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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Vishv matrubhasha din

 Languages ​​play a very important role in our lives. Many languages ​​are spoken and written in our India and different languages ​​are dominant in different states. Different languages ​​are the pride of the state. Among the languages ​​spoken in the state, Hindi is the main language of India. 

 The language that is spoken and written in most of the states. The national language Hindi is spoken and written in many states. Along with Hindi, English language has also gained importance. Children have been studying in English medium since childhood i.e. mother tongue as well as English.  Language dominance has increased as parents focus more on their child learning English as they have to study in English medium at the college level. 

English language dominance has also increased. Airtel has also started opening English medium schools which charge high fees and convert children to English medium.  And along with teaching English medium, Gujarati language which is the mother tongue of Gujarat state has also become mandatory not only in Gujarat but in every state with its own mother tongue.  Even if children are studying in English medium, mother tongue is now compulsory in every school and in the coming days education policy has also included the issue that mother tongue should be taught to the child in any case as it is in English medium or in other medium.

  But it is compulsory for the child to know the mother tongue in the mother tongue. If the child does not know the mother tongue, then there is a problem in learning another language because every student or child thinks in his own mother tongue and writes and reads accordingly.  Emphasis should be given and every effort should be made to make the child learn.

પરીપત્ર ડાઉન લોડ કરવા અહી ક્લિક કરો.

 The parents of the students put more emphasis on their mother tongue and the language is easily and quickly mastered and different types of practice should be done for it. The child can learn his mother tongue quickly through different types of practice.  Newspaper story reading should read different types of articles in the mother tongue so that the child develops the habit of reading more and more.

 Student reading habit  As the child progresses, it will be easier for the child to learn another medium i.e. another language English Hindi

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