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Saturday, March 20, 2021

Prath amik teacher ane mukhy shikshak igher grade scale samjooti Gr

 Recruitment rules of Assistant Education Inspector were published in the notification under reference 1 dated 3 1 2004 of the Department of Education.  The Inspector was entitled to pay scale as there was no promotion cadre after the Assistant Education Inspector for Primary Teachers.  The primary teacher was retained as the feeder cadre of the headmaster.

  According to the head teacher, if there are two vacancies for promotion, it is related to their higher salary scale  In case of discrepancies, it has been decided that those who are voluntary to get all over the post of head teacher by the resolution dated 2 12 2014 of this department are eligible to meet the higher salary standard first.  The rules were published in 2019. 

According to the provisions of these rules, replacement of primary teachers as assistant education supervisors includes head teachers. There is no discrepancy between direct recruitment for primary teachers and recruitment of head teachers is voluntary for primary teachers.  

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In order to rectify these discrepancies, the recruitment rules for the cadre of head teacher class 4 have been amended from the notification dated 12 1 2020 of this section under reference and the Assistant Education Inspector Recruitment Rules 2021 have been published from the notification dated 21 1 2020 with reference.

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