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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Std 11 new paper style for annual exam

  Students in Corona card cannot go to school so the education department is taking various steps for them to facilitate students' studies. As part of this, schools have been opened following a complete guideline from non-step by step college to primary education  It is being planned that students from class 12 to 12 come to the school regularly even if there is a small attendance of students in the schools. 

 The consent form states that parents must agree to send their child to school. The consent form states that students must have a face mask when they are sent to school  Don't ask for other students' books and take other necessary items with you  It is stated in the consent form to stay in the school compound. Attendance in the school compound is stated in the consent form

.  Their curriculum has also been reduced so that they can study. Even if they have missed out on a top spot in online education, it is easier for them to take the exam. Students' curriculum has been reduced by 50%.  It has not been made clear which lessons will be asked so that the students can prepare for the exam and take the exam without any confusion. This time the children will be called for the exam following the government's guideline. 

Download syllabus std 11 click here

 Since the examination is to be taken only on the basis of the online syllabus, the issue has been reduced in each subject in the children's syllabus  The examination has to be taken keeping in view the facts

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