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Sunday, December 13, 2020




         Various social and farmer oriented schemes are being implemented by the Gujarat government and also various beneficial schemes are being implemented so that every section of the society is not harmed and people of all religions and castes are taking advantage of it equally. The Central Government is also cooperating with Gujarat in the same way so that the development of Gujarat has accelerated the development of every section of the society.

 Various farmer oriented schemes are being formulated to double the income of farmers in Gujarat. The Central Government and the Government of Gujarat are making a significant contribution in this regard. For this, farmers cannot protect their crops The standing crop of the farm is destroyed. Even when the crop is just left to be harvested, the cattle turn over the ready crop. The farmers have no choice but to cry. The farmers are middle class. No rich farmers can avail all these facilities as they have so much land and many times the balance.


 The Government of Gujarat has come up with a fun scheme for such medium and small farmers in which financial assistance scheme to farmers for construction of iron barbed wire fence around the farm against the damage caused to the crop by paddy and wild animals is implemented as per the new resolution dated 8 12 2020. Has been made and more and more it is being spread among the farmers and the farmers are getting the right information.


The scheme states that the Panchayat Housing Board and the Rural Development Department have been notified in the budget for the year 2020 to enable the farmers to write iron bars around their farms for the damage to their crops which is especially caused by cattle and wild animals. To continue this scheme, a special provision of Rs. 1 lakh was made in the year 2020 as per the proposal of Gujarat State Land Development Corporation. For implementation under this scheme, Gujarat State Land Development Corporation Limited has been changed to Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation Limited. As per the resolution, the implementation of this scheme was under consideration of the government in terms of providing assistance to the farmers etc.

 Now the important points of the benefit to be given under this scheme are as follows

 The scheme will require middle class farmers to form a group of land in their group in which farmers of all categories will be allowed to grind and install at least five hectares of their land.


 For each group, a leader of the farmers will have to be decided


 The beneficiary of this scheme who is the leader of the land group will get Rs.200 per running meter for the applications of one group or 50% of the total expenditure which will actually be incurred in the scheme whichever is less.


 In order to avail the benefits of such scheme, one has to apply directly on i-farmer portal. No offline application of any kind has to be made. The system is adopted but if the applications not selected in the draw in one year will have to be considered the same again in the following year, the farmer who has already registered does not have to re-register.


 The farmer group who has applied under the said scheme has not already fenced the edge in any of the farm lands before approving the application to the government which remains to be seen by the department assigned to it.


 Responsibility for full implementation of this scheme has been handed over to Gujarat Agro Tech Industries Corporation Limited.


Click here for Download details in gujarati

 So the complete guidelines of this scheme will be prepared separately by Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation Limited and the state government will have to get it approved whether it meets the required criteria or not.


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