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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Standard - 6 to 8 Science Technology Subject context has created an interactive game

 Standard - six to eight Science Technology  Subject context has created Associate in Nursing  interactive game that's terribly attention-grabbing to youngsters.  Through that a shot has been created so youngsters will simply perceive numerous figures supported science.karmāni Sangam Tyaktva Dhananjaya.

Siddhaya Siddhayo: Samo Bhootva Samtavam Yoga Uchchayate!

What is the means that of yoga in our sensible life or the way to add yoga in sensible life? the simplest answer can not be found anyplace apart from these formulas of the religious writing.


  The apply of sitting in a very cave and within the temples isn't yoga.  In our lives, we tend to do our actions with such a lot superiority, with such a lot cleanliness, this is often simply yoga.  Geeta Islamic Community says that you just shouldn't be happy with the receipt of one thing and don't feel unhappy once somebody is left.


 though you get success, keep a watch on the bottom and if you fail, then the bottom doesn't begin to tremble from underneath the feet.  In each the things, there's only 1 feeling.  This equality is simply yoga.



Kama, anger and greed area unit the 3 biggest inhibitors of the devotion path.

Kami, rage greedy, don't have devotion.

Do some devotion, no caste, however total khoya.

Kami - A creature encircled by needs will ne'er do devotion to God.  If it grows on the trail of devotion too, then there'll be less devotion in its devotion and additional demand.  Devotion is that the name of the journey to become futile.

If devotion is flourishing, then it destroys all worldly needs and if the will is consummated, it destroys all devotion.

Anger - Anger could be a sign of somebody's ego and wherever there's conceitedness, however will Onkar stop.  Wrath conjointly results in cruelty and anger conjointly provides rise to cruelty. devotion is that the name of the important emptiness of life.

Greedy - The greedy person looks to be a lover from outside, however if his eye is additionally closed, it'll not be for the samadhi however are bolted within the greed of the fish sort of a heron.

He can pray however thanks in his prayers and not the desires of others, however Associate in Nursing state, a want and stinginess are contained.

Where there's stinginess aside from the last word, the penetration of devotion isn't potential.

If somebody will devotion, the caste kinship group is lost.

In spite of all this, wherever the character could be a force, wherever there's a force of non-grace, wherever there's a force of truth, wherever there's a force of purity and charitable force. wherever there's solely a powerful feeling of "Siya Ram Maya Sab Jag" rising higher than caste, clan, creed, and sect, identical pious queen is additionally colonised.

Standard - six to eight Science Technology  Subject context has created Associate in Nursing  interactive game

Standard - 6 to 8 Science Technology  Subject context has created an  interactive game 


આંખની ઈન્ટર એક્ટીવ ગેમ રમવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

પર્ણની ઈન્ટર એક્ટીવ ગેમ રમવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

નિસ્યંદન ટાવરની ઈન્ટર એક્ટીવ ગેમ રમવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

હ્દયની ગેમ ઈન્ટર એક્ટીવ ગેમ રમવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

પાચનતંત્રની ગેમ ઈન્ટર એક્ટીવ ગેમ રમવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

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Cut interest rate for government sckeams yojana


Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana could be a tiny deposit theme of the govt of Asian nation meant completely for a lady kid and is launched as a vicinity of Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Campaign. The theme is supposed to fulfill the education and wedding expenses of a lady kid.


How to calculate maturity worth of Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana

Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana (SSY) could be a tiny deposit theme for the woman kid launched as a vicinity of the 'Beti Bachao Beti Padhao' campaign. one among the explanations why this theme has become in style is thanks to its tax write-off. It comes with a most tax write-off of Rs one.5 100000 underneath section 80C of the Income-tax Act. Further, the interest increased and maturity quantity ar exempt from tax.

If you're designing on finance within the theme, you'll be able to use the Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana calculator to calculate the maturity quantity at the top of the tenure. you'll be able to use the calculator to seek out out what proportion you'll be able to more or less save via this theme for the daughter's education and/or wedding.

Who will use SSY calculator?

To use this calculator, one should satisfy the eligibility conditions of the Sukanya Samriddhi theme. per the principles, the subsequent folks ar eligible to open a Sukanya Samriddhi account:

a) Age of woman kid shouldn't exceed ten years

b) She ought to be a resident national of Asian nation

c) Account can't be opened for over 2 woman kids during a single family

How to use Sukanya Samriddhi calculator

If you satisfy eligibility conditions, then the calculator can raise you to supply the age of your daughter/s and quantity that you just need to speculate within the theme. The minimum quantity you'll be able to invest is Rs one,000 and most is Rs one.5 100000 during a single yr. With impact from five Gregorian calendar month, 2018, the govt has reduced the minimum investment quantity to Rs 250.

How the calculator works

The calculator, supported the quantity entered by you, calculates the approximate worth that may be received by you at maturity. The theme can mature when the completion of twenty one years from the date of gap of the account.

