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Monday, September 28, 2020

saral data app thi marks scan karavaa babat latest GR

 use of saral data app 


                       GCERT Gandhinagar has been conducting unit test for two years for the purpose of evaluating students. Unit test is conducted in every primary school. Students are created academically as well as their education develops. Interest in study increases. For the last two years, a unit test is being organized in the primary schools in standard three to eight to ensure that education does not come to Arjun and he gets ready for various examinations from an early age. This unit test should be 25 marks. In the unit test, logic based questions are organized in the middle and simple section. Student's monthly course. This unit is a test course. Every student has to take compulsory part in the unit test. However, the GCRT Education Department has decided to take a unit test for children. At present, children are studying at home through color as well as through working class and The readiness is increasing with the curriculum

                    As the unit test of the students is based on the syllabus, it is easier for the students. Last year, question papers were given for this unit test and it was planned to write the answers but then each student was given a unit test booklet in which one unit test was given to three students. In case of low marks, the study results which are to be done for remedial work were given separately for remedial work. In order to check the unit test, five different questions are asked in the unit test book this year. The question paper is to be sent to the school's email id in advance.

                    The Department of Education, Gandhinagar has planned to send the question paper to the e-mail ID of the school. Students have been instructed to follow various guidelines for unit test such as unit test. Rounding up the student's mistakes while checking. Writing various instructions. Keeping the student's study based instructions as well as remedial. The unit test will be conducted throughout the year to write the task based instruction so it is very important to follow various guidelines. Teachers are also advised to take special care while checking the unit test of the students.

                    The guardian of the house is also aware of the progress of his child and the guardian also signs the unit test and enrolls the school. The unit is to carry out the scanning process of the test. Simple data application software has developed a study method to scan the marks of children's unit test. This application must be downloaded in the mobiles of the class teachers of every standard 3 to 8 students. They have been ordered to improve the learning level of students in schools. 

               As well as unit test is conducted in the students for the purpose of finding out whether the study results have been achieved according to each question. A simple data application is to be used to ensure that the process of scanning at school level under unit test is carried out during regular hours. Monitoring is also required through CRC Co-ordinator. Data of students under periodic assessment test The support is taken from the tracking system from the dias. 


                 At the district level it is important to take care that the teacher of the district will be responsible for resolving any problem. The MIS coordinator will have to do intensive checking in this regard. If there is any problem while shaving the data skins of the students, a technical phone number is also provided in which the problem of the student who does not undergo the unit test scan process by calling will be resolved by the Command and Control Center. If the student's unit test scan shows difficulty, his entry will be made from Gandhinagar Command and Control Center and online attendance for students. It has been added to the online attendance system so that the students whose marks are scanned will be shown the green option in their classroom. The green option will appear. The scanning process of the students has been done and the entry of the student's clan that appears Will have to understand

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