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Thursday, September 17, 2020

ccc exam pass karnargranTed shalaona staff ne mool tarikh thi uchchatar pagardhoran babat 16-9-2020

 ccc exam pass karnargranTed shalaona staff ne mool tarikh thi uchchatar pagardhoran babat 16-9-2020


                                 It is very necessary and compulsory for the government employees of Gujarat to pass the computer skills test to get higher salary standard as well as higher grade after passing the departmental examination so that the employees pass the computer skills test even before getting the appointment. The government has stated that even if a computer employee has not passed the computer skills test, he will not have to pass the computer skills test separately if he has passed the computer test at the same standard. In order to get higher salary standard, the employees have to make a proposal at the end of a certain job year.

                          The process of verification and verification of these two certificates is done accurately if these b Higher Salary Standard Not Approved If Entry of Certificate is not in Service Book Government Resolution 1692020 is passed to approve their higher pay scale from the date on which. 31. The salary standard should be sanctioned only in case of passing CC or CCC Plus examination conducted by government approved examination centers during 2020 and complying with various provisions for higher pay scale from time to time. Educational and non-educational in non-government aided secondary and higher secondary schools as per the provisions of 28 7 2020 It was proposed to apply the rule to the employees in this regard which was in the view of the Government.

                  Secondary and higher secondary schools which have not been able to pass the CC or CCC examination are required to pass the examination by the last date as per the new guideline of 31 12 2020. Or have passed the CCC Plus exam and the benefits of this earlier higher pay scale have to be changed from the date of passing the exam to the higher pay standard approved from the date of eligibility. Educational and other educational employees of government aided secondary and higher secondary schools It is compulsory to pass and it is very important to abide by the conditions. This scheme is implemented in all government departments whether it is education department or any other department. Higher pay scales are not approved without what is required

                             The government has also set up a separate system so that employees of all departments can pass CC or CCC Plus exams quickly. Earlier, exams could be given only through ITIs but now in all major government universities in the state like Gujarat. University Sardar Patel University Saurashtra University Gujarat Technological University South Gujarat University In the computer section of all these departments, orders have been issued to call for nominations through online registration process of government employees and to carry out the process of passing the CCC exam. Employees can apply online in the university of their life.

                    The online application has to specify the mobile number and e-mail ID so that you can know your message by sending a message on the email ID or mobile number when the exam is organized. The study of ccc exam is very simple in which Microsoft Ver Email Microsoft PowerPoint as well as typing a paragraph in Gujarati in Shruti font. Practical knowledge of such simple things is on 25th March as well as there is a theory section on 25th March. It is very important to pass in both these sections. Both the departments have to bring the mark above 25. 

   Download paripatr

                  Government employees can pass the ccc exam with more than one attempt. If an employee passes in theory and fails in practical, he can only apply online to the university for practical exam and try to pass Universities have been in the process of applying for this online application for a period of time. The result is also available to the employees on the online platform in eight to ten days. Same as where the notification is to be placed

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