According to the theme rules, a investor is needed to form deposits each year until the completion of fifteen years from the date of gap of account. Here, the calculator assumes that you just have created all the deposits each year of an equivalent quantity as selected  by you.

Between the fifteenth year and twenty first year, no deposits ar needed to be created. However, you'll be earning interest on the sooner deposits created. The calculator takes under consideration the interest that may be increased to you throughout those years.

What will the calculator show?

Depending on the data provided by you, the calculator can show you the year within which the account matures, the maturity worth, rate mistreatment that the maturity worth is found out. It additionally shows the break-up of quantity that you just will invest monthly within the theme.

While inbound at the maturity worth, we've assumed rate of eight.1 per cent each year throughout following twenty one years because it is presently offered within the Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana.

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Home learning video new time table April 2021

 DD Girnar Home Learning list of Date one Gregorian calendar month to thirty Gregorian calendar month 2021. consistent with the on top of subject, to aver that correct to the up to date Koro eruption within the tide scholarly day gap from fifteenth Gregorian calendar month 2021

HOME LEARNING PROGRAM FROM GUJARAT GOVERNMENT commonplace three TO twelve ;STD three TO twelve doctor's degree GIRNAR VIDEO : Gujarat Council of instructional analysis and coaching (GCERT) could be a crucial  establishment at the state level for the sweetening of qualitative education at primary and secondary faculties.

It was "State Institute of Education" before 1988. it had been later upgraded as a SCERT in 1988, underneath the resolution of State Education Department. The upgraded SCERT, currently named as Gujarat Council of instructional analysis associate degreed coaching (GCERT) could be a totally structured State level tutorial establishment and is controlled and radio-controlled by a establishment also as an government Committee.

GCERT was shifted from Ahmedabad to Gandhinagar, the city in 1997. State Education Department has assigned separate land for the GCERT for building in sector-12. thence the GCERT has been functioning within the freshly created building “VIDYABHAVAN” in sector-12 with trendy infrastructure and latest instrumentality since twenty first August, 2004 seeable of the widening horizon.

Under the umbrella of GCERT, there area unit currently twenty seven DIETs (District Institute of Education and Training) practical in thirty three Districts. These DIETs impart pre-service and in-service coaching to the first academics of the State. There area unit seven branches particularly Pre-service Teacher Education (PSTE), Work expertise (WE), District Resource Unit (DRU), program Material Development & analysis (CMDE), instructional Technology (ET), In-service Field interaction Innovation & Co-ordination (IFIC) and coming up with & Management PM functioning in these DIETs. These DIETs area unit well equipped with qualified and seasoned tutorial and body employees.

DD Girnar Home Learning list of Gregorian calendar month month 

સવાર ની શાળા બાબત લેટેસ્ટ પરિપત્ર તા 3 / 3/2021

it is not on the cards to telephone students to high school.  . consequently that for the enlightening production of the scholars from the condition next to for Std-1 to eight, Std-6 to eight and Std-9 to twelve students set material primarily based cartridge / edifying  instruction through TV i.e. Doordarshan Kendra-DD.  Girnar network has been current from fifteenth June 2020 and virtual cluster of pupils has additionally been on the right track for college kids of model nine to twelve.

Home learning 1 April to 15 April New Gr

01 April To 15 April 2021 DD Girnar Home Learning Time Table

ધોરણ 1 અને 2 નું એપ્રિલ મહિનાનું સમય પત્રક ડાઉનલોડ કરવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

ધોરણ 3 થી 5 નું એપ્રિલ મહિનાનું સમય પત્રક ડાઉનલોડ કરવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

ધોરણ 6 થી 8 નું એપ્રિલ મહિનાનું સમય પત્રક ડાઉનલોડ કરવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

ધોરણ 9 થી 12 નું એપ્રિલ મહિનાનું સમય પત્રક ડાઉનલોડ કરવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

01 Gregorian calendar month to fifteen Gregorian calendar month 2021 Doctor of Divinity Girnar Home Learning list

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School time matter news

 Gujarat Council of Education analysis and coaching

Gujarat Council of instructional analysis and coaching, Gandhinagar

(Declared as tutorial Authority as per RTE Act 2009)

of education has indicated towards creating biological process march less complicated by turning into aware of varied issues to the developing countries which is why students ar attracted towards new fields of laptop education, population education, energy education, environmental education. At the time of making new courses, creators have given place to the weather like format, enlargement and dealing field of those styles of new subjects. Environmental Education suggests that an issue together indicating towards Environmental Maintenance and human efforts for it.

A person needs to handle several direct and indirect things happening around him. Some physiological and a few live components is enclosed during this encompassing matters. during this world of men, work of life has become a lot of and a lot of straightforward owing to environmental movement. because the sun rises, environmental components bring liveliness to the eco system by co-operating one another. drawback of atmosphere within the world has become a lot of essential owing to increment and a few wrong needs of person. the planet is that the native of flora and fauna.

