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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

vidhyarthee vigyam manthan 2020 registration for 6 to 11 std

what is vidhyarthee vigyan manthan ?

 GCERT Gandhinagar has published a notification to all District Education and Training Bhavan on 1192020 to involve students in science vigyan manthan 2020 21 Science Talent Search Examination by Vigyan Prasar New Delhi and A notification has been issued to give this exam to the students. The Director has also given guidance in this regard and instructed to give this science dissemination exam so that more and more students can join this exam and bring out their dormant powers and cultivate interest in science. Is given

                Vigyan Manthan 2021 Science Talent Search Examination has been organized by Vigyan Prasar New Delhi so that the students of Std. Students of primary schools as well as secondary schools as well as higher secondary schools have been instructed to give this Science Student Manthan 2020 exam. The medium of this exam will be Gujarati so that no student will have any problem to take the exam and special instruction has been given to give this exam at any place. The student does not have to go. The student will be able to take the exam at home. That is, since it is an open book exam, the student is not going to take the exam at any place at the examination center. Office of Student Science Manthan to ensure that students can register online till September 30. Students will have to register on the Yale website and will also have to pay a fee of Rs. 100 to encourage the students to perform at their best in this exam. Various certificates as well as medals and cash prizes have also been announced

 What is the benefit of participating in student vigyan manthan 2020 exam?

Since the students of Std. 9 to 11 are going to take part in this student vigyan manthan 2020 examination, the interest towards science increases in the child from an early age.

 Students are attracted to science and are engaged in new research activities

 The student starts thinking towards the science subject and also develops the habit of doing new research.

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Vidhyarthee vigyan manthan registration video

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 The student is in the process of learning more and more about science and technology.

 The power of thought develops and the dormant power flourishes in it

 He develops the habit of discovering new things every day

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