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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Std 1to 8 assignment for annual exam practise

 Schools have been closed for many months due to the Corona epidemic in primary schools. Now, as per the guideline of the government step by step, private schools, grant-in-aid schools and ashram schools, KGBV schools, Navodaya Vidyalaya, all primary schools are now reopening as well as students.  Coming to school with enthusiasm. According to the government's Corona covid-19 guideline, students are given different kinds of care in schools every day. 

 Various care is taken not to let them go on the playground. Diagnosis test has been organized by the education department in the next three schools from 2021. The diagnostic test will be organized based on the syllabus of the first semester.  The second semester will be based on different types of schools to prepare students for this type of preparation  Assignments are used as well as answers to short questions. Vacancies. 

Who says the answers to true-false vehicle based questions as well as assignments are very useful for children to rehearse a variety of short answer questions.  If the practice of this assignment is given to the children in school, then the child can do justice to more exam preparation in a short time.

Std-1,Assignment Sem-2

Std-2,Assignment Sem-2

Std-3,Assignment Sem-2

Std-4,Assignment Sem-2

Std-5,Assignment Sem-2

Std-6,Assignment Sem-2

Std-7,Assignment Sem-2

Std-8,Assignment Sem-2

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