In the year 1986, Dr. Gunvant monarch introduced a paper on ‘Gandhi and world Peace’ in {an international|a world|a world} conference on the right track revision at port that|during which|within which} worries on four global issues were shown of which one drawback wasn't in balance with atmosphere (cruelty with the nature). the matter of environmental balance could be a world crisis nowadays. 

Day by day increase in pollution has created folks suppose. A conference was control within the year 2001 during this regard. within which the problem of national inexperienced corps was mentioned to take care of the balance of atmosphere and for the notice. The Supreme Court of Asian nation has conjointly shown worries regarding the present condition of the atmosphere and insisted to introduce ‘Environment’ as an issue altogether styles of courses.

Eco club અંતર્ગત પ્રવૃત્તિ માટે પરિપત્ર 31/3/2021

We all ar a section of the atmosphere. several atmosphereal issues is resolved by dynamic  our read purpose towards the environment. Let’s keep our space clean and conserve the natural resources by reusing things. This issue cannot be modified over night within the country of one hundred large integer population. 

શાળા સમય બાબત પરિપત્ર તા - ૩૧/૩/૨૦૨૧

however changes is created within the social behaviour by the youngsters. there's no stinginess within the youngsters and new thoughts will simply incline to their mind. they're our future. each kid will produce vital result in his circle of relatives. so it's determined to determine eco clubs altogether the districts of the country by the Indian Government.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Movepic - photo Motion & 3D Loop Photo Alight Maker


- Animate something in alight motion photos just by drawing a path.

- modify the speed of the loops pic animation.

You can build the stream flow, clouds move, hair float, and even build hearth dance; allow us to assist you to make superb short videos and be a wonderful live pic editor & pic animator.

Download App List Click Here


Bored of lifeless skies? Replace the tasteless Skies with colourful sunsets and animated clouds. you'll be able to flip your pocket sky video into element art, and flip a clip into a masterpiece.


Add the important camera moving effects and dope transitions to your pics and videos. produce visual imagination that stands out of the gang with this powerful app.

                                    Movepic - pic Motion & 3D Loop pic Alight Maker  


Add fun Overlays to bring mood and feeling to your still photos. Get motion graphics effects resembling cinemagraphs to form your stories return alive: weather overlays and sparkles. Use still pictures and share your artistic visual stories on social media. build these moving backgrounds and live wallpapers to alter your Home screen.


Use multiple photos to mix and overlap. Be a wonderful mix maker and mix editor by exploitation of these pic mixing effects.


-Add distinctive filters to beautify your cinemagraphs, and find a good lovely background for your video and foto.

-Try our latest magic stickers. Share your fun results along with your friends and social account. additional realistic and superb show effects area unit coming back presently.

- ballyhoo your distinctive text on your cinemagraphs and live photos.

- Crop and rotate photos as you would like, and customise your story with the skilled Tools: brightness, contrast, hue, sharpness.

Download App List Click Here

Movepic could be a complete app for creating short videos exploitation still pictures

Share your masterpieces with friends directly on social media like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok, Twitter, etc. Use this pocket video written material master, pix aloop controller & video maker to edit your alight motion videos, and build lumyer moving pics. To be the shiniest enlight pixamotion maker and therefore the best movepic gif maker with these quickshot and vimage, conjointly those loopsie tools.

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Teacher s vikalp camp 2021

 Matter of giving choice to academics of Std. one to four in Std. 6 to 8 

Education, society is an effort by one generation to transfer its information to a generation below it.  With this idea, education works as an establishment, that plays a crucial role in connecting the individual to the society and maintains the continuity of the culture of the society. the kid learns the essential rules, systems, paradigms and values ​​of the society through education. the kid is ready to attach with the society only if he's familiarised towards the history of that exact society.

 Education is that the method of developing one's innate ability and temperament.  This method socializes him to play the role of Associate in Nursing adult within the society and provides the mandatory information and skills to the person to become a member of the society and a accountable subject.  The word Shiksha is created by adding the suffix 'A' within the Sanskrit word 'Shiksha'.  ‘Education’ means that learning and teaching.  The word 'education' means that the act of teaching and learning.

 once we investigate the utilization of the word education, it's broadly speaking utilized in 2 forms, broadly speaking and narrowly.  Education within the broadest sense is Associate in Nursing ever-expanding purposeful human process during a society by that man's innate powers ar developed, his information and skills ar increased and behavior is modified and so he's created a civilized, genteel and worthy subject.  Man experiences and experiences new things moment by moment, that affects his every day behavior.  His teaching and learning takes place informally from numerous teams, festivals, magazines, radio, television, etc.  This teaching-learning comes during a broad and elaborate style of education.  Education within the slim sense could be a purposeful human process during a society that is distributed during a planned manner during a sure time and in sure places (school, college) by that the coed learns to pass an explicit course by reading an explicit Education, society is an effort by one generation to transfer its information to a generation below it.  With this idea, education works as an establishment, that plays a crucial role in connecting the individual to the society and maintains the continuity of the culture of the society. the kid learns the essential rules, systems, paradigms and values ​​of the society through education. the kid is ready to attach with the society only if he's familiarised towards the history of that exact society.

