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Sunday, January 17, 2021

How can filling online formm in transfercamp for teachers 2022

 While the teacher education assistants are working in primary schools under the department of education, for years the teachers are working in different types of districts in the backward areas. Their transfer programs are done under the department of education in Gujarat. The department of education organizes transfer camps every year for teachers to go to their hometown? 

 In the job details, you have to give your name and address. Name of the school. Dias code. Teacher code. In which department i.e. lower primary department or upper primary department. Subject in which account. Date of admission has changed. Date of admission in school. 

 Details of deducted salary, your photo signature etc. Certain types of information have to be processed by uploading an online form in which a.  You have to use cyber cafe while uploading. When you fill the form using internet, according to our service book record, you have to fill the online form and print it out. 

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The print out has to be sent to the Taluka Primary Education Officer's office for verification and signed by the Taluka Primary Education Officer.  The application form does not have to be submitted. Documentary evidence has to be attached along with some required teacher's job till date. While filling up the online form, one has to keep in mind the small details such as all the details of vacancies in any school in the district.  

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The school's dice code has to be taken care of while making the selection and all the transfer process is done online i.e. after printing the form she has to give a copy to the office of the education department and keep a copy with us.  

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Why not change at that time? When the date is announced according to seniority, we have to carry out the process of getting our transfer order online.  It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure that all the instructions of this transfer camp are uploaded on the website till the recruitment process is completed.

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