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Friday, December 31, 2021

MANI (Mobile Aided Note Identifier) by RBI for Visually Impaired.

 MANI (Mobile Aided Note Identifier) by RBI for Visually Impaired.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has been sensitive to the challenges faced by the visually challenged in conducting their day to day business with Indian banknotes. MANI will aid the visually impaired to identify the denomination of Indian banknotes of Mahatma Gandhi Series and Mahatma Gandhi (New) series by capturing the image of the notes placed in front of rear mobile camera. The application will generate audio and non-sonic notification intimating the currency note denomination to the user.


ગુજરાત ગૌણ સેવા પસંદગી મંડળ નો હવાલો હવે એ કે રાકેશ સંભાળશે વધુ વિગત વાંચો

MANI utilizes the underlying Talkback feature of Android phones to help visually impaired users to interact with their mobile phone.

આંતર જિલ્લા પંચાયત ક્રિકેટ ટુર્નામેન્ટનું આયોજન કરવા બાબત લેટેસ્ટ પરિપત્ર તારીખ 5 1 2022

Disclaimer – MANI is made available by the RBI at no cost for the guidance of the visually challenged persons in identifying the denomination of Indian Banknotes. The RBI nor any of its authorities nor agencies nor officers nor employees nor advisors give any warranty or make any representation, express or implied, as to the completeness or accuracy of the results given by the application, 

ઇન્કમ ટેક્સ ભરવામાં મોડું થઈ ગયું હોય તો આ રીતે લેટ ફી ભરવામાં થી બચો

which may vary on account of difference in conditions, including but not limited to, light, soilage condition of the banknotes and interference from nearby objects. Users may exercise discretion and supplement the results of the app by checking the denomination through other ways of note identification. 

ઓફલાઇન શિક્ષણનો આગ્રહ રાખવો નહી, ઓનલાઇન શિક્ષણનો વિકલ્પ આપવો- શિક્ષણ મંત્રી જોવા મટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

જાન્યુઆરી 2022 સેવાપોથી પગાર બાંધણી ચકાસણી અર્થે મોકલવા બાબત

The RBI does not take any responsibility, and no claim shall lie against the RBI, for the results of the application and for any decisions taken by the users based on the said results. By downloading, accessing or using this application, you signify your assent to this disclaimer. This mobile application does not check or authenticate the genuineness of Indian Banknotes.

સ્કૂલો બંધ કરવા બાબત આજનો લેટેસ્ટ ન્યૂઝ રિપોર્ટ જુઓ

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Thursday, December 30, 2021

Happy new year photo frame 2022||photo editor app

 Make new year photo frames and greetings to wish happy new year 2022

Hope your New Year is full of victory, health, joy and, prosperity. Wish you Happy New Year 2022!!!

Happy New Year 2022 Photo Frame app lets you to create more attractive and stunning HD quality new year photo frames which also contains amazing new year wishes 2022 and new year photos greetings to send to your beloved ones for the happy new year celebrations.

Happy New Year Photo Editor 2022 application contains lot of photo effects to makes your photo more beautiful and attractive with happy new year photo cards for this happy new years celebration. Happy New Year photo frame is a completely free new year photo frame 2022 app which consumes less memory and also the best new year photo editor 2022 app to use in your smartphones.

By using our new happy new year photo frame 2022 (or) New Year Wishes 2022 application which you can create your own Predefined Frames, Profile Frames and also contains new year greetings 2022 and new year gif 2022 to wish friends and beloved one on this special day by using our free HD quality happy new year 2022 photo frames and backgrounds.


Predefined Frames :-

Our New Year Photo Frame 2022 (or) Happy New Year app contains colourful and modern designed new year's photo frames along with new years wishes, happy new year quotes, a happy new year 2022 messages for your entire 2022 photo frame new celebrations.