When we investigate the utilization of the word education, it's broadly speaking utilized in 2 forms, broadly speaking and narrowly.  Education within the broadest sense is Associate in Nursing ever-expanding purposeful human process during a society by that man's innate powers ar developed, his information and skills ar increased and behavior is modified and so he's created a civilized, genteel and worthy subject.  Man experiences and experiences new things moment by moment, that affects his every day behavior.  His teaching and learning takes place informally from numerous teams, festivals, magazines, radio, television, etc.  This teaching-learning comes during a broad and elaborate style of education.  Education within the slim sense could be a purposeful human process during a society that is distributed during a planned manner during a sure time and in sure places (school, college) by that the coed learns to pass an explicit course by reading an explicit

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Monday, March 29, 2021

Turn your Phone into Real Remote control.

 ALL in ONE: increased TV guide + remote for TV, air-conditioner, etc.

Control your electrical appliances along with your phone exploitation Mi Remote. Whenever you can’t notice your remote or want pranking your friends, Mi Remote are there to assist. we have a tendency to even have all the data you wish regarding your favorite TV shows, therefore you'll switch the channel quicker, or perhaps watch the show on your mobile device. Mi Remote brings look TV to a replacement level!

Supported appliances: TV, air-conditioner, set prime box, DVD player, projector, A/V receiver, camera, etc.

Supported Brands: Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Haier, Videocon, Micromax, Onida, etc.

Important Link

Download Application : Click here

1. Most phones with IR blasters support Mi Remote and its options.

2. All mobile devices will be accustomed management Mi TV/Mi Box and different good TVs with commonplace protocols over Wi-Fi.


3. All mobile devices support Mi Remote’s integration with TV programing.

Supported phones: Samsung S4/S5/S6/S6 Edge/Note 3/Note four, HTC One Series, Mi 4/Mi 4c/Mi 5/Mi 5S Plus/Mi 5C/Mi 5X/Mi half dozen, Redmi 4/Redmi 4A/Redmi 4X, Redmi Note 2/Redmi Note 3/Redmi Note4/Redmi Note4X/Redmi Note5A, Huawei Honor 3/6/6 and

Mi Remote. Life at the ideas of your fingers.

Important Link

Download Application : Click here

• IR Universal Remote •

IR Universal Remote can replace your physical TV remote for good! and you'll management different devices like Air Conditioners, Fans, Lights, and more. This application can flip phones and tablets with a inbuilt remote IR workman into a totally functioning universal remote.

• simple to put together and Use •

You can simply flick thru all of the various classes and code sets to seek out the most effective remote that works for you. All saved remotes will be quickly and simply accessed from the slippery  menu panel.

• however IR Universal Remote Works •

Many phones nowadays have hardware inbuilt for dominant TVs. This hardware is termed associate IR workman. Manufactures like Samsung, LG, HTC, Xiaomi, and Huawei area unit exploitation the IR workman in their phones. It emits associate infrared signal which may be picked up and understood by the TV. IR Universal Remote encompasses a terribly giant information containing the right codes for several totally different devices. It will emit these codes through the IR workman a bit like a physical universal remote.

• Free (Ad Supported) •

IR Universal TV Remote doesn't need any purchases to figure. the appliance is supported by in app advertising. Ads enable users to use any remote within the app without charge.

• Loaded with options •

Create utterly custom remotes. you'll edit virtually each side of your remote. amendment the toolbar color. Edit the background color or transfer a background image. Edit button IR codes, colors, positions, roundness, transparency, and texts. Use the 2 widgets to quickly and simply management devices from your home screen. Use the notification remote to manage devices whereas exploitation different apps. management multiple devices from one remote. Setup macros to send multiple commands to multiple devices with one button click.

ધોરણ ૬ થી ૮ ના બાળકો માટે પેપર સ્ટાઇલ તેમજ તમામ વિષયોના પેપર ના નમુના


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HDFC Bank Parivartan's ECS Scholarship in School Programme (Merit-Cum-Means Based) 2021-22Deadline31-Jul-2021

 HDFC Bank Parivartan’s ECS Scholarship aims to support worthy and poverty-stricken students happiness to underclass sections of the society. The scholarship programme is supposed for college students from category vi to those following UG and PG programmes. beneath the ECS scholarship, the scholars World Health Organization area unit unable involved the price of education thanks to personal/family crisis or the other monetary issues and area unit at a risk of dropping by the wayside area unit given financial help of up to authority seventy five,000 for his or her studies.

HDFC Bank, India’s high banking and monetary service supplier, has introduced this scholarship as a part of its flagship programme – academic Crisis Scholarship (ECS). The bank has been endeavor varied comes within the field of education and resource coaching as a part of its social initiative - Parivartan


HDFC Bank Parivartan's ECS Scholarship at school Programme (Merit-Cum-Means Based) 2021-22Deadline31-Jul-2021Eligibility

Open for Indian nationals solely.

