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Thursday, September 17, 2020

std 8angrej shasan ni bharat par asar samaajikvigyan

std 8angrej shasan ni bharat par asar samaajikvigyan 

                   .Friend, we know that when the newspaper comes to our house in the morning, it is full of all kinds of news, so it is often written that the revolution of the movement will happen to us. When it is not enough, we protest against it. We agitate against it. It is called revolution. We oppose it to satisfy our needs with that revolution. In the same way, such agitations have been witnessed in India till the 18th century. 

                So our India was rich but our country became miserable and ruined because of the British company government within the British rule which made it a raw material producer and its factory in England and built its huge market but raw material So children need raw materials, that is, they need small things to make something. It is called casual, like we need wood to make a pencil, and it is called raw material. He made our country poor in the same way and he himself took the prosperity of our India to his countries

             . During the British rule, farmers and agriculture were in good condition. During the rule, when they could conquer Bengal, Bihar and Orissa, they got the power to sell there. If you had taken them, you would have earned a huge income from them. You became the peasantry and the revenue. The peasantry and on their own land, when they cultivate the land, they will be given revenue instead of revenue. Cakes were taken but the farmers became so poor. They could not pay the revenue and they could not pay the revenue even by selling the jewelery themselves and the practice of usurers of co-operatives was so heavy that they could not collect the revenue so they had to cultivate the land so agriculture was also under British rule at that time. There was a time when there was a severe famine in Bengal which caused people to starve to death and at that time a British Governor General adopted a new method which was a revenue system called Jamabandhi. 

                The revenue system called Jamabandhi means that when the English company government decides to give permanent land to the landlords when there is some land and from that the company has to pay revenue every year, then such an income has become the company which has become a large class of landlords and Farmers worked hard and produced in the sun and they were exploited and you know what land revenue is, what is land revenue, that is, when we have land, we have to pay tax on it. People were exploited to collect a revenue in the time of Hastings when there were gram panchayats in small villages in our country which ruled the villages completely. At that time the British government issued a decree to salute every British in Agra and if not salute. 

                 They were punished and the Indians were forcibly converted to Islam so that people were born with the idea that these people destroyed our Indian culture and religion and us into another religion. Trying to propagate has created hatred in the hearts of the people in the same way that our Indian trade and industries in our country collapsed and during the time of the government when it comes to the industries before it is the raw material of our India. Trade in foreign countries was very good and there was a great demand in the world for good fine and fine muslin in India which also sold a lot of cloth as well as salt and it was exported and imported to India in return. Gold and silver were imported but as soon as the British government came, the situation changed. Making the glass that is in our country and people started drifting towards poverty because they did not get enough money, our industries collapsed and all the small glass vessel metal textile industries of the people were destroyed. 

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                 The artisans became unemployed and the British became rich. Due to our British government, the handicraft industries that we had were destroyed and the industries were closed down. So people are against the British government every day. They are skeptical of the reforms. The British government did the reforms but they did it for their benefit but it was also beneficial for us. But the conservatives looked at it with suspicion because William Bentick when the Indian government With the development of England when he became the Governor General of India, he made some shameful reforms in Hindi against Hindi and Indians were also given a place in the administration of the Senting Company. Indians also had to use their mother tongue to seek justice. But gave leave and at the same time introduced to them the practice of sati practice sati practice in 1829 which was against it was the custom of sati practice to stop it

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