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Friday, October 2, 2020

NISHTHA TALIM MODUAL/AHEVAL file/log in problem solution 2020


                                            NISHTHA TALIM MODUAL 2020

                   Educational institutions across Gujarat are closed due to L. corona epidemic. Children are also studying at home through home learning. Schools have been closed since March since the lockdown. Due to this, it is prohibited to call a child to school and for that, if a student is called to school, the strip instruction has been given that the academic staff of that school will be responsible for it by the education department of Gujarat government. The various mediums being used are offline which is digital education but does not want to lag behind the education department of Gujarat government in any kind of education

                 . Learn at home Textbook Child's Minister Unit Test Program broadcasting on various topics According to the education given to the child, besides the teachers at the local level also the students through different means. Trying to associate ONE with the study so that the student does not stay at home for a long time and is deprived of education. At the local level, teachers also prepare various information related to the subject and deliver it to the student by making some short notes. The Department of Education has started preparations to provide various types of training online so that the medium of training will be Diksha Portal. It has been finalized that the medium for training will be Diksha Portal. Preparations for the various types of online training were also started through Byseg Studio.

                   The Diksha Portal is a medium through which you have to start training from any type of online teacher instruction immediately. Loyalty Training Page One Before Lockdown Many teachers were trained in the event which was very interesting and enthusiastic poetry teachers took part in it. Teachers who could not take loyalty training had to undergo training in Part-II, but now that the educational institutions are closed, there is no other way but online medium, so loyalty training was organized on Diksha portal after studying 1 to 12 modules in total. Certificate of completion of loyalty training was to be obtained as per the model. Study of each model and delivering it to the CRC by doing a homework by writing a report. Compulsory during the period. Many times many questions were going to the teachers about not downloading the server down certificate, not logging in. 

              To solve these problems, there was another way to get training on Shikshapatri's website and by email and these problems could be solved by most of the primary teachers in Gujarat on a single application. It is natural that the problem of login problem was solved immediately by Diksha Portal. Teachers were enthusiastically participating in the training as it was an activity based training in the fidelity training. The training covered a variety of specific topics in which technology was used very well. Was given inside so that after reading it and doing the activity when the school opens, the children can be given a nice fun education through different means. 





           children come to school more through these activities. This devotion training to bring the child to school. Used in education increases school attendance as well as the child's interest in learning. The model given with fidelity training will also be an inspiration for a lifelong teacher as it can be used to create a child through a variety of technologies. There are various techniques that can be done if you are interested. The importance of sports, art and music based education is also realized through this devotion training.

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