The students should be presently finding out in school vi to twelve in a very non-public, government or government-aided faculty.

The somebody should have passed the previous qualifying examination with a minimum of fifty fifth marks.

Annual family financial gain should be but or up to authority two.5 lakh (2,50,000).Benefits

Up to authority thirty five,000Documents

Passport size photograph

Last year's marksheets (2019-20) (NOTE: just in case, you don’t have a marksheet for 2019-20 session, please transfer the marksheet of 2018-19 session.)

Identity proof (Aadhaar Card/Voter ID/Driving License)

Current Year Admission Proof (Fee Receipt/Admission Letter/Institution ID Card/Bonafide Certificate) (2020-21)

Applicant Bank Passbook/Cancelled Cheque (Information also will be captured within the application form)

Income Proof (any of the 3 proofs given below)

Income Proof issued by Gram Panchayat/Ward Counsellor/Sarpanch

Income Proof issued by SDM/DM/CO/Tehsildar

AffidavitHow are you able to apply?

Click on the ‘Apply Now’ button below.

Login to Buddy4Study exploitation registered ID to land onto the ‘Online form Page’.

If not registered on Buddy4Study - Register at Buddy4Study together with your Email/Mobile/Facebook/Gmail account.

You will currently be redirected to the HDFC Bank Parivartan’s ECS Scholarship form page.

Click on the ‘Start Application’ button to start the applying method.

Fill within the needed details within the on-line scholarship form.

Upload the desired documents.

Accept the ‘Terms and Conditions’ and click on on ‘Preview’.

If all the small print crammed in by the somebody area unit properly showing on the preview screen, click on the ‘Submit’ button to finish the applying method.

Apply online

Watch video for help

ECSS Scholarship HDFC Bank Transformation ECS CollarP2021-22 HDFC Bank Std. Requests applications from students from sixth to postgraduate level. These scholarships ar to assist the talented and indigent students of the underprivileged sections of the society. it'll be awarded on the premise of merit-cum-means or family / personal problem. This scholarship is given to Indian students solely. Students of Std. should be learning in any customary between vi to twelve and at certification, Bachelor's or Master's level (this includes skilled and non-professional courses). For Merit-cum-Means primarily based Scholarship, students ought to have passed their previous ability check with minimum fifty fifth marks and their family annual financial gain ought to be but or adequate Rs. 2.5 lakhs. However, the Need-Based Scholarship is for college kids United Nations agency are facing personal or family difficulties for any reason throughout the last 3 years, so that they cannot afford to check and there's a risk of falling by the wayside. Benefit: What, 75000 rupees,

 last date. 31-07-2021

 the way to apply? : on-line application are accepted.


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Movie - Back bancher

 The story of how children deal with cut-throat competition in today’s world, where marks and grades are the only parameters considered to evaluate a child’s overall potential.

આજના વિશ્વમાં બાળકો કટ-ગળાની સ્પર્ધા સાથે કેવી રીતે વ્યવહાર કરે છે તેની વાર્તા, જ્યાં બાળકની એકંદર સંભાવનાનું મૂલ્યાંકન કરવા માટે ગુણ અને ગ્રેડ એકમાત્ર પરિમાણો ધ્યાનમાં લેવામાં આવે છે.

13 વર્ષીય ગોપાલ (કૃષ ચૌહાણ) શાળામાં વિવિધ વિષયોમાં નિષ્ફળ રહે છે. જ્યારે તેના પિતા જગદીશ (ધર્મેન્દ્ર ગોહિલ) તેને તેમની ગતિએ વસ્તુઓ પકડવાની મંજૂરી આપે છે, ત્યારે તેની માતા કવિતા (અમી ત્રિવેદી) તેના વિદ્વાનોની તુલના બીજાઓ સાથે કરે છે અને પરોક્ષ રીતે દબાણ કરે છે. છેવટે, કિશોર ભાગી ગયો. શું તે આ પગલું તેમને વધુ શીખવવામાં મદદ કરશે કારણ કે તે તેની શાળા અને પરિવારથી દૂર રહે છે? તે જાણવા તમારે મૂવી જોવી પડશે.

Gopal (Krish Chauhan), 13, fails in varied subjects at college. whereas her father Jagdish (Dharmendra Gohil) permits her to catch things at their own pace, her mother Kavita (Ami Trivedi) compares her students to others and indirectly pushes them.


Eventually, the stripling at large. can this step facilitate him teach a lot of as he stays aloof from his faculty and family? you've got to look at a moving picture to understand that.

After an extended gap (bass a chance), Kirtan Patel has place up an exquisite film again! His directive skills square measure spectacular. together with enticing actors also as cinematographers, Patel has excelled in creating a movie that depicts the issues of our education system. till the primary half, this flick provides you a crossover hangover. The second half incorporates a totally different twist however this moving picture brings into the discussion of however youngsters cope with cut-throat competition in today’s world, wherever marks and grades square measure simply parameters to think about.

