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Monday, September 14, 2020

covid 19 leave apply for teachers approve subject

 Can government employees get leave if they have corona?

           At present there is a growing trend in the whole of India as well as in the state of Gujarat that it is very important to be careful because even a small mistake at any time can make people feel heavy. At present all the educational institutions are closed. The office has given a clear message to the teachers that it is not appropriate to be present in the school with 90% of the staff at a time when the schools are closed due to the epidemic of corona. 

            It is also not possible for the full staff to be present in the school. The government needs to retire as there have been various reports of coronavirus infection in primary school staff as well. The government is in the moment with the news of coronavirus positive on TV. The coronavirus has spread around the world. In such a situation, the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Health, Government of India and the State Government Department It is very important to follow all these guidelines to control the spread of Corona virus. As the transmission of Novel Corona virus is on the rise,

             it is important to take precautions and take appropriate steps to prevent the spread of the disease by the government as well as the health department. All the primary school and school staff under the office are required to perform the various functions correctly. Government employees on duty in various primary schools are instructed to seek the approval of the government employee at his head office as follows.

             The following are some of the things a government employee has to take care of while studying on duty during that time to get treatment at home. If any school employee is infected with coronavirus, he / she must first inform the Taluka Primary Education Officer in writing and inform the Taluka Primary Education Officer in writing. Provide detailed information on the subject and proof of ongoing treatment at home The headmaster will also have to take some action such as if the employee has come to stay in the arji form of isolation, his recommendation will have to be reported in writing to the Taluka Primary Education Officer's office through him as well as self-declaration at the time of leave sanction.


  It is also very important that the employee or any member of his / her family should keep a certified copy of the positive report of Coro with the certificate application of the medical bill. All these administrative matters should be sent to the taluka office through the headmaster of the center. Must be delivered with live account on the basis of Medical Certificate. Any employee who is on duty in the online presence as well as in the attendance register will have to enter the hospital or stay at home for treatment if there is any problem or need further guidance. The Taluka Primary Education Officer has to be contacted in this regard. If he has to be admitted in the hospital for more than the stipulated time, he has to take more leave than the number of days sanctioned. If the head teacher of the school has to be informed again in advance so that the taluka can forward it to the primary education officer. In order to prevent the spread of the Pune virus, it is not only good that such teachers do not come to the school but other fellow teacher friends can also be positive. Friends will also have to take special care that Corona


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