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Saturday, January 16, 2021

PFMS SOFTWARE latest update 2021


 Regular curriculum is run in every standard. Regular children are taught in every school but the subject matter is many and its method of assessment is also different for every teacher in every school. The child is taught in the research but at the same time  It is also very important to evaluate it along with the topic. If the child is evaluated at the right time then only in which topic the child is weak in which topic the child is more intelligent and also on the weak topic if the child has less knowledge.  Different methods are used to test the child to emphasize it but at present due to covid 19 the child cannot go to school so it is very difficult for the school and teachers to test and evaluate the children at this time.  If the child has an online test and an optional test, the child can easily answer it and the child can evaluate himself. This online test gives the child options so that he can answer easily.

 The benefits of online testing

 • The child can recognize his dormant powers

 • The child can evaluate himself at his own convenience

 ઓનલાઇન Giving online test every day also makes it fun to study.

 • As the online test is optional and the result is obtained immediately, its intelligence capacity is increased

 • Online tests strengthen the child's grip on the subject

 • Online tests can be given by the child at a time convenient to him and he can develop a thematic understanding

 • Since the process of online test is easy, there is a very convenient method for every child.

 હોવાથી Since there are very few questions in the online test, the child can evaluate himself quickly even in a short time

 • Parents can also sit with their child and watch the online test process and know their child's progress

પરી પત્ર ડાઉનલોડ કરવા અહીં ક્લીક કરો.

 • Online tests teach the child the virtues of punctuality as well as technology skills.

 • Online test is locked to give it to the child as well as it is interesting.

 • Online test has less scope for errors and more speed

 • In the online test, the child can also increase his dormant powers


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