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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

shri ram chandra mission sahyog thee 9 to 12 standard essy writting compitition thought education department

 shri ram chandra mission sahyog thee 9 to 12 standard essy writting compitition thought education department

                     . The Gujarat Council of Educational Elementary State Project Director's Office has notified all the District Primary Education Officers that under the Shri Ramchandra Mission Scheme, the United Nations Information Center and the first ever essay competition has been organized. In the time of epidemic, students are studying at home through home learning. They have enough space and time to do various activities, so make good use of this time to develop their inner strengths and get various active knowledge children through Shri Ramchandra Mission. The essay competition has been organized by this NGO for the last 15 years. 

                  This year the trust has organized the Heartfulness Essay Writing Competition 2020. There are two sections of this essay writing competition in which students of Std. 8 to 12 participate in one section. As well as sex essays for students vs. The subject of part one is Thought Pollution of All Is which will be the subject of the essay. You have to write the essay in your own words in a fundamental way. You don't have to write with the help of any book. In order to participate in the drawing program 2020, the first thing to do is to open the web browser of young web browser with the help of mobile or computer with internet facility and on it the schools have to fill in the required information of their students and process the registration.

                 After leaving the schools will be given a unique code number. Students will have to upload their essay writing using Unicode font. After uploading the student will also get a message on his mobile number as well as email id number which will confirm. Detailed information is provided along with the circular for the results, names and various details of the students whose parents, teachers and 9:30 Management will study it thoroughly and prepare the students for it. Students will be encouraged to write essays. Successful students will be rewarded. 

                  The cash amount will be used for their work. Students will study and do various activities at home during school hours This platform is an appropriate essay writing competition so that more and more students from Std. 9 to Std. 12 can participate and create their own bright future. It is very important to write an essay within the best 500 words, submit it on the website and nominate it and encourage other students to do the same. The message is to spread the message to more and more students. As well as lack of proper guidance, brilliant students miss out on these various types of competitions. Students are thankful if timely messages and adequate guidance are given to the students by the teachers. Students are able to do a good job of writing free essay writing. The student will be able to write more and more essays as he has more and more vocabulary.

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Participating in these competitions will keep the children active. In future such essay competitions will involve more word activity. Students' inner dormant power will change. Khil se student's writing style will change. In addition, he will improve his character. He will get in the habit of writing any small detail in detail and he will become proficient in essay writing.

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