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Saturday, January 2, 2021

 SABARKANTHA: Matter of change of district general.

Reference 1) P.Sh.Dh, page 5th Pranavanativamla 21-7 ૭૩ Dt. 19/11/18 Bo ant crop Jimmam 1: Water flow / 4 Payabai Ta, 111, Kamar, *) of Kachni, empty on Klimmm hand - 4 / ull / 103/1030 Ta. 24/11/400. 5) 25

Regarding the above subject and reference, it should be mentioned that from the letter of reference-1 and 2 taken from the reading, instruction was given to shift camp.

As per Nadesh on the note dated 6/1/2011 of the office for name and details, Virla General said that the massacre is to be re-organized. If there is a re-district general camp for non-inclusion and in addition to all the teachers who have been compensated for the vacancy, you are asked to immediately inform the additional teachers of your taluka. And the following instructions in the camp will have to be adequately implemented by the incoming teacher. If the slain teacher does not attend the camp

Rothy will be the unanimous order of that teacher. Take note of which.

District year change General camp camp and date

Primary  Imams (1 to 2)

3.a. udega, m

Special instructions

instruction to all teachers not to be present in the camp except for Kovid-12 epidemic

The teacher present at the slaughter camp must wear Marak. And keep with an antiseptic as long as possible

Money to use it periodically. 2) Social distance must be maintained.

4) All the instructions of the Government of India and the State Government should be followed. And in case of violation of those instructions, liability under the Disaster Management Act against the concerned.

The rules will be followed which will be strictly noted,
No teacher other than more will be admitted to the camp site. C) Teachers coming from your taluka will have to be present on time at the above time and place above the taluka level.

Special instructions will have to be given for not being present sooner or later. ) The slain teacher must be present in the slaughter transfer camp.

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