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Monday, January 18, 2021

School open for 9 to 11 latest news

 Educational Institutions are currently closed by Gujarat State Education Department Gandhinagar All primary schools in Gujarat are closed Educational work as well as programs held in all types of schools are also closed Educational in state schools  All kinds of educational programs are organized through digital medium in which the work has been stopped.

 Educational programs are shown to the children from Std. 1 to 12 on the DD Girnar Doordarshan channel. As the education is completed in this way, they are also given proper guidance at the right time.  Students' learning does not deteriorate with the availability of various types of programs. At present, as long as possible, various types of programs are at home only through online medium. If there is any competition or similar, only digital medium is used in primary schools of the state when schools were open. 

 The daughters were then given self-defense training by her special train teacher  For the last two years, daughters have been given self-defense training by a special teacher of exercise. Currently, due to the Corona epidemic, schools are closed and the education department is making efforts to provide various types of such training to children online. 

 Since self-defense training cannot be imparted at the school on the spot, it has been decided to impart such training online. Various criteria have to be taken into account in the online training.  

Gandhinagar Education Department has started the program starting on 22nd December 2020. The program has been prepared by the Education Department at its own expense.  This course is in 24 sections which will last for a total of eight weeks in which a total of 24 videos will be uploaded from 6th December to 28th February.

  The course will run till 2021. The daughters will have to try to get involved in this course. Along with this, a time sheet is also given and three parts will be uploaded in the online course every week from 22nd December on Tuesdays and Saturdays.  A nodal teacher has to be appointed from each primary school in the online self-defense training. Complete information has to be given to  

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ideo has to be taken through the complete training initiation portal.  The school will also have to provide a dice code so that management knows how many daughters have been trained for this

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