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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Teleconference for teachers Abou schools reopen

 Teleconference for teachers Abou schools reopen

The Government of Gujarat is gradually going to unlock education in all the standards step by step by the Education Department.  In this regard, the Department of Education has earlier organized a teleconference for teachers as well as parents of children for its guidance as well as for the guidance of various precautions.  Guidance is to be given directly to the children and also to the parents to ensure that it is compulsorily followed so that the teachers or the parents do not have to face any kind of problems when the children gather for education in the coming days.

The various precautions that are given to the children at the very beginning when they come to school are to guide the children directly and also to guide the parents to follow them compulsorily so that in the coming days when the children gather for education in the school any kind of problems. 

 Teachers or parents do not have to face. When children come to schools, Gujarat comes with a separate arrangement of books and water bottles with them. They have to insist that children do not trade books or anything else with other children at the school level.

  It is the responsibility of the children to ensure that they do not sit next to each other or even in sports. Students will have to make arrangements for the students to be seated in their respective places.  It is more advisable for the child to bring his own water bottle separately.  No time should be given to let Rati go out so that more children are not born at the same time. Care should be taken to plan. No mobile phone should be brought with the child.  Proper sanitizer in the classroom as well as over the mouth must be strictly adhered to.

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