ફીલ્મ ડાઉનલોડ અહિંથી કરો

ડાઉનલોડ કર્યા વગર ઓનલાઇન જોવા માટે અહિં ક્લીક કરો

YOUTUBE પર ટ્રેઇલર અહિંથી જુઓ 

બેક બેન્ચર એટલે કે વર્ગમાં કાયમ છેલ્લી બેન્ચ પર બેસતાં વિદ્યાર્થીઓની વ્યથાને ફિલ્મમાં વાચા અપાઇ છે, તો બાળકના બાળપણને શિક્ષકો, મા-બાપ, સમાજ કેવી રીતે ખતમ કરી નાખે છે, એની પણ કેટલીક બાબતો ફિલ્મમાં છે. શિક્ષણ પ્રયત્નલક્ષી હોવું જોઈએ, પરિણામલક્ષી નહીં, એવો સંદેશ પણ ફિલ્મ આપી જાય છે. (આમ, તો ફર્સ્ટ હાફમાં ડાયલોગરૂપે કેટલાક વ્હોટ્સએપ મેસેજ વાંચતા હોય એવું પણ લાગે!) તેમ છતાં, ફિલ્મ પાસે જે રીતની અપેક્ષા હતી, એવી ટ્રિટમેન્ટ નથી. ફિલ્મમાં બતાવવાને બદલે, કહેવાયું ઘણું છે એટલે કે ફિલ્મ ઘણી વર્બોસ છે.

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Sunday, March 28, 2021

What Is the that means Of the colours of the Milestones?

 What Is the that means Of the colours of the Milestones?

In Bharat you may maintain any route. There you may notice milestones showing distances to totally different places. These milestones are going to be placed within the corner of the road. These milestones don't seem to be only 1 color. These milestones square measure yellow, green, black and orange. additionally features a white color. totally different colours, placed in milestones, provide totally different hints. On the foremost visible milestones, folks solely listen to the name of the place and its distance. however nobody pays attention to the colour applied to the milestone. only a few folks understand once color is employed in milestones.

Yellow milestone

If you see a milestone whereas driving, the highest of that is yellow, then you perceive that you just square measure on the National route.


Why square measure the colours of the milestones seen on the road different?

Orange milestone

If you see a milestone with associate degree orange stripe on the facet of the road, you recognize that you just square measure on a village or a village road.


Why square measure the colours of the milestones seen on the road different?

Green milestones

Click Here To read in Gujarati

If you see a milestone on the facet of the road whereas driving, the higher a part of that is inexperienced, then you ought to perceive that you just don't seem to be on the national however on the main road i.e. main road.

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History of Gujarat, Geography, Cultural Verse, Science and Technology, Indian Constitution E Book.

 Perfect Career Education (Nitin Patel)


 Answer to Objective Questions: the subsequent 5 topics ar coated in one book

 Total Page: one hundred thirty Size: nine MB

 History of Gujarat: Answers to a thousand queries (Pages one to 19)

 earth science of Gujarat: Answers to 1782 queries (Pages twenty to 54)


 Cultural Heritage: Answers to 915 queries (Pages fifty five to 70)


 Science and Technology: Answers to 2146 queries (Pages seventy one to 112)

 Indian Constitution: Answers to 1030 queries (Pages 113 to 130)

આ બૂક ડાઉનલોડ કરવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો. 

Crack GPSC provides on-line and offline employment for GPSC examination. you'll prepare currently

anytime, anyplace through videos ready by prime schools of Gujarat. Crack GPSC provides


all the preparation materials in Gujarati Language.


This app are helpful in helpful all told the Competitive Exams, Government Jobs, Bank Jobs, Entrance Exams additionally as non-public Jobs. GPSC preparation material is offered to transfer 

Crack GPSC is Associate in Nursing app for the scholars UN agency ar making ready UPSC, GPSC, Dy. therefore (Deputy Section Officer), Dy. MAM (Deputy Mamlatdar), tribunal Clerk, Belif, SSC (Staff choice Commission), EPFO (Enforcement Officer), IBPS (Institute of Banking Personnel Selection), PI

(Police Inspector), PSI (Police Sub Inspector), RAILWAY, LIC, CO, HTAT (Head Teacher power Test), TAT (Teacher power Test), Tet (Teacher Eligibility Test), CAT (Common Admission Test), TALATI, CLERK, SPIPA ENTRANCE, all competitive exams and every one Government Job exams.

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 After 2030, only those studying a four-year integrated B.Ed program will be eligible for teacher recruitment.  This provision is given in the new education policy.  The steering committee of the Higher Education Department, set up to implement the new education policy, is considering implementing this course from the year 2022.  In such a situation, it is very important for you to know what will be this four year integrated B.Ed program.  Read ...

