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Friday, September 11, 2020

school sports teacher nodel officer nimanook babat gr

 Matter of providing information on appointment of nodal teacher for sports and related activities at school level

                     Various activities in schools under Gujarat State Primary Education Department Gandhinagar remain active for the successful students to get knowledge. Work is done in every primary school of Gujarat on the basis of various notifications of Gujarat Education Department. Recently, the office of State Projector Director Shri Gandhinagar under the entire Education Department of the state. 

                    The District Project Coordinators and District Primary Education Officers of all the districts were instructed to appoint a nodal teacher of sports and various related activities at the school level. Since the launch of Fit India Movement Khelo India in schools, every primary The students of the schools are participating and making a name for themselves at the state level. Along with the state government, the central government is also allocating various grants to cultivate interest in sports in primary schools. Baby play by providing sports equipment It is very important for children to be active not only in education but also in sports. Today we see that the people of Gujarat are in the forefront in activities like volleyball and cricket and have won gold medals in various fields to manage all these activities.

                It is very important to have a sports teacher in schools to promote the culture of sports as well as to identify the skills of the students in the rural areas from December 2017 through the Ministry of Sports, Government of India. The program was launched. The main aspect of this Khelo India will be to maintain the physical health of the children going to school. Various children of the state are studying in the primary schools. The health of the working children and teachers is maintained. Organizing children develops special abilities. If they have a talent for sports, they also know that it is in the right direction. Can be further enhanced and can move from a young athlete to an ideal athlete. 

                 Children develop physical strength as well as various qualities which will benefit them in the future. Large sports facilities are also being provided in the schools. To keep proper record of all these sports activities, one of the teachers of the school is a nodal teacher of a teacher who is associated with BPED sports and is well versed in various sports activities. In this regard, all government primary schools are required to appoint a nodal teacher. All the details have to be filled and Google Chrome has to be posted. It is very important to fill in the details accurately as in the upcoming Khelo India and Fit India program this no. dal Sports teacher as well as head teacher information will be required as it will also require various types of training so the login ID and password will be generated based on the information filled in the google form so all the details are filled carefully even under India program whenever registration starts. This information will be used at school level as well. .

nodel teacher temaj aachary online test precticle video

              In order to keep the interest of the children in Kherpur sports activities in the last five weeks of the week, the children came to the school and more and more took interest in sports activities. There are more and more women who have brought various gold medals so it is very important that girls also make a name for themselves in the country in these various sports. After the teacher fills in all the details correctly, all the details of Google will also be registered on the school email id.



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