Profile Frames :-

Create your own new year's photo frame with amazing happy new year dp maker contains new year photo frames and 2022 photo frame new images. Happy New Year app is the best happy new year photo editor 2022 with the beautiful  happy new year fireworks, happy new year parties with our photo new year the best new years frames to make this new year 2022 countdown more special with new year 2022 wallpaper / happy new year celebration celebrations.

Greetings & GIFs:-

This Happy New Year Photo Card app which contains awesome New Year Wishes 2022 and Greetings & GIFS. Make this new year 2022 more special by wishing your friends and beloved ones with your unique new year photos greetings contains nicely designed happy new year parties, new year 2021 quotes and new year photos greetings.

Happy New Year 2022 message celebrations with our new year photo maker 2022 app contains new year's photo frames to make awesome new year 2022 countdown photo frames. Make your new year's photos more decorative with our happy new year photo editor 2021 with wonderful and colourful new year photo frames. Make your own new year dp maker using our new year app 2021 and get your photo an amazing look.

Save & Share:-

Share this new year's photo with your friends, relatives and beloved ones and greet them with our new year app 2022!!!

Features of our Happy New Year Photo Frame 2022 App :-

20+ Pre Designed and Profile HD quality beautiful & colorful happy new year 2022 photo frames.

*20+ Happy New Year Greetings 2022 & new year gif 2022 to send new year wishes to your beloved ones.

*20+ Face Color effects to apply into your happy new year's photo frames.

*Flip to change to fit your image horizontally into new year photo frame 2022.

*Easy Gesture to fit images properly into new year farm 2022 using your fingers tips.

How to Use:-

1.Take image from camera (or) gallery using Happy New Year Photo Frame 2022 App.

2.Crop the image using Super-Cropping Tool.

3.Select Predefined frames (or) Profile frames to apply high quality happy new year 2022 photo frames.

4.Easy Gesture to fit your image properly into happy new year photo frame 2022.

5.Apply different types of color face effects, image flip feature to Happy New Year Photo Maker 2022 Frames.

6.Use Happy New Year Greetings 2022 and new year gif 2022 to send wishes to your beloved ones.

7. Save and Share your images in social media networks.

Download application click here

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Maths science fair by Gcert||2021 22

 Maths science fair by Gcert||2021 22

Mathematical Science Exhibition 2021 All children are eager and able to learn naturally. Children learn instinctively and they gain knowledge through their activity.  Increases one's knowledge by combining ideas with previous knowledge and ideas about their objects and activities. 

Activities, experiments, techniques, modules and importance are given to encourage creativity and invention in science and mathematics.  Exhibitions organized by institutes at district level, zonal level, regional level as well as state level in the previous year are coordinated by all states and Union Territories Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti  In the national level exhibition b  This year in 2021 also CRC BRC and Mathematics-Science Exhibition from District level to State level will be held.

 🎲Provide children with a medium for their innate curiosity and creativity where they can explore their language of knowledge.

 👉To make children realize science in the activities taking place around them and to inspire them to acquire knowledge and solve various problems in the process of learning from the physical and social environment.

 👉Analyze how science and techno have evolved and see the effects of different individuals, cultures and societies on it

 👉Appreciate and appreciate the role of science and mathematics in finding new solutions in areas such as food production process, biotechnology, pollution free energy information and exchange technology, disaster management, transportation, astronomy, sports and tackling the problems of climate change.

👉 Children are naturally inquisitive and constructive about their environmental issues if they are constantly engaged in solving common problems and creating new ideas.  We too can prepare our children for the challenges of tomorrow

ગણિત વિજ્ઞાન પ્રદર્શન 2021 22માટેની નમુના models નિર્માણ માટે માર્ગદર્શિકા

વિજ્ઞાન - ગણિત - પર્યાવરણ પ્રદર્શન CRC કક્ષા એ 12 જાન્યુઆરી સુધી પૂર્ણ  નો લેટર ડાઉનલોડ કરવા અહી ક્લિક કરો

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Call Recording ||auto record 2021


Call Recording Works Well For Any Android Phone.

