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Monday, January 18, 2021

Balako ne English medium ma ke gujarati medium ma abhyas kara avo te banate margdarshan


Every parent is worried from the time their child is born until the child is on their feet. Parents give time to their child in every moment and make him smart. Since the child is not more than five years old, the child is standard one.  At present, the child starts studying in Junior KG, Senior KG etc. 

from the time he is three years old, but when the child enters Std.  The mother tongue of every child born in Gujarat is Gujarati. The child thinks in Gujarati. The child interactor communicates with the child when he is young so that the child can understand every gesture and every dialogue in Gujarati quickly. 

Social appearance when the child enters standard one  This is often the case in today's situation where some parents force their child to study in English medium without assessing him or her in order to maintain his social status. 

અમારા વોટ્સ એપ ગ્રૂપ મા જોડાઓ click here

 The craze to study in English medium has increased so much that even though the child knows enough Gujarati language, every parent is thumping to get the child studied in English from Std-1. Parents think that their child should study in English medium and go abroad.  Going to study is considered but why parents are not educated in Gujarati medium but can become a great collector and engineer English medium obsession so much parents are obsessed that they do not even see the protection of their child today parents I want Gandhi to teach their child in English medium  On the one hand, the management of private schools under the education department of the government has also increased so much private education in English medium that more people are ready to lend their children any amount of money in English medium but a child who does not even know enough Gujarati language. 

 If the jokes are placed in English medium, after studying some standard, the water returns and when it gets access to Gujarati medium, such a situation arises whether it arises or not.  If you don't know Gujarati well then you can know English language so that you can save your parents and make the right decision about the medium in which your child should study

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. Here is a video to guide you so that experts who have gone through various experiences  It is well worth watching in the video. This video is worth watching and other relatives and family friends also need to share this video and make themselves aware.

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