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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Students will not be harmed in the standard 3 to 8 diagnostic test


Students will not be harmed in the standard 3 to 8 diagnostic test

Produced by NCERT, this module has two sections under the name of Pre-School Education and Early Literacy and Numerical Knowledge.  Whether a strong foundation for lifelong learning is written or not, emphasis is placed on ensuring pre-school activities to ensure its smooth transition to primary schools. 

 The role of the head teacher as an educational leader is not limited to teachers and primary school children but also helps school teachers to acquire knowledge and literacy in their children. Module Std.  And emphasizes the need for systems and activists to be sensitive to the business cause of education.

  Through the current efforts of the Government of India in vocational education and training not only at the new secondary and higher secondary level but also this module directs teachers to build their skills towards employment opportunities but at the primary level the emphasis is on pre-vocational education so that children value and respect work in the professional world

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.  Such invaluable giving can be done by giving direction in the field of choice present in the professional world. Deesa instruction can be developed by trust.

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