Automatic Call Recorder is a simple and smart auto telephone voice recorder for all android phones like Samsung S20, S10, S9, Android Pie, Android 10... to easily get phone recorded from both sides with clear voice anytime.  
Our App is globally available helping thousands of users to record phone calls.

Automatic Call Recorder Features
Phone Call Recording
✔Auto record any incoming & outgoing calls
✔Clear HD quality recording on both sides
✔Enable/Disable call recording to your needs 
✔Play recorded calls anytime 
✔Quick search recordings

Special List
✔Add numbers to the special list, set the “Default record” to “special list”
✔You will be able to only record calls between these numbers

Share & Manage Recordings
✔ Share recording to anyone via social apps
✔ Delete, rename telephone recording
✔Get all caller detail from recordings

Add Recordings to Favorites
✔ Add important phone call recording to favorites
✔ Helpful for your business & life

Multiple Audio Formats & Source
✔ Supports AMR, WAV, AAC, MP3 to record
✔ Supports auto, own voice, opponent voice etc
✔ More phone recording formats coming soon

પગાર બાંધણી ચકાસણી અર્થે સો ટકા સર્વિસ બૂક દરેક જિલ્લામાંથી મોકલવા બાબત લેટેસ્ટ પરિપત્ર

Back up to The Cloud
✔ Automatically back up your telephone recordings to the cloud

50 % શિક્ષકો સાથે શાળા ચાલુ રાખવા બાબત રજૂઆત

App Lock
✔ Set your recordings to private mode
✔ Easy to find your passwords when forget

Voice Recorder
✔ Record voice notes and memos
✔ Edit, delete, backup, playback, share the voice recordings through social apps

આવનારી વિવિધ સરકારી ભરતીઓ માં દિવ્યાંગતા ની ટકાવારી નક્કી કરવા બાબત લેટેસ્ટ પરિપત્ર

★ More Special Features in Automatic Call Recorder
✔ Lighting fast speed with smooth experience 
✔ Simple to operate and use
✔ Material Design User Interface
✔ Shows caller data on Home Page
✔ First phone call recorder with no restrictions on length of call recording
✔ Less RAM Consumption  (Call Recorder works in background)
✔ Small APK Size
✔ Less Power Consumption

Click here download application

This call recorder pro app works on phone like:
Samsung Galaxy S20, S10, S9
Samsung Galaxy Note10, Note9
Samsung Galaxy A30, A20, A10
Samsung Galaxy J7, J6, J2...

કોરોના વેક્સિન પ્રમાણપત્રના આધારે જ પ્રવેશ આપવા બાબત સરકારનો ઓફિસિઆલ પરિપત્ર તા.૩૧/૧૨/૨૦૨૧

ગુજરાતના દિવ્યાંગ બાળકો માટે શિક્ષણ મંત્રી નો મોટો નિર્ણય હવે મળશે લાભ

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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

WAStickerApps Happy new year 2022

 WAStickerApps Happy new year 2022

Hello, on the occasion of the New Year approaching, we present to you the most beautiful application dedicated to Happy New Year stickers.

The application contains a large number of diverse and different posters that are sent to congratulate and bless on the occasion of the New Year

* An easy-to-use application that provides you with a variety of beautiful stickers.

*Happy New Year Stickers

* Posters 2022

* Special congratulations stickers

*gift stickers with congratulations

*Hello New Year

And many congratulations stickers you will find in this application.

Easy to use with just one click.

We hope to live up to your liking

New Year 2021 Photo Frame app which have 2021 photo frames and greetings.

Wish you a Bright and Happy New Year 2022 !!!

Happy New Year Photo Frame 2022 app which lets you to make the photo frame of new year frames 2022 and allows to send the new year photo greetings. Happy New Year download app which contains the flip, face color effects to make photo’s beautiful and attractive for the happy new year celebration.

