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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

World's biggest motera stadium view in 360 degree

 World's biggest motera stadium view in 360 degree

There are many big stadiums for playing matches in different countries in the world Australia India England Pakistan West Indies If many countries like you have big cricket grounds for playing cricket there are different grounds in the world equipped with different technologies and systems for playing cricket.  

Countries are equipped with cricket matches to play day-night type ODIs as well as Twenty20 matches as well as pitch for playing cricket in all seasons as well as the suitability of the grounds.  Many of the world's stadiums will be equipped with facilities to accommodate thousands of people to watch cricket. 

Gujarat's recently developed and recently inaugurated ground is Modhera Stadium in Ahmedabad which is the world's largest.  The largest capacity is the ground with a seating capacity of one lakh 10 thousand people and the ability to watch the match simultaneously.  The ground is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. 

Seating for people along with the ground. 75 Compartment Box Rickshaw Scenes If there is rain, the match is not likely to stop because there is state-of-the-art technology at Motera Stadium to dry whatever rain falls in just 30 minutes.  Dry clean arrangements for resumption of matches in minutes have been made at Motera Stadium.  So that any spectator sitting in any corner of the stadium can see the whole stadium and also enjoy the ongoing cricket match.  

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The biggest problem is vehicle parking, especially when millions of spectators come to watch during the match.  The land has been arranged so that the bike can send the four-wheeler comfortably. The son has a great facility to park the car on a daily basis.  There is something more special than that

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