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Thursday, January 7, 2021

Karmachari avsan uchchak Sahay arji babat

Karmachari avsan uchchak Sahay arji babat

 The training that will be imparted to the teachers through Baby Nar is to include important adolescent issues including adolescent introductions and their education program then their position in adolescent nutrition and govid situation then career in adolescence their rights to adolescents adolescents.

  And the responsibility of parents. Understanding of Poxo Act 2012, all these issues will be highlighted in the state level Bhinar and will be discussed in detail in four days. Inspired by the state level V Bhinar.  Special instructions have been given to complete the entire training by September 30

. In addition to the children of government upper primary and secondary schools, it is also planned to meet the children of model school kgbv school granted non-granted school. Get training from state level.  District level to school and secondary school teachers  This training should be given to the teacher who is knowledgeable and interested in this subject. After taking the training

Click here download paripatr

, he should get the systematic knowledge.  Since the link has to be sent to the program as it has to be sent at the state level by.

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