Make impressive looking Happy New Year Photo Frames with colorful happy new year frames 2022 messages and excellent new year images 2022 quotes by adjusting the images into happy new year photo frame 2022 new model backgrounds.

Create the awesome happy new year card maker with photo, and send new year wishes 2022 and new year greetings 2022 which contains the happy new year card messages and beautiful happy new year 2022 quotes with happy new year's eve fireworks, using this new year photo editor 2022 application to make the nice happy new year 2022 wallpapers.

To make your New Year's Eve its most joyous, just download our new year photo editor 2022 application and make happy new year cards design to send the new year wishes 2022 with this beautiful new year greetings 2022 which contains the nice happy new year's day 2022 quotes through this new year app 2022 application.

Happy New Year Photo Frame 2022 saves your special moments with fantastic 2022 photo editor greetings to send and enjoy the beautiful colors of the favorite happy new year 2022 countdown season.

PreDesigned Frames :-

Happy New Year 2022 Photo Frame app which have the most colourful and modern designed new year's photo frames along with new years wishes, happy new year photo frame 2022 new model for the entire 2022 photo frame new celebrations.


Profile Frames :-

Create your own happy new year card maker with photo with amazing happy new year dp maker which contains the new year photo frames and 2022 photo frame new images. This happy new year photo editor 2022 app is the beautiful happy new year fireworks app to make the happy new year parties more special and this happy new year 2022 countdown have the best new years eve wallpapers.



Send this special happy new year greetings 2022 through the all popular social media networks and spread happiness with this happy new year 2022 photo frame application!!!


*15+ HD Predesigned of happy new year 2022 photo frames in this 2022 photo frame new app.

*15+ HD Profile Frames of New Year Frames 2022 to make colorful new year card maker 2022 gorgeous images.

*10+ New Year Greetings 2022 to send new year wishes 2022 through this new year photo editor 2022 application.

*Apply Flip into 2022 photo frame new which fit images vertically (or) horizontally into new year frames 2022.

*Add Face Color Effects to decorate the photo frame of new year 2022 application.

*Two Finger Gesture to fit the image properly into the happy new year photo frame new 2022 frames.

How to Use:-

1. Select the image using gallery (or) phone camera.

2. Crop the image using Super-Cropping Tool.

3. Choose your Favorite predesigned and profile happy new year 2022 photo frames from our beautiful new year app 2022 collections.

4. Use Two Finger Gesture to fit image properly into photo frame of new year 2022 (or) happy new year 2022 wallpapers.

5. Apply Flip to fit your images vertically (or) horizontally into new year 2022 photo editor frames.

6. Add Face Color Effects into happy new year download frames (or) fantastic happy new year image 2022 backgrounds.

7.Use Greetings to send the wishes with this new year's day 2022 greetings.

8. Save your image to gallery and set your device screen with happy new year 2022 wallpapers.

9. Share your image (via) various social media platforms and many more etc...

Download application click here

Download our Happy New Year Photo Frame 2022 application today and create photo frame of new year's eve fireworks with this new year DP maker and also send new year photos greetings to wish your beloved ones in this happy new year 2022 countdown celebrations.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Citizen calculator

 GST Calculator, Loan,Tax & Age Calc, Unit Converter, Compass, Currency converter

CITIZEN CALCULATOR by ANGEL NX is best Mobile App all over the world and More Than 10 Million Users.

We are Angel NX. We make CITIZEN CALCULATOR gives you functions that you can see in CITIZEN CALCULATOR and GST CALCULATOR with New GST Tax Rate Calculations by Just One Click. 










CITIZEN CALCULATOR is one of the best Calc with many features same as CITIZEN CALCULATOR for your regular use. Calculate like Citizen Calculator and many other calculators.  You can use Citizen Calculator as a Business and financial Calcs also has features with GT, GT, M+, M-, MR, MU (Mark Up) which are used to get profit ratio when you want to give discounts on your products. gives your some options of scientific calculator.


GST CALCULATOR gives all functionality of GST and TAX Calculation for All country with just one Single Click. Get results calculated as you type.

