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Thursday, February 4, 2021

Important decision of the state government: From this date first year classes will be started in the college, SOP will have to be followed in the hostel.

 Schools and colleges in the state were closed due to the Koro crisis.  But now Corona's case is steadily declining.  With this, schools and colleges are starting again.  Then first year classes in the college will now start from February 8 in the state.  However, schools and colleges have to strictly follow the Covid guideline. Important decision of the state government regarding starting a college.

 First-year classes at the college will begin on February 8

 Cannot accommodate more than two students in one hostel room

 The education department of the state government has announced to resume classroom education for first year students in state colleges from February 8, 2021 (Monday).  The resolution issued by the education department in this regard states that when the classrooms for the first year academic course are started, safe social distance between the two students should be observed as well as seating arrangement of the students should be arranged in Zig-Zag, Stagardman.  At the same time, the SOP has to be followed in the hostel as well.  Cannot accommodate more than two students in one hostel room.

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 Mrs. Anju Sharma, Principal Secretary, Education gave further details of the decision.  He said that as the severity of Corona transition in the state is declining day by day, in the long run educational interest of the students, the state government has earlier finalized all postgraduate, PhD, M.Phil courses as well as medical, paramedical and other graduate courses in the first phase from January 11, 2021.  Classrooms are physically started for all year-final year students.

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