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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Standard - 6 to 8 Science Technology Subject context has created an interactive game

 Standard - six to eight Science Technology  Subject context has created Associate in Nursing  interactive game that's terribly attention-grabbing to youngsters.  Through that a shot has been created so youngsters will simply perceive numerous figures supported science.karmāni Sangam Tyaktva Dhananjaya.

Siddhaya Siddhayo: Samo Bhootva Samtavam Yoga Uchchayate!

What is the means that of yoga in our sensible life or the way to add yoga in sensible life? the simplest answer can not be found anyplace apart from these formulas of the religious writing.


  The apply of sitting in a very cave and within the temples isn't yoga.  In our lives, we tend to do our actions with such a lot superiority, with such a lot cleanliness, this is often simply yoga.  Geeta Islamic Community says that you just shouldn't be happy with the receipt of one thing and don't feel unhappy once somebody is left.


 though you get success, keep a watch on the bottom and if you fail, then the bottom doesn't begin to tremble from underneath the feet.  In each the things, there's only 1 feeling.  This equality is simply yoga.



Kama, anger and greed area unit the 3 biggest inhibitors of the devotion path.

Kami, rage greedy, don't have devotion.

Do some devotion, no caste, however total khoya.

Kami - A creature encircled by needs will ne'er do devotion to God.  If it grows on the trail of devotion too, then there'll be less devotion in its devotion and additional demand.  Devotion is that the name of the journey to become futile.

If devotion is flourishing, then it destroys all worldly needs and if the will is consummated, it destroys all devotion.

Anger - Anger could be a sign of somebody's ego and wherever there's conceitedness, however will Onkar stop.  Wrath conjointly results in cruelty and anger conjointly provides rise to cruelty. devotion is that the name of the important emptiness of life.

Greedy - The greedy person looks to be a lover from outside, however if his eye is additionally closed, it'll not be for the samadhi however are bolted within the greed of the fish sort of a heron.

He can pray however thanks in his prayers and not the desires of others, however Associate in Nursing state, a want and stinginess are contained.

Where there's stinginess aside from the last word, the penetration of devotion isn't potential.

If somebody will devotion, the caste kinship group is lost.

In spite of all this, wherever the character could be a force, wherever there's a force of non-grace, wherever there's a force of truth, wherever there's a force of purity and charitable force. wherever there's solely a powerful feeling of "Siya Ram Maya Sab Jag" rising higher than caste, clan, creed, and sect, identical pious queen is additionally colonised.

Standard - six to eight Science Technology  Subject context has created Associate in Nursing  interactive game

Standard - 6 to 8 Science Technology  Subject context has created an  interactive game 


આંખની ઈન્ટર એક્ટીવ ગેમ રમવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

પર્ણની ઈન્ટર એક્ટીવ ગેમ રમવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

નિસ્યંદન ટાવરની ઈન્ટર એક્ટીવ ગેમ રમવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

હ્દયની ગેમ ઈન્ટર એક્ટીવ ગેમ રમવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

પાચનતંત્રની ગેમ ઈન્ટર એક્ટીવ ગેમ રમવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

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