We Give Two Button ADD GST and SUBSTRACT GST.  

* ADD GST or TAX  :-  Calculate any Number of GST or TAX like +3%, +5%, +12%, +18%,  +28%,+1, +2 , +15, +0.1, + 40.8, Etc.

* SUBSTRACT GST or TAX :- Calculate any Number of GST or TAX like -3%, -5%, -12%, -18%, -28%, -6, -1, -0.9, -17.6, - 33.3, Etc.


Citizen Calculator also has feature of Loan Calculator by which you can calculate Loan EMI, Loan amount, Loan interest rate, Loan period, Loan Installment Amount and  Calculate EMI on monthly and Yearly basis.. 


* Personal Loans

* Home Loan

* Mortgage Loan

* Business Loan

* CC or Overdraft Loan

* Auto Loan

* Business Overdraft


Citizen Calc is also with feature of Unit Converter. 

Unit Converter Features with Many Units :-

1. Area  :- Square Kilometer, Hectare, Square Meter, square Mile, Acre, Square yard, Square Foot, Square Inch.

2. Length :- Kilometer, Meter, Centimeter, Millimeter, mile, Yard, Foot, inch, Nautical Mile.

3. Temperature :- Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin.

4. Volume :- Cubic meter, Liter, Milliliter, Cubic Foot, Cubic Inch, Imperial gal, Imperial pint, US gal, Quart, Pint, Cup, Oz, US tbsp, tsp.

5. Mass/weight :- Metric Ton, Kilograms, Gram, Milligram, Mcg, Long Ton, Short Ton, Stone, Pounds, Ounce, Tons.

6. Speed :- Miles/hour,  Feet/Sec, Meters/Sec, Km/hour , Knot.

7. Fuel Consumption :- MPG (US), MPG (imp.), km/liter , liter/100km, etc.

જાણો ૩% વધેલા D.A. ની અસર કયા મહિનાથી પગાર માં ભેળવવામાં આવશે

8. Digital Storage :- Bit, Byte, Kilobit, Kilobyte, Megabyte, Gigabit, Gigabyte, Terabit, Terabyte, Petabit, Petabyte.

9. Time :- Nanosecond, Microsecond, Millisecond, Second, Minute, Hour, Day, Week, Month, Year,   Month, Year, Decade, Century.

Latest news

કોરોના માં બેફામ કેશ વધારાના લીધે આ રાજ્યની શાળાઓ આજથી બંધ તારીખ 3 1 2022


રાજ્યની સ્કૂલોમાં ધોરણ 11 અને 12ના કોર્સમાં નવા વૈકલ્પિક વિષયો, ખેતી-ટૂરિઝમ સહિતના સબ્જેક્ટ; વૈદિક ગણિત ફરજિયાત શિખડાવાશે 

Currency Converter is best for live exchange rate. We put + Sign, Select more than one country so you can show more than one country’s exchange rate at a time. 


All Country Currency included European Countries, Asian Countries, American Countries , African Countries, Middle East,  like USA, Canada, India, Australia, Uk , China, Japan , Pakistan, France , Germany, Spain, Indonesia, Tanzania, Mali, Bangladesh, Nepal, South Africa, Brazil, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and many more.


ગુજરાત સરકારના કર્મચારીઓ માટે ત્રણ ટકા મોંઘવારી બાબતે અગત્યના ન્યૂઝ

Digital compass is with Longitude and Latitude and its Simple to use. Use it like a real compass. Professional design with incredibly smooth movements with True North.

શાળાનો સમય સવારનો કરવા બાબત લેટેસ્ટ પરિપત્ર કચ્છ


Download citizen calculator

Age Calculator is one more best Feature of Citizen Calculator App Where you can calculate your Age in Year, Month, Weeks, days, Hours, Minutes and Second. Also you can show your Next Birthday by Days for many years.

