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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Saksham National Competition 2021

Saksham National Competition 2021 on Essay Writing, Painting & Quiz for varsity Students. crude Conservation analysis Association (PCRA), underneath the aegis of the Ministry of crude & fossil fuel, Govt. of India, is committed to creating conservation a National Movement. As a region of its mandate, numerous literary and cultural events area unit conducted for varsity students.

The PCRA Essay writing, Painting, and Quiz competitions aim to boost awareness among youth regarding sensible conservation tips for the conservation of crude merchandise in industrial, transport, agriculture and domestic sector, and the way to observe such tips in their daily lives.PCRA is conducting associate essay writing and painting competition for categories 5-10.

The Theme of the competition is “One Step Towards inexperienced & Clean Energy एक कदम हरत एव वछ ऊजा की ओर”.

PCRA has requested that kindly share identical with students of colleges so all the scholars participate within the competition.

PCRA requests the colleges to send the simplest a pair of entries in every class, i.e., Painting Junior (Class 5-7), Painting Senior( category 8-10) and Essay Writing( category 7-10) through a scanned copy or a photocopy therefore the same may be uploaded in town spherical contest. 

Painting & Essay Writing competitions area unit being conducted for varsity youngsters to push awareness on Conservation of crude merchandise and sensible Conservation tips for the conservation of crude merchandise in industrial, transport agricultural and domestic sectors for higher way forward for setting & health.For effective communication, students might prefer to gift their concepts and messages for preserving crude merchandise and reducing emission, in English, Hindi or Regional languages.


PCRA Saksham National Essay Painting & Quiz Competitions:

FOR faculties ONLY:

a. Essay

b. Painting

c. Quiz for choosing the varsity team and thenceforth District, State and Zonal groups. Zonal groups shall participate in National Finals.FOR INDIVIDUAL ONLY: a. Individual Quiz for achieving Bronze, Silver or Gold Level, within which youngsters within the prescribed cohort will participate. this can be a special decision to your college to participate within the Saksham National Competition 2021, conducted by crude Conservation analysis Association (PCRA), underneath the aegis of the Ministry of crude & fossil fuel.

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This is a chance for youngsters to participate in Quiz, Painting, and Essay writing in twenty three languages. All competitions for Essay writing & Painting may be conducted by the varsity and therefore the 2 best entries for every class in Painting, and each language in Essays may be uploaded on our portal

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