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Friday, September 18, 2020

std 6 samajik vigyan ekam 10 pruthvina aavarano

std 6 samajik vigyan ekam 10 pruthvina aavarano


         The solar family is the family of our sun. The family of the sun is the planet we will be. Earth is the planet of our body family. Earth is the only planet where sergio can live its life. On this planet humans got water, air and life in the required heat. There is no other planet that has received such an invaluable gift to our planet where we also get the water and oxygen we need but the other planet does not have such living and sufficient things so the living creatures originated only on the planet Earth. We do not know what we know but it has been found that the earth existed thousands of times when it originated it was the inventor of fire horse and gradually it cooled down over time and it evolved into liquid and solid form and slowly As the atmosphere cooled around the earth, air and earth's surface and earth's crust came into existence. Along with these crusts came huge pits filled with water and came into existence as oceans. In addition to being made in their form, it has also been found that the shepherd has come to the earth which is the first covering of the living creatures which is very important for human beings.

                      Example i.e. different i.e. the earth which is also on the earth It is said that because man can make his own home there and the human organism that lives on the land is Vrinda Vala i.e. the earthen covering which is on the surface of the earth. There are also deep pits which are known as oceans and seas and the living creatures from Mudavaran can cultivate themselves. They can set up industries. Take mineral oil. Extract mineral oil from Mudavarana. The human body also receives its own food. 

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                 There is another covering which is the aquifer. Another description is given on the aquifer. Aquifer is the aquifer which is the covering of water on the earth. I.e. burn Dwarfs stop and humans are in dire need of water. If human beings cannot live without water, then this water we get from the earth and human beings, plants and animals get this water from the cover of the aquifer. This is the cover from the atmosphere. We can see that the air we are in is called the atmosphere we are in. We cannot see but we can feel it. The answer is that there are particles. 

                  The atmosphere is not colored. It is not closed. It cannot be seen. The air and the need for the living beings to survive are obtained from the mantle of the atmosphere on the earth which is different from the air and because of this atmosphere we can hear each other's voices from the waves. We can hear each other and we also experience different sounds and it doesn't get dark all of a sudden and we can only experience light and darkness because of the atmosphere if you are the environment i.e. where there is atmosphere and where there is water the three envelopes are wide and The ecosystem is the organism It still exists on Earth today where living beings i.e. humans, animals and plants derive their life necessities and food only from the environment. These covers are very important and they are an invaluable gift of the earth Because all of these coverings are being disrupted, so the natural nutrition link is in jeopardy, so human beings should act in such a way that we do not harm the priceless gift we have received on earth.

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