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Gujarati Calendar 2022||Gujarati panchang||Holidays


Gujarati Calendar 2022
One of the best Gujarati Calendar 2022 of its kind. You can view today's tithi, festival, janmrashi and holidays with just one click.
2022 ગુજરાતી કેલેન્ડર 2022 

Gujarati Calendar is offline calendar and free calendar app for all Gujarati speaking people across the globe.
Free calendar almanac app for Gujarati people (Also known as Gujarat calendar 2022).
Gujarati calendar apps is highly useful to know festivals, holidays, Shubh Muhurat & Gujarati panchang 2022 information
ગુજરાતી કેલેન્ડર 2022 માં તમને મળી રહેશે...
– તિથી, તહેવારો, જાહેર અને બેંકિંગ રજાઓ, જન્મરાશી, ચોઘડિયા, વ્રત કથા, નક્ષત્ર, વિંછુંડો, પંચક, પંચાંગ, ગુજરાતી કુંડળી, લગ્ન ગુણ મિલન.

Full Gujarati Calendar Panchang of the year 2022 with all the Hindu festivals, Tithi, Vaar, Paksha, Karan, yoga, Nakshatra in Gujarati.

✦ Calendar images (From January 2021 - December 2022)
✦ Vrat Katha – Ekadashi And Other Festivals
✦ Gujarati Calendar With Choghadiya
✦ Sunrise and Sunset timings
✦ Festivals 2022 (ગુજરાતી તહેવારો)
✦ Holidays 2022 (ગુજરાતી રજાઓ)
✦ Shub Muhurt dates of 2022 (Marriage dates, Grih Pravesh dates, Vehicle purchase details, Namakaran dates)
✦ Nakshatra and Rasi details
✦ Fasting days in every month
✦ Government Holidays of 2022
✦ Gujarati Astrology info or Gujarati astrology details (ગુજરાતી જ્યોતિષ)
✦ Share the Gujarati astrology 2022 / Gujarati rashifal across your friends and family

The calendar will help you find when the next Ekadashi is, what the Paksha (Sud,Vad) on a particular day is,
when the next Poonam is (Full Moon) or the next Amavasya is and many more Hindu events in easy visual representations; due to images being used to represent key events,
even a person who cannot read Gujarati is able to use the app.

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Monday, December 27, 2021


 The MHRD New scheme called National Means cum Merit Scholarship NMMS for students studying in Std.  Implemented from Delhi State Examination Board Gandhinagar Examination will be held in the near future to select the beneficiary students. 

 Amount and Payment Rules After the examination, the students who come in merit within the quota of District wise category wise rule will be entitled to scholarships of Rs.  From fashion application and application related school and concerned district nodal officer Shri  After verification on the Scholarship Portal, the beneficiary will be credited directly to the Vidya Bank account by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, New Delhi. Exams are organized by the State Examination Board only. 

 Eligibility of students who are studying in Std. 8 Government Primary Schools, Local Bodies Schools, District Panchayat Municipal Schools and Granted Primary Schools in the current year will be able to take the NMMS Exam.  12 2021 As per the provision in issue number 5 of the letter, students who are promoted to standard eight due to covid situation will be able to take part in the NMMS exam 2021 regardless of minimum action in special case. 

 Students in Schools Private School Self Finance Kendriya Vidyalaya Jawahar Navodaya Vid  Students of residential schools run by state and government institutions which provide accommodation and study facilities in schools and schools will not be able to fill up the application form for this examination.  50 thousand to one lakh fifty thousand should not be more than the certified copy of the annual income sample of the guardian should be attached with the application form of the student.  Fees will have to be paid separately. In no case will the fee be refunded.

 Free Acceptance Center Online Payment Gateway or ATM Card Net Banking can also be used to pay the examination fee.  In the given options, select the appropriate option from NetBanking of e1 or other NetBanking fee or Aadhaar payment mode options and fill in further details.  After depositing the fee you will be written on the screen that your fee has been credited and it will be found so that if there is any defect in the process of deleting the print then you will see on the screen that you have not paid the fee.  

