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Friday, September 25, 2020

home learning training for all teachers

 home learning training for all teachers

  Due to the outbreak of Corona epidemic in Gujarat, it was implemented from March 4. It was the turn of businesses, factories, various small and big shops as well as educational institutes to close classes etc. Lockdown. With it all the educational institutions were closed. Education work was stopped. Schools were closed. Students and students were not allowed to come to school. The Department of Education was ready to teach the children how to indirectly educate the children. The Department of Education immediately instructed them to use Microsoft to educate the children indirectly. Training for the children was also required online. 

           This is how the IDs of government employees who were attached to the education department were also generated The IDs given gave the responsibility of installing MST buses to the teachers who started the process of installing the entire scheme in the mobiles of the children who have mobile and internet facility. MS teams were the medium through which more than one The special type of training that the children could connect through video calling was given only through the msteams of the teachers. Using this training, the primary teachers from all over the state came in contact with the children. The study was also started indirectly so that the parents would not have to worry about their children's studies without wasting their children's time.

             From the new session of the year 2020, various online training for teachers has been started through Diksha Portal. GCERT Gandhinagar has issued a new letter ordering to train teachers through online Diksha Portal on home learning in which all the compulsory teachers In order to educate the children indirectly, the government was indirectly educating the children on DD Girnar channel. Various expert friends of GCERT were imparting lessons by preparing educational video content through Byseg Studio. Was successful so the state education department was working hard to find a way to improve this home learning.

   click here for watch video

                     Home learning assessment was also done by the teachers. The children called through the DD Girnar channel to see if the video was taken and follow-up was taken to see what the child learned. What video did they watch today? Who made the video? Cross verification was also done on the above and it is noted in the file. Every teacher is trying to teach the child in his own way. Local teachers are adopting new ideas. Types of educational videos are also sent to the children by making a link to the videos that have been installed so that every child can benefit from it through whatsapp group.

Home learning time table 1 January to 15 january

                     The training on Diksha Portal is designed for compulsory teachers so that every primary teacher indirectly prepares the child to impart current knowledge and understanding of the subject matter. Follow-up i.e. third party verification is required. It is also important to know from the parents of the child whether the child is actually watching the video of home learning or not. It is very important to do such a study one day. 

યોગ શિક્ષણ તાલીમ માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

The syllabus of the home learning program of the child as well as the time sheet are given in advance so that the child knows exactly which unit of the subject is to be published. But the profile can only be obtained online in four to five days

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