the Sun family. The whole family is one of its planets and our planet has received an invaluable gift where the environment is found. We know what we call the environment. Everything we see around us is called the environment. The environment is a two-word thing. So the environment is all the elements around us on the earth. The environment is the environment. What is the difference between the environment, such as the soil, the aquatic environment and life? 

             The soil that we live in builds our house and we get our necessities from the example which includes the land on which we do farming. The example is and the aquifer that is on the water. The water part is six The oceans, the oceans, the rivers, the lakes, the dams, everything is there and it is also a very important cover for human beings. The atmosphere is the atmosphere. All this is the atmosphere through which we can hear each other's voices. 

               Through the waves we can hear and see television radio and from the atmosphere we also experience light and heat. The environment includes all of us where the ecosystem is the lord of development where living beings can get what they need. He said that there are two types of environment, children. What has been obtained from the natural environment is judge and inorganic i.e. we are living beings human beings are animals living beings are insects all are biological components and inorganic components i.e. land water air etc. are examples of natural environment while others Environment The desert is the manas application which was created by human beings. The last one was created by the Buddha.

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             It is called man-made environment. There has been a lot of evolution on earth so in earlier times we know that primitive man lived a nomadic life but gradually as man changed his mind, new discoveries were made and gradually the discovery of farming cycle was revolution and big industries and factories. As the area of ​​water distribution increases, we see that 71% of the water distribution on the surface is surrounded by water, so there is interaction between different components of the environment and each component is interdependent but human beings are at the center. Working

      Due to the use of elements of human environment as well as its excessive need due to its mines and excessive pollution from all inventions. Human land pollution is due to land pollution for its own needs. There is clean water on the land due to water and all that has been lost. Due to not throwing solid waste on it, the soil has become dirty and due to soil pollution, the cultivable land has also become polluted and because of this we do not get pure cultivable food. We should stop the pollution of this land by reducing the use of chemical and pesticides and use biological and indigenous fertilizers and use painkillers. Plastic waste should be made usable and drip irrigation should be used. Water pollution is spreading a lot of pollution in human waterways as well. Contaminated water from sewage industries There is also water pollution due to vehicles so that the living creatures that are insects are living, the fish are being harmed and the pure water which is not drinkable then we should prevent water pollution. Pollution industries Air pollution due to smoke from mills is increasing so that the particles flying in the air form carbon particles. Buddy and pollutes the air which is also a difficult factor for human breathing which causes diseases so we should reduce air pollution and reduce the use of smoke fumes in the air.

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