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Sunday, February 28, 2021

On-duty clearification about employees who took charge of election 2021

 Teachers are heavily involved in almost all types of elections so that all polling officers i.e. Presiding Officers, Assistant Presiding Officers from the first to the last polling officer are engaged in this work so that they are also trained accordingly before the election training. 

 Orders are given on how to teach and train the avm i.e. ballet unit and control unit as well as to guide the staff on the personnel who do not know any details to work from their own team management.  It is not allowed to say in advance which village is allotted to the employees in this election as there are some local candidates in the Taluka Panchayat and District Panchayat elections and at the same time there are some local candidates who are local residents so that in the election operation.

  The order is given on the previous day and in that order the employees have to be present in the election duty as per the village of Fagwell.  After the payment, various types of materials such as ballot unit control unit as well as other given materials are returned to the headquarters which is made. Elections have to be deposited there. Depositing is often a long route so employees cannot reach on time to increase the hassle of depositing.  

ere are also some employees who are late at night or arrive late at night at the receiving center due to the long distance from the receiving center to the polling station.  The State Election Commission's circular clarifies that on the second day after the completion of the election, the Presiding Officer, the Assistant Presiding Officer and the Patawala will have to hand over most of the equipment of the entire election process to their polling station. 

 The Mamlatdar's office comes to submit the return. The rest of the polling officials are engaged in the election process.  No. so that only the Presiding Officer and the Assistant Presiding Officer and the Patawala are entitled to on-duty in the previous circular of the State Election Commission in this regard that the employees have to be on duty on the second day after the election.  Has been made by

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