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Friday, January 29, 2021

Crc Brc talim 2021

 Learn at Home Guide for children to get education through home learning has been provided in Std. 6 to 8 from June 2020. The issue covering the monthly wise course is given to each child individually in which the answers to the questions are added in pairs.  A home full of answers to a variety of questions related to Mental Ability is very useful for children's study. 

Home Learning Issue is provided by District Education Training. This is prepared through District Teacher Friends.  There are also as many syllabus related topics as there are in a month which are published in that issue. Children are given points from home every month by going home. 

Children under the guidance of teachers and under the guidance of parents.  Materials are included in the learning textbook. The issue is given to the children from home by going home and in a few days their  Retrieved from Children's Day. If a child does not know how to write a subject, he / she is given direct guidance only by going to his / her home.

 The children are at home or after writing a book.  The teacher version is also provided from home for the specific method of doing. In the teacher version, the method of evaluating the children as well as the method of evaluating the whole classroom, along with the method of giving great grade to the individual child is also given. 

 The subject matter given in the entire text book of Std. 6th to 8th is also given according to the study results in the order of the subject matter. The evaluation has to be done on the basis of the study results only.  After the teacher has evaluated the study outcomes, the teaching method has been instructed to look at the raw material of the child and place more emphasis on it while sitting at home. 


Crc Brc training on diksha plateform

 Completing the entire curriculum in this way is currently very much needed as studies are currently closed in schools across the state.

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