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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

school na vidhyartheeo mate photograthy spardha aayojan babat

school na vidhyartheeo mate photograthy spardha aayojan babat


The Council of Education Research and Training organizes various types of training and active education for teachers as well as children to equip them. Various competitions are organized every year to keep the students active in the schools. At present GCER T. Gandhinagar has issued a circular that a photography competition should be organized for the students of the schools. For this, the principals of all the District Education Training Councils have also been instructed. 

               In the coming days, the Government of India The 150th anniversary will be celebrated. At the end of the two-year period, an online photography competition will be organized for school children from all over the country. How to participate in the Amazon competition and how to succeed and complete it through the Ministry of Education Delhi All the students will have to understand and participate in the rules and regulations of this competition. 


            It will be the responsibility of all the primary school teachers to ensure that all the instructions and rules are followed and also to study this circular and guide the children to the proper instructions. . And one of the best in India is to use a camera if you have a cellphone or a camera. You can only use the jpg format for the corpse mission. Students of 8th standard as well as students of 9th to 12th class can participate. Only one entry per child has to be submitted here. Student has to submit his entry in the school. The last date for submission of entries by the students is 5th October 2020. The principal of the school has selected each of the photographs by Bhai BP School and has uploaded the link with the best 10 to 12 photos selected by him. 

               The address of the school is 11:30 Tirtha. It is Urban. The email ID of the Principal of the Union Territory is to be given along with the mobile number of the Head of the school. Certificates will also be awarded by T. The best selection at the national level will also be made. From 15th to 30th November 2020, various photos will be selected by the authorized MCERT and the final masterpiece will be declared as well as they will be given a certificate by NCERT. The first three students in each category as well as seven students will be selected as other consolation prizes to the winners. Various interesting books, pen drive and cash prize money are also well kept. 

               First prize 10000 Second prize Rs. 7,000 Dhriti 5007 consolation prize of Rs. Has been givenOn the occasion of the 150th birth anniversary of Gandhiji, a number of programs were conducted at the school level in the first semester in which a drawing competition based on the theme of Swachh Bharat was organized. Out of eight young children, category wise students were selected for their best work and a drawing competition was also held at CRC level in which students also excelled at CRC level. In this way step by step various competitions were organized as part of the celebration of Gandhiji's 150th birth anniversary under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan till Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Various programs were also organized for the people of the congregations to join. NGOs also joined. Various competitions were held on the occasion of Gandhiji's birth anniversary. Prizes were also given to the winning students in Sapar village for their encouragement.

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