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Friday, September 4, 2020

Teachers get honour by people

                         Gujarat State Elementary Education Council State Project Director Office All Education Department Gandhinagar has instructed all District Primary Education Officers as well as District Project Coordinators of the state and informed through circular that online training of primary school teachers of the state by 361 degree minds consulting private limited Giving is planned

                          361 Degree Mind Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is an NGO working for disabled students. This NGO carries out special activities on how to set up disabled children with normal children and how to make them think at primary level. Expert teacher friends working in this organization with disabled children Hali is concerned about their education together and is involved in many special activities to make them think as normal human beings. 

                    This organization has different types of disabled children. It is not only necessary to have handicap. Even a mentally retarded child can be said to be a kind of handicapped child. The teachers of this institute who make special efforts to impart educational training to all such children and make them like normal human beings will also have handicapped or handicapped children in the state primary schools. Provide special training on how to set up disabled children in school with normal children Vaa has created a platform for the child to consider himself as capable of normal children. It is also very important for the child to get education based on various activities. The child is handicapped and it feels good to come to school. Various activities to coordinate with the child are done by this organization

                      An online training has been organized on how to identify the primary teachers of the standard and how to prepare them for their educational activities.

                          Instructed to download the application and complete the video silhouette Nepali given in the entire application. Certificate of completion of training is also given. The certificate is also said to be available from the profile on the application. The entire training is video content based training. About 32 videos are included in the training.

                          Each video is for disabled children based on various topics. Conversation with disabled children as well as discussion. Here is how to learn something new. Training is given to the disabled children to discuss with the normal children, get education through games with them and feel good about themselves. Video content will be given to the teachers here to make special activities for children with different disabilities in all subjects. 

Important link. Video

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Every video is taken in a very high quality way Teachers are also teaching paralyzed children very well and they are also understanding their conversations. Watching all kinds of videos carefully, 

Downloadoad gr from here


361 chetna video how get online trainning

                        it was found that if there is this kind of training rather than modules, then practical knowledge is also available. They were able to provide training. They were seen through video content of eight applications. They were very grateful to the paralyzed children for their excellent guidance with the help of eye and hand gestures so that the teachers in primary schools of each state could impart such training to the paralyzed children. However, special training can be given to them as children with different disabilities are currently studying in each primary school and they do not go to a separate special school for them. Education officers have been assigned to complete the training within the stipulated time frame in coordination with the i eat coordinator teachers. Is taken

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