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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Social Science std 10 material

 What is on-line education?

Computer-based coaching, Web-based coaching, web primarily based coaching, on-line coaching, e-learning (electronic learning), m-learning (mobile learning), computer-aided distance education - on-line education goes by several names and comes throughout a form of designs, however at its core:

From this straightforward straightforward comes associate degree nearly nearly variety of the thanks to show and learn outside of ancient school rooms and away from school campuses. With on-line education, students will flip anyplace with web access and electricity into a schoolroom. It will embrace audio, video, text, animations, virtual coaching environments and live chats with professors. It’s a rich learning atmosphere with so much moreOnline education schemes 

100% on-line Education - Fully-online degrees area unit earned  from the comfort of your house with no needed visits to your school or university field.

Hybrid Education - Hybrid education permits students to pursue a mix of on-line and on-campus courses.

Online Courses - whereas on-line courses may even be a district of a course of study , they're going to even be taken on their own therefore on master a specific subject or learn a particular ability.

MOOCs - MOOCs, or large open on-line courses, area unit typically delivered in lecture kind to on-line "classrooms" with as several as ten,000 people.

It's not easier learning online! on-line establishments should meet with a similar quality needs as brick-and-mortar establishments. With the advancement of on-line learning technologies, virtual establishments have increased machine-controlled processes to discourage 


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