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Tuesday, December 15, 2020




 Office of the Commissioner Madhyahan Bhojan Yojana Block 14 First Mar Dr. Jivraj Mehta Bhavan Gandhinagar as per the circular dated 14 4 2020 during the period of off-learning due to coronavirus under Madhyahan Bhojan Yojana to the students of primary schools of the state Diwali vacation starts till 28 10 2020. Instruction has been given to give food security allowance for 50 days school days.

                 The new academic year has started with the unlocked instructions issued by the Government of India in the current extraordinary circumstances of the Novel Corona virus epidemic and the five six 2020 resolutions outlined in the preamble one of the Gujarat government's education department. Students enrolled during the home learning period for a total of 49 gaushala days till the start of Diwali vacation till 2020 will not be able to attend school. As per the resolution of the Department of Education dated 14 12 2020 as mentioned in the two, all the schools covered under the State Midday Meal Scheme of                     

                       the new academic year 2021 September 2020 for the period of 49 school days from Diwali 2020 to 28 10 2020 till the start of Diwali vacation are registered in the institutions. The state government has decided to issue school food security bill to all students for 49 days A copy is included which is to be given food security allowance as per the book given to every student of the state as per the resolution. Booking court rate for 49 days from 1920 to 28 10 2020 till the start of Diwali vacation is included with this. 14 4 Payment of Rules in accordance with the details given in the Resolution of 2020 and strictly following the guidelines given in it. 

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                    As stated in the beginning of Resolution No. 1442020 of the Department of Education, the amount of  cooking cost fixed by the head teacher of the school should be deposited in the bank account of the student-guardian as well as the teachers of local schools strictly maintaining the social distance keeping in view the local circumstances. And through the honorarium holders of the mid-day meal scheme centers, the Deputy Collector Shri and the District Primary Education Officer will have to complete the distribution of foodgrains in consultation with the supply chain.

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              From the above order of the Elephant Education Department, according to the total number of students registered here from the District Corporation for Food Security, a grant allocation of Rs. Out of the total quantity of cereals, 291225.08 Winter wheat and rice will be used for distribution as per the calculation. If there is any discrepancy in the number of students enrolled in the specified district, the Deputy Collector of Mid-day Meal Scheme will have to send an immediate report here.

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