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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

samayik kasoti time table september 2020

  ekam kasoti September 2020 month timetable


 Gujarat State Education Department's leading Gujarati Education Research and Training Council Gandhinagar is organizing various activities to increase the educational readiness of teachers and children of all primary schools in the state. So that the teacher friends can give appropriate justice to their students in the classroom. The subject matter is knowledge but different ideas on how to present it to the students are provided to the teachers by the expert friends of GCERT. In the same way that various aspects of how to present are taught to teachers by expert friends, for the last two years Rajinikanth has been conducting unit tests every fortnight in schools to regularize their studies to increase their academic readiness. 

                No unit tests to do better with good results Good planning is being done by GCERT. This periodic assessment test for students of Std. 3 to 8 was earlier delivered to Dil Rajvi Primary Schools by GCERT and a copy of the question paper was to be given to the children by the same school grant na kharch. The children also had to answer the entire assessment in Krishna Patra. Sex began to improve and the form of the question paper was taken as a unit test booklet. In the situation where educational institutions are closed in the state due to the current Corona epidemic, the state has been conducting home learning medium for children in the state since June through textbooks and virtual classes as well as unit tests. 

time table download from here

                 In which the unit test booklet was given from the state education department which was delivered to the students from door to door in July In the first question paper of the month, at the beginning the teachers went to the house of all the students and gave the question paper and the periodic assessment test was held. The periodical assessment test to be taken should include separate important issues and suggestions. The periodic assessment test will be taken from 26th to 30th September and hard copy will be delivered to the students by 2592020. All the periodical assessment test question papers of standard 6 to 8 will also be uploaded on the official website of gcert on 2020. Students will also be able to download from there. The writing work will have to be done internally. The support unit of any other textbook will have to be taken while writing the test. Why not? Answer Book  Parents of all primary school students should insist that they be given in the school by 2020. Earlier in the day all students have to do writing work as per the instruction of District Primary Education Officer. 

               Gujarati medium students in Gujarati in Hindi. According to the media, writing should be done. Good character writing work should be done. The unit test booklet is checked while giving it in the school. It is very important to write the unit test well and maintain it. This unit test is designed keeping in mind the different learning outcomes of the child. The marks have to be completed so that the process of filling in the marks table after the verification process is very simple A simple Daka app of road scanning has been developed to get the list of moves from the latest equipment given. It is the responsibility of the school teachers and the teacher friend in the classroom to see that the question marks are scanned through the Sir Data app. More education happens than friends      

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