If the receipt is not generated then you have to contact the State Examination Board immediately by e-mail. Question Paper Template is a type of test.  The syllabus will be 90 minutes. The 90 questions of the UK test will be of literal and non-verbal factor calculation.

  For Std-7 there will be the syllabus of the last academic year while for Std-7 the syllabus of the first semester of the current academic year will be a qualifying mark and the students of OBC category will get a total of 90% marks in both the sections.  All AC and ST category students should get a total of 5% marks in both the sections. Out of the students who got call free fired marks, according to the photos decided by the district category, the students coming in merit will be eligible for scholarships. The medium of examination will be English as well as Gujarati.  

Nmms 2022 પરીક્ષા ના ફોર્મ ભરતી વખતે આવકના દાખલા બાબત અગત્યનું રાજ્ય પરીક્ષા બોર્ડ નો પરિપત્ર

NMMS ફોર્મ ભરવા બાદ થી ફી ભરવા બાબત ની અગત્યની સૂચના

The medium question paper will be given to him and this test will be in multiple choice format and for various purposes. Each question will be of 1 mark. There will be no negative assessment in the assessment.

State Examination Board, Gujarat State, Gandhinagar National Means cum Merit Scholarship Examination-2021 '' National Means cum Merit Scholarship Examination for students studying in Std-2 in the current academic year by State Examination Board, Gandhinagar.  18/02 206, will be held on Sunday from 11.00 to 05.00.  Holtikit for the said examination from the website  Student's confirmation number and date of birth and confirmation number and Aadhar Dias number will have to be downloaded from 08.00 hrs.  All relatives are requested to take note.  Ta.  01/02 303 Information / 1 / 2-9 Secretary, State Examination Board, Gandhinagar

Download exam hall ticket Click here

NMMS EXAM માર્ગદર્શિકા
Apply Online click here

 NMMS 2022 EXAM પરીક્ષાલક્ષી વિડીયો શ્રેણી

Date 3/1/2022 NMMS સંકલ્પના વિડિયો

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Co win app||vaccine register app|| gov

 Co-WIN – Government of India App for Vaccinators providing COVID-19 Vaccination

This Mobile Application is currently meant for CoWIN Facility level users to perform following tasks as Vaccinator , Supervisors and Surveyors.

1) Beneficiary Registration: Based on identified priority group by Government of India, Beneficiary can be registered on the Application.

2) Beneficiary Verification: Beneficiary's relevant details can be captured in encrypted form which can be utilised to ensure that vaccine is administered to relevant Beneficiary.  This is applicable at the time of registration as well as vaccination.

3) Aadhaar Authentication: To ensure de-duplication , Beneficiary's Aadhaar authentication can be done from the application in the form of OTP and Demographic Authentication. This is applicable at the time of registration or at the time of validation.

રસી લીધા નું સર્ટીફીકેટ સીધો જ તમારા વોટ્સએપ પર અહીંથી મેળવો

બાળકો માટે રસી ની માહિતી માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

4) Vaccination Status: Based on dose schedule, vaccination status of Beneficiary can be updated from not vaccinated to partially vaccinated and partially vaccinated to vaccination completion.

This is the manner by which the endorsement will be found on WhatsApp 

Get familiar with the entire cycle here 

Subsequent to saving the number, open WhatsApp. 

Then, at that point, go to the talk rundown and quest for contacts. 

Really take a look at OTP and enter. 

Coronavirus Certificate is the authority application for putting away and introducing Swiss COVID endorsements. It is created by the Federal Office of Information Technology, Systems and Telecommunication FOITT for the Federal Office of Public Health. 

In Switzerland, individuals who have been inoculated, or who have tried negative or recuperated from COVID can apply for a COVID authentication. 

Coronavirus testaments are given in printed copy or electronic configuration fill in as evidence of: 

મહત્વપૂર્ણ લિંક

1. Immunization against COVID-19 

2. Recuperation from Sars-CoV-2 disease 

3. An adverse outcome following Sars-CoV-2 test investigation 

How the application functions 

When the application is first dispatched after establishment on the cell phone, a concise acquaintance furnishes data on how with use it and how to check a printed copy COVID testament. 

Self registration CLICK HERE

સંપૂર્ણ ગુજરાતીમાં માહિતી વાંચો

5) Reporting of Adverse Event following Immunization:

Download application click here

15 જુલાઈ થી દેશમાં બુસ્ટર ડોઝ કે પ્રિકોસન ડોઝ ફ્રી માં મળશે  બાબત ન્યુઝ

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Sunday, December 26, 2021

Sony live||movies & entertainment app

 Binge on Originals, International Shows, Movies, LIVE Sports, TV shows and more!

Looking for a one-stop destination for the live-action of world sports, binge-worthy shows and movies? SonyLIV is your destination!



Download the app to watch all the matches LIVE.

UEFA Europa / Youth / Champion / Conference League 2021-22(Group Stage), J League 2021, West Indies Tour of Sri Lanka 2021, UFC 269, KFC Big Bash League 2021 & England Tour of Australia 2021 (Ashes) in SAARC, Pakistan vs. West Indies T20i & ODI, Extreme E 2021, Lanka Premier League 2021 in India. 


Welcome back the superstar performer with Adele One Night Only and be a part of some extraordinary concert performances on SonyLIV. 


Watch all latest episodes of Alex Rider S2 SonyLIV’s thriller web original and find out how a teenage super spy enters the world of espionage.


SonyLIV is your go-to video streaming app for the best of sports content and originals Anytime & Anywhere! 

Like things your way? You can create up to 5 personalized profiles.

Subscribe now & enjoy a super smooth, ad-free and uninterrupted viewing experience.

Watch the latest episodes of all your favourite SET and SAB shows.

Watch on 2 screens at the same time.

Upcoming: Originals, Movies & Web Series 

Tamil Movies - Sivaranjaniyum Sila Pengalum / KV, Yennanga Sir Unga Sattam, Victims

Telugu Movies likes WWW and Malyalam movie Madhuram / Bhootkalam

Hindi & Marathi Originals - Whistleblower, Chumbak, Baal Bhaarti, Karkhanisanchi Waari

Hindi & English Web Series - Tryst with Destiny, TVF Cubicles 2, Fanstasy Island Binge, Agatha Christie's - The Pale Horse

Aamis, a captivating award-winning feature film, presented by Anurag Kashyap.

LIVE Sports

Witness the inaugural season of the Extreme E 2021 electric off-road racing series.

Catch-up on live-action in Cricket, Football, Tennis, Olympics, Basketball, E-Sports, Racing, and Fight Sports with tournaments like Ultimate Karate League, UFC Fight Night, Bundesliga 2021-22. 

WWE Universe

With our new app-in-app feature, enjoy uninterrupted, ad-free access to the WWE Universe! Live stream all the pay-per-view events like WWE Raw & NXT.

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Most Loved TV Shows, Movies, LIVE Channels

Binge-watch and share your favourite shows like Ajunhi Barsat Aahe, Maharani, Chutzpah, Kon Honaar Crorepati, KBC Telugu with your friends and family, ad-free!

After the most favourite Indian television game KBC 13, be ready to witness popular American entrepreneurial-themed reality show Shark Tank in Indian adaptation only on SonyLIV 20th Dec. 

બદલી બાબતે લાઇવ સમાચાર અહીંથી જુઓ

Get a sneak-peek into the life of celebrities through The Kapil Sharma Show and be a part of the most humorous skits. 

Missed an episode of Wagle Ki Duniya, CID, Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah or Indian Idol? - Watch it on the SonyLIV app


નીચે આપેલ ચેનલ ટેલિગ્રામમા સર્ચ કરી જોઈન થઈ જવું... 

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