The credit system also allows candidates to leave the course in between.  After admission, if a student does not have to study B.Ed., then he will get the degree of Bachelor's degree after three years.  Also, in these three years, the student must have got a certificate for all the subjects related to the B.Ed course.  This certificate will be credited to the student's academic bank credit.  If the student ever wants to study B.Ed again in future, this credit will be useful to him.

 The Integrated B.Ed.'s Choice Based Credit System will give you a chance to read B.Ed. subjects along with your subject.  For example, if a student wants to do B.Ed with B.Sc Hons in Chemistry (Chemistry), then he / she will also be able to study B.Ed with B.Sc. during graduation.  On completion of BSc Honors in three years, he will have to study the remaining sections of B.Ed. in the fourth year.  Must also do internship.  

Download  SRG  ICT question paper




Download SRG Exam 2021 Question Paper from below link

Ict talim july 2021 sedual click here

Ict SRG selection list click here

Gujarati SRG selection list click here

Hindi SRG selection list click here

Evs SRG selection list click here

MATHS SRG selection list click here

SCIENCE SRG selection list click here

SMAJIK VIGYAN SRG selection list click here

SANSKRIT SRG selection list click here

SRG પરીક્ષા-૨૦૨૦ પ્રોવિઝનલ આન્સર કી માટે અહી ક્લીક કરો
SRG પરીક્ષા-૨૦૨0 ફાઇનલ આન્સર કી માટે અહી ક્લીક કરો
Click here to show your SRG result
Srg નું રિજલ્ટ અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

રિજલ્ટ ડાઉનલોડ કરતી વખતે જન્મ તારીખ 01/01/2001 નાખવી

In this way, the degree awarded in 5 years will now be given in the name of Integrated BSC-B.Ed in four years and one year of students will also be saved.

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Saturday, March 27, 2021

English best grammer materials for students

 Basic English Grammar: What it's and Why It's ImportantEnglish descriptive linguistics is outlined because the body of rules that describe the structure of words, phrases, clauses, and sentences within the English language. whether or not you've got simply started learning English or ar a talker, you would like to understand the fundamental rules of the language. Developing a solid foundation in artificial language descriptive linguistics helps you construct sentences properly and makes it easier to enhance each your spoken and communication skills

Download Click Here

English descriptive linguistics PDF Book transfer By Ashish Patel

Download Click Here

English descriptive linguistics Tenses cutoff PDF transfer

Download Click Here

English descriptive linguistics PDF transfer

Download Click Here

English descriptive linguistics 1700 MCQ Question Bank PDF By Angel Academy

Download Click Here

English descriptive linguistics PDF Study Material By Motion Career Academy

Download Click Here

English descriptive linguistics PDF Study Material By Angel Academy

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English descriptive linguistics Notes For Competitive Exams written PDF

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The Indo-European family of languages dates back to three,000 B.C. and consists of 9 language groups: Indian, Iranian, Anatolic, Albanian, Celtic, Hellenic, Indo-Hittite, Italic, and Germanic. The Germanic tribes occupied central and western Europe, and also the Anglo-Saxons part descended from the Germanic tribes UN agency migrated from continental Europe and settled within the south and east of england starting within the early fifth century. The term Anglo-Saxon is additionally wont to describe the language that's these days additional properly known as English, that was spoken and written by the Anglo-Saxons in European nation (and elements of southeastern Scotland) between the mid-5th and mid-12th centuries. afterward time, the language was called Middle English. although land we have a tendency to use these days may be a Indo-Hittite, its parent is Indo-European. the primary revealed English descriptive linguistics rules were contained within the Pamphlet for descriptive linguistics, written by William Bullokar in 1586. Over the centuries, artificial language descriptive linguistics rules have evolved unceasingly.

Why is artificial language descriptive linguistics important?

Language clarifies relationships, regulates interactions, will increase associate degree individual’s persuasive power, reveals discrepancies, and manages impressions.

The English language has historical, social, and regional variations (dialects). normal English may be formal, like land utilized in revealed works, business conferences, classrooms, college reports, and formal speeches. normal English also can be informal, like land utilized in our conversations with friends and in casual letters. Another sort of English is classed as nonstandard English; it's characterised by faulty word usage, slang, and incorrect descriptive linguistics. victimization nonstandard English will build your writing appear as if it had been written by associate degree unskilled person.

Written normal English is formed by the occasion, audience, purpose, and setting. It includes standard language (such as that utilized in everyday speech and writing), scientific language (which is additional precise than standard language and is often wont to report technical information and facts), and poetic language (which is descriptive and meant to attractiveness to a reader’s senses). it's necessary to notice that there ar grammatical variations between the quality styles of British English, English, and Australian English.

As you'll see, the various styles of land language, furthermore as their associated descriptive linguistics conventions, ar quite complicated. As you would possibly additionally expect, your use of artificial language descriptive linguistics can indicate your level of education or expertness to your audience, be it a prospective leader, a possible partner, or the overall public. Your grasp of the fundamental rules of English descriptive linguistics can be of major significance to your future—economic or otherwise!

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Download Picture Puzzle Game

 Jigsaw Puzzle options

 loads of distinctive and confusing jigsaw puzzles to play with. keep tuned for future new ones!

 Receive bonus reward by finishing accomplishment targets

 Play together with your own pace: build the jigsaw as simple/hard as you wish 

Beautiful HD image jigsaws in numerous themes: Animal, Scenery, Plant and town

 utterly FREE Jigsaw image puzzle game

 simple and reposeful to play, onerous to totally master

 pleasurable game for EVERYONE: child, Adult, Commuter, Girl, Boy, Housewives, aged etc.

 Play whenever and where you want: local area network isn't a requirement for Jigsaw

Jigsaw Puzzle directions

Pick the image of the puzzle you wish to finish.

Pick the amount of items. the less the items the better.

Move the items to the proper spot within the

puzzle. Click on the items to rotate them.

The game begins within the most troublesome mode. If you wish to create it easier you'll click on the buttons within the bottom right corner of the screen.

Help with the Puzzle

1) the primary facilitate button arranges the items in order that they're aligned with the puzzle.

2) The second facilitate button puts the image within the background to assist you place the items.

This game should work on all platforms including safari and mobile (we hope, but make no guarantees).


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Friday, March 26, 2021

World Bank funding 35000 crore to gujarat improve education

 Aid / World Bank announces Rs thirty five,000 large integer help to strengthen the inspiration of primary education in Gujarat

To improve the education sector in Gujarat, the planet Bank has proclaimed a grant of regarding Rs thirty five,000 crore.

1.10 large integer elementary school students within the state can get the profit

 40000 academics will profit

 the number are spent to strengthen the inspiration of primary faculties within the state


 the help proclaimed by the planet Bank beneath Outcomes for Accelerated Learning Program (GOL) can profit regarding forty,000 academics within the state and regarding eleven million students in fifty four,000 faculties.  Let Pine Tree State tell you that this is often a semipermanent partnership program between Asian country and therefore the World Bank to strengthen the inspiration of public college education.

Junaid Ahmed, World Bank County Director, aforementioned finance in primary education is a vital a part of finance in India's human resource capital.  Through this program, the govt of Gujarat can strengthen the inspiration of district level education, pay attention of the capability of stakeholders and academics which can produce a tributary setting for education.

Gujarat has created vital progress in class education systems and has taken several measures for teacher coaching.  The dropout rate in Gujarat's faculties has additionally come back down from nineteen per cent in 2004-05 to six per cent in 2017-18.  Gujarat has created a part level suburbanised management system. but the advantages of learning still have area for improvement.  At the national level, Kovid-19 has junction rectifier to a decline in adolescent education.  Kovid-19 has affected education in Gujarat and thus the GOL program can specialize in variety of reforms.

સંપૂર્ણ ગુજરાતી ન્યુઝ અહીંથી વાંચો

 Highlights of the program

 - rising the amount of education at state, district and sub-district level

 - rising district, block, cluster level capability

 -To apply the vital principles of the National Education Policy

 - offer on-line coaching to one.5 million registered academics.

 - determine the necessity for investment in human resources for future economic development


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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Krushi University juniour clerk exam notification

 Gujarat state job looking out contenders are finding out the link that's having choice|the choice} of JAU Junior Clerk decision Letter transfer option.  That link must be announce by the accomplishment board officers United Nations agency have accepted the appliance forms from the candidates. officers before uploading the JAU Junior Clerk decision Letter  into the official website, it's to verify the candidate’s details. GAU accomplishment panel isn't in the least able to offer the prospect of attending the choice rounds for the contenders United Nations agency have profaned the foundations and rules within the application submission method.  The verification every candidate enrollment type is should and will, following this verification method the groundwork of the decision letter Junior Clerk are begun by the examination conducting board.


Many of the registered ones have started the search of Gujarat Agricultural University Junior Clerk decision Letter 2019 for the explanation of knowing the examination date. Their main intention is to grasp the JAU Junior Clerk examination Date, then they arrange to prepare the examination within the obtainable time. the schools have disabled the links of the appliance type on ordinal July 2019. therefore the update of the JAU Junior Clerk Admit Card won't be discharged shortly. Minimum one month gap is obligatory for the officers to filter the applications, next making ready the ultimate count of the candidates United Nations agency area unit finalized supported the eligibility, allocation of the examination centers to the candidates, then finally the printing of the main points within the admit card are started by the authorities. Whenever the groundwork is completed by the Gujarat Agricultural Universities, afterward at intervals no time the board activated the NAU Junior Clerk Admit Card.

Important Link:

Exam Name: Junior Clerk

Call Letter Notification : Click Here

Call Letters: Click Here (Available on 29-03-2021)

Merit List (List of Candidates called for CPT): Click Here

mportant Notice: Click Here

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