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Sunday, February 14, 2021

Froad on call by calling on the name of corona vaccine

 Ahmedabad: In the age of net baking, e-sitters are finding new tricks in the age of net baking without giving the Aadhaar card number if the cheater active corona vaccine is called in the name of vaccination registration.  People are terrified of the corona and are waiting for the vaccination to take place.  

At such a stage, e-cheating took place by calling in the name of vaccination registration and getting Aadhar card number!  It has been appealed to be vigilant.  Obtaining OTP after Aadhar card number can be fraudulent: Vigilance against e-retailers may be required to get vaccinated against corona by taking door-to-door contact for money from your bank account.  Registering.  

Now, e-cheaters have come up with a way to get the OTP number corona vaccine.  Cybercrime sources say the phone call for registration has begun.  For corona vaccination, so far the cheating number has been sought in the name of Aadhaar card registration by asking to register corona vaccination name.  The base case has not reached the police.  Give the card number is a little bit, but e-cheating can happen this time on your mobile phone.  OTP with registration of corona vaccination is required.

  If it is not done on the phone, then tell such phone OTP, so when you arrive, your banking, Aadhaar card registration will be done.  It is advisable not to give other details but to give OTP number.

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