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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Pustak vanchan online spardha

 Various reading and writing competitions are organized in the school for the development of reading skills in the children as well as for speedy reading. At present, due to the epidemic of corona, students are present in the schools from school level to district level.  A book reading competition was organized. The winners of this competition were given book fairs before the earthquake as an incentive prize.

 The use of coupons was fixed so that students could buy books from book fairs in their district  The book fair was postponed. In the present circumstances, the winning students of the book reading competition can use the amount of their name to purchase the books of their choice.  The website has been launched by Prakash Mandal Ahmedabad in this website  In the first stage, the details of all the winning students have to be updated on the website.  Special note is requested by the CRC Co-ordinator on the website for the online book fair that the winning student will be logged in to the principal of the concerned school using the updated mobile number and e-mail address only.

 Further action related to the online book fair will be taken on the basis of the details to be uploaded on the website by the future CRC Co-ordinator so that it is imperative that every CRC Co-ordinator uploads the details in full seriousness in the near future.  

પરિપત્ર અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો.

પુસ્તક મેળો ઓનલાઈન એન્ટ્રી કરવા માટેની સંપૂર્ણ માહિતી
પુસ્તક મેળો ઓનલાઈન એન્ટ્રી માટે સમય મર્યાદા વધારેલ બાબત પરિપત્ર

In case of any queries regarding the details uploaded by the CRC Co-ordinator during the scheme online book fair, the concerned CRC Co-ordinator will be at his own risk.

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