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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Central government employees will benefit 4 %increase moghavari


 Central employees will benefit

 Inflation allowance may increase

 Possibility of 4% increase in inflation allowance

 Millions of central government employees, who have been waiting for a pay hike for a long time, could benefit greatly.  The government may allow an increase in the inflation allowance.  The approval is expected to be available by the end of February.

 The central government may announce an increase in inflation allowance in February 2021 for 50 lakh employees and 61 lakh pensioners.  However, from 1 July 2020 to 1 January 2021, the allowance will not be given to central employees.  The Center had in April 2020 banned inflation allowances due to the Corona crisis.  According to the Centre's announcement, central employees will not get inflation allowance till June 2021.

 This can be increased

 There is a possibility of a 4 per cent increase in the inflation allowance.  This means that the inflation allowance for central government employees can now be increased from 17 per cent to 21 per cent.  Earlier, in the wake of the Koro crisis, the government had blocked a hike in inflation allowances.  But now that the corona vaccine has come, the benefits to employees can be attributed to the improvement in the economy.  The hopes of these employees are now high and at the same time the government will soon provide relief to the employees for this.

 Earlier the government had given this exemption due to Corona

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 Earlier the government had also allowed employees to work from home in some ministries during the Corona era.  Now the government is considering increasing the allowances of these employees who have been suspended due to the Corona virus crisis.  Which can bring great relief to the employees.

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