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Sunday, January 17, 2021

all transfer rules file collection 2012 to 2019 for primary teachers

 The transfer has to be brought for all types of transfers as per various rules. The relevant types of transfers are clearly exempted from any of the rules of this chapter which will apply to the relevant types of transfers in addition to the rules of the chapter for such transfers.

 Types of teachers and teacher positions

 Primary teacher standard 1 to 8

 Upper Primary Teacher Std. 6 to 8 Mathematics Science, Social Science, Language All subjects

અમારા વોટ્સ એપ ગ્રૂપ મા જોડાઓ click here

 Based on the number of students in Primary School Std. 1 to 8 and Upper Primary Department Std. 6 to 8 in each school, the total number as per the schedule of RTE 2009 and the number of teachers in different departments should be decided.

 According to the student-teacher ratio, the school wise establishment has to be fixed on 30th September every year and the corresponding school wise approved teacher establishment has to be sent to all the schools by 31st October.

 Every teacher admitted in the job will be considered as Vidya Sahayak of Vidya Sahayak Primary Department but out of these Shikshak Vidya Saheb who has got the qualification of any of the three departments of very primary education and they have given the option to become a teacher of the concerned department. Those who have accepted the position of that department in their own or other school will be considered as teachers in the concerned upper primary department. Educational assistants appointed after 10th June 2010 who have been appointed according to that department will be considered as teachers of that department.

 The rules will apply to all types of transfers except in the sub-J type transformation chapter as specified

 Upper Primary Primary Teachers will have to change the internal reciprocal demands of the teaching assistants. The district relocation will have to be done only once a year during the summer vacation by public announcement while the transfers will also have to be done during the Diwali vacation.

 Transfer of primary school teacher in all primary department and teacher of upper primary department can be done only if there is vacancy in their subject mathematics, science, language and social science.

 The list of vacancies in primary schools and subject wise school vacancies for upper primary department should be displayed on the board as per the department mentioned at the time of public transfer camp. Any primary teacher who has qualified qualification but has not been appointed in primary department or included in upper primary department. If not they cannot be replaced in the upper primary section

ઓનલાઇન બદલી થયેલ શિક્ષકોને છૂટા થવા નમૂનો

 Widow handicapped teacher couple and members of Valmiki society and in case of all kinds of transfers, priority should be given. The film can take advantage of Agra and even if it has taken advantage of the district fair, it can take advantage of the priority in the internal transfer of the district which can take advantage of only once during the entire job which is noted by both husband and wife in case of record benefit from relevant teacher service book. The service must be done in the book

પતિ પત્નીના કેસ માં આપવાનો પ્રમાણપત્ર નો નમૂનો

In the case of spouses, the practice can be changed as per the general rule of non-beneficiary

 Teachers who have taken advantage of priority in place selection in teaching assistant recruitment will not be able to avail the benefits of practices. Teachers who have taken advantage of educational assistant donors will have to make a note in the service book and cannot change for at least three years.

Click here badli gr all file

 If there is no space in the village of Pierre or father-in-law, the widow teacher has to avail the benefit of closure on vacant space from any school nearby. Will have to give

important circuler for teacher transfer campn

GR 17/3/2015

GR 30/06/2014 in

GR 05/07/2014

GR 2/8/2014

GR 15/10/2014


GR 18/2/2014

GR 7/9/2013

GR 23/5/2012

 case of transfer of primary teachers education assistant, only if the husband and wife are working as teacher education assistant in upper primary primary school, they will be entitled to the benefit of couple kiss and the matter has to be submitted in the marriage registration certificate camp.

નોકરી ની લંબાઈ અંગેનો મુખ્ય શિક્ષક દાખલો PDF FILE

 If the couple wants to get together, one of them has to be replaced if there is space in the school pay center and if the school pay center is vacant and the husband and wife want to get together in a growing school in a taluka. Will have to be changed and will be noted in the service book made by her husband and wife

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