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Saturday, December 12, 2020



        .Gujarat State Education Department Gandhinagar recruits teachers in government primary schools in various government offices. According to the establishment of Std. 1 to 8 and Std. 6 to 8 by the state education department, since the recruitment of teachers started, separate department wise recruitment announcements have been received from today for eight years. Earlier PTC candidates could apply as teachers in standard one to eight but since the teacher aptitude test in the education department and the whole process of selection as a teacher has changed, the unemployment rate among PTC candidates is very high as the number of PTC candidates is very high in Gujarat. 

           The PTC syllabus in the state of Gujarat was very popular among the students of every religion and caste due to which earlier many self finance colleges were also available for conducting PTC syllabus in Gujarat but not for the PTC candidates. The number of students enrolled in government primary teachers is very low as the number of students doing the course is very high Unemployment is so high that primary teachers are earning their living by working in private schools.

          Teacher Eligibility Test Since the recruitment of teachers, students have to work hard to get merit marks in it as the level of competition has increased so much that the merit number in teacher recruitment is also very high as against the number of candidates. In Gujarat, teacher aptitude test was conducted every year, but due to lack of regular recruitment of candidates who have passed the aptitude test, teacher aptitude test is not conducted now because the candidates who have already passed have already passed. 

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         That is why those candidates want the teacher aptitude test to be conducted before the recruitment of primary teachers in government primary schools so that more candidates who have passed the aptitude test are not added to them. For this, various people are also getting information from the education department through RTI. An RTI has recently revealed by the education department office that primary and higher secondary in primary schools in the state In both the departments, it is noticed that there are vacancies of 9000 teachers in Std. 1 to 8 in the proportion of sanctioned establishment. Estimated 2000 places as well as social science 1300 places their language estimated places to be around 2000



                Aware youth have been seeking information from the education department for proper recruitment of primary teachers on a regular basis. Aware youth from Sabarkantha said in RTI that the total number of vacancies in the upper primary department and primary department is available in the current situation. Had Tattoo 2 Pass Candidates Want Special Recruitment of Teachers If a large number of teachers are kept in vacancies, it will affect the education of the children.



               Candidates pass the Teacher Aptitude Test as vacancy information is released. Candidates want the government to start the process for expediting the recruitment process for these vacancies. Candidates want Government Primary Teachers not to be recruited in this department for a long time. But very few are recruited so that the candidates apply against it in large numbers. Only a few candidates are given priority in the selection of primary teacher. Teachers are seeking recruitment in both the sections as there is no recruitment of PTC candidates in Std. 1 to 8 so far so most of the PTC candidates have become unemployed.



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