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Wednesday, November 11, 2020



          In the first phase of Nistha training which was completed in the last academic year, most of the primary teachers took specific type of training class wise and various cluster wise it was organized systematically. The loyalty training was organized in a fun way and the teachers enthusiastically participated in it. Since there is no possibility of all the primary teachers of the state being included in one freeze, the training was organized in two pieces as the establishment of primary teachers is higher in some districts of the state. 

Since this training was not done in two parts, the first part was devoted to various activities, various technologies as well as loyalty training through experts. This loyalty training was more fun because the six-day loyalty training was very interesting. Was because all the activities were practical in it and due to the practical knowledge all the primary teachers were enthusiastic. Who participated in this training? The duration of the training was also kept full so that all the benefits can be taken by the teachers properly.

 But even before the second part of the loyalty training of the remaining primary teachers was organized, the coronavirus epidemic had spread all over India and also in the state of Gujarat so that the entire state was locked up with the educational institutions of the state of Gujarat. Part Two was held. Now in a situation where there is no possibility of opening educational institutions, even the primary teachers have to go to the school randomly. At present, 40 to 50 per cent non-stop attendance is present in the primary schools. Teachers are also doing various work given by the education department. Teachers of primary department as well as upper primary department are also undergoing various types of online training. Along with this, loyalty training was also organized online so that all the teachers who were planned to appear in Part-II joined the online loyalty training to take loyalty training online. But it was also very interesting as the training came in a variety of modules as well as the student-teacher concept. So much so that the training video was not with the content so much fun


             The entire module was discussed in detail in the video content and the training provided by the teaching experts was also a very high quality fi. The training given by them was a permanent memento. After the concept of 18 total call modules of loyalty training was realized The homework was also to be written as each point of the content was included. After all these report writing tasks were completed, it was planned to submit a report writing file for the purpose of CRC Co-ordinator so that All the files go to the district education training building and each teacher can be properly evaluated accordingly. After completion of the training each module price completed the training online certificate had to be downloaded from the initiation portal. The process of completing the training online was very easy so teachers This was an attempt to complete the training and all the module reporting was simplified

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