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Monday, September 14, 2020

std 7 samajik vigyan unit 15 rajy sarakar

 std 7 samajik vigyan unit 15 rajy sarakar

  We go to our school and the school has different classes of different standards. How is the administration of classes when there is no education in the class? For those who know the arrangement of the class, we know that there are fairs of different ministers. Years of Sanitation Caste You will be the Minister of Management and Decoration because it is through the election in our class that we release them. The children who get more votes happen as ministers. In the same way, if we live in an Indian country, what can such a big country do? So it is the work of one person and this is the different states of our India. There are many cities and villages in our state. 

              If the administration of this state is also coming, then we are holding elections for that too. Through it we run the state system. Even in our state, one can govern well, work in the interest of the people and for the development of the people and the state, we release a good person. The state has an MLA. So its function is to govern the state effectively and best and to develop the people just as there is an executive meeting of the state which enforces the law and when the king has a judiciary that punishes those who break the law we divide the state government into three parts. Works Legislative Executive and Judiciary

                    Local government is also seen in our state i.e. there are gram panchayats in the village. Taluka panchayat is found in the taluka. District panchayat is found in the district. This local government is what we see through elections. We have democracy in our state. The candidate is elected by the people by the people and through them they have maintained the system of our state while the municipality and the corporation have the body of the local self-government of the city. 

            The formation and role of the state government is that our country has a large population in India. So how different governments are seen in different states, Delhi and Jammu and Kashmir are special states and our country has two types of government, the nation and the state nation, that is, the central government and the state government, the state has two types and meetings, such as Vidhan Parishad and Vidhan Parishad and Vidhan Parishad His defeat Maharaj Uttar Pradesh Karnataka Telangana Andhra Pradesh is the only Vidhan Parishad in the state. Mick leaves higher secondary teachers for the constituency and if we want to be a member of the Legislative Council we must be citizens of India for 30 years or more. The Legislative Council is never abolished. 

                     It is a permanent house and has a term of six years and one third Members retire in two years. If there is no Legislative Council in Gujarat, then there is a Legislative Assembly, then the lower house of the Legislative Assembly is the Legislative Assembly, while the upper house of the Legislative Assembly is known as the Legislative Council. The number of Legislative Assemblies cannot be maximum. Must be 3 years of age or older and should not be a candidate of a government body or a criminal or mentally retarded. Every state in India has a legislature and divisions are divided into different areas and the candidate is elected by the constituency and its seats.

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                    The 12 seats in the Legislative Assembly belong to Gujarat and people hold elections every five years in which the candidate is released and the Chief Minister of his state is made up of the Chief Minister and the Kak. The Legislative Assembly is formed and the various reforms and additions of our state have been done by the candidates for the better development of the